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Summary: Sequel to You Don't Mean Anything. Yaoi KyouXYuki
Pairings: YukiXKyou TohruXShigure
Rating: PG-13


Kyou lay snoring on the couch in his and Yuki's apartment. One arm lay behind his head, the other lay on his stomach that rose slowly with every breath. The sun shone rays of light through the open window, and a gentle breeze wafted throughout the house.

Yuki walked into the room, looking at Kyou who slept peacefully on the couch. Yuki sighed as he leaned down, brushing his lips lightly across Kyou's, whisping Kyou's name softly. He watched as Kyou's eyes slowly opened.

"M-morning," Kyou whispered, pushing himself up off the couch into a sitting position. He gently pulled Yuki down onto his lap, running his fingers through his violet hair. "Have a good sleep?" Kyou whispered, bringing his lips to Yuki's neck, trailing kisses down his neck.

The two had had a great life. Ever since they moved from Shigure's house, everything had been going along well. They have only heard from Akito once, and they have heard lots from Shigure and Tohru.

Somehow, Tohru had found out a way to hug and hold Shigure without the curse happening. At first, everyone had thought she had broken the curse and happiness had broken out among all the Sohma's. But it turned out that it only worked out on Shigure. The two had visited Kyou and Yuki awhile ago. They brought good news. Tohru was pregnant.

Of course, something inside Yuki and Kyou twitched angrily inside them when they heard the news. They both wanted to clobber Shigure for jacking up someone as nice and sweet as Tohru Honda. Of course, they also had thought how he could have gotten her to do such a scandelous act. Maybe Tohru Honda wasn't so innocent after all.

Today, Shigure and Tohru were coming over again. Tohru would know be around 5 months pregnant. They all hoped that the child would not be cursed and would able to live a normal life that they all wished for. Tohru had not changed much. Her hair was a bit longer, and she had matured more into a beautiful woman. Shigure was lucky to have her.

"You know," Yuki whispered, pressing himself up closer to Kyou, "we've been very lucky not to have heard from Akito..."

"Yeah, I know," Kyou whispered, leaning back into the couch. "I'm glad. I thought that he would have tried very much harder. But I guess he finally gave up.. I'll never let him take you away from me."

Yuki smiled. "Well, Tohru and Shigure should be here soon, go get ready," Yuki said with a small smirk as he gave Kyou a quick peck on the lips before leaving the room. He was going to go get himself ready. Try to clean a bit, and wash all the dirty dishes before the two arrived.


"Oh Yuki, Kyou, it's so nice to see you," Tohru cried, clasping her hands together infront of her. Her eyes sparkled, and her lips were formed in a giant smile. She looked so beautiful.

She wore a light blue maternity dress. Her bump was beginning to shoe more every single time they saw her. They all knew that it soon would be time to figure out the name. Tohru and Shigure were hoping for a baby girl, but they knew that they would be happy either way.

"It's nice to see you too, Miss Honda," Yuki said with a smile, his hand grasped tightly inside Kyou's as they ushered the two inside and into their living room. "Have you figured out a name for the baby?" The two asked, sitting down on the couch.

"Ah, well, we've decided if it's a girl, we'll call her Tara, and if it's a boy, we decided to call him Nezumi," Tohru said with a smile as she looked at Yuki. "We really hope it's a girl though, I'd love to be able to dress her up in pretty clothes." Tohru giggled.

"I'm sure she'd be very beautiful," Kyou said quietly, sitting closely to Yuki.

"Yes, just like her mother," Shigure said with a small grin.

"Have you two heard much from Akito?" Kyou asked, feeling Yuki's grip on his hand tighten greatly.

"No, not really. He's just been sulking around the Main House," Shigure said. "He's talked to me a few times. He really misses you, Yuki, but I know that you would rather die than have to go back to the house.."

"Yes, that's very true," Yuki whispered.

"Well, we should get going.. Tohru has a doctor's appointment in ten minutes.." Shigure said standing up, allowing Tohru to help pull her up.

"It was nice to see you all again," Tohru said with a small grin. "I hope that you two have a happy week."

And then they left..

And as the door closed, Yuki flinched. The feelings for Tohru beginning to become aflame..


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