The door opened to a young girl looking flustered, annoyed and trying but failing miserably to look together. She stepped in cautiously as the eyes of the King and Queen followed her.

"Please sit," The King said from behind his desk, papers overflowing on it. His wife stood beside the window, looking distant and cold. The King motioned for her to take a seat in front of the desk. She sat slowly, and tried to put a smile on her face.

"What can I be of use to Your Majesties?" She asked politely, glancing from one to the other. Thayet glanced slightly at her husband, and then at Kaden.

"You don't have to do anything, Kaden." Thayet smiled weakly. "Tea?" Jonathan poured three cups and passed one to Kaden, the other he drank himself. Thayet just went back to looking at something in particular out the window. She sipped her tea, thinking about how it tasted. She smiled at the King almost weakliy, kind of like tea herself.

"Thank you." She told him. He just smiled and looked at his wife, who was looking at him. He looked at her with a strange twist of and eyebrow raise and a smirk. She shook her head.

"Kaden," The King cleared his throat uncomfortably. "More tea?" He noticed that she had emptied her glass and refilled it automatically, although she was going to refuse.

"Jon...?" Thayet looked at her husband glaringly, and resided to his side. "Enough idle chitchat, now we need to get down to business." She said, looking over at Kaden.

"Business?" Kaden asked.

"I'm sorry, dear, we must be scaring you a little bit." The sound of a cheerful King made her knees weak. He was so powerful, even to make people obey him, as a King. He was a perfect King, and made her even nervous when she could control herself in front of others.

"Yes, surely we would be... what would you say... confusing you, a bit?" Thayet chuckled with her husband.

"Ironically, yes sweet." Jonathan said to his wife. They must have had an inside joke. Kaden decided to look normal and not hide her confusion. "You're right all the same, we're being very difficult to understand. Kaden, we needed to talk to you, is all. You're not in trouble or needed for anything, at least not yet."

"So, what am I here for?" She asked suspiciously, dumbfounded.

"This is going to be hard to say, but..." Jon started out.

"You're here in the palace for a reason all of us know." Thayet finished. "You're searching for your parents, am I right?"

"Yes, you're right, why?" Kaden said, even more confused.

"Well," Jon said with a grin on his face. "Seventeen years ago, Thayet and I got married."

"We got married, had a ball when I got pregnant and I caught Jon having an affair." Thayet put in. "I ran away after fighting with him, and had an affair with another man, Jack."

"She ran off with Jack, lived with him for the other eight months and had a child. He thought it was his."

"This is our interpretation of the incident, anyways." Thayet said and smiled. "Jon finally got up the courage to find me and rescue me. For all he knew, I'd been captured and put in captive. You see, Jack lived in Port Caynn, with his wife."

"So even Jack was cheating on his wife all because I cheated on my wife and Thayet cheated on me. Confusing, huh?" He asked, and Kaden smiled.

"So what happened next?" Kaden asked, interested.

"Jon barged in with his troops, killed Jacks wife, who was my good friend, and I burst in the room leaving my baby in the next room. Of course, I didn't know it was Jon, but when I saw him, I was enraged."

"Until I looked into your eyes and kissed you." Jon smiled at his wife who was now pacing on the floor. "This is a very heartwarming tale and all, but it's hard for us to tell you. It hurts."

"Yes, it does. After a few minutes, I realized that I'd left my baby in the other room. When we went for her, she was gone."

"You see," Jon continued. "What we think happened, or rather, know happened, was that Jack had taken what he thought was his child, and fled."

"He was a spy, and thought the Crown had come for him."

"He took the baby, our first born." Thayet finished.

"Why haven't you told anyone this story before? Wait a second, where are you going with this?" Thayet took a deep breath and put her hand on Kaden's arm.

"When I had an affair with Jack, I didn't use my first name and made sure I didn't look like the Queen. The Gods know everybody knows that name."

"She used the name Kaden."

"So, what's going on here?" Kaden asked, even more dumbfounded. The King got out of his seat and came to stand by his wife.

"Kaden, did your foster parents ever mention how you were found?"

"Yes, they said that I was found in a ship with a dead man next to me. They thought he was my father, but it didn't say in the note he had left for them." Thayet buried her face in Jons chest, hiding tears and stifling sobs. Jonathan smiled warmly, and she felt her face grow warm. "Why? I'm still a bit confused."

"We think that Jack used his lovers name in the spot of his daughter." He smiled. "We're your parents. You've found us." Tears welled up in the King's eyes, and Kaden looked frantic.

"You're joking." All this time, she had been searching, and they had been right in front of her the whole time. Thoughts flew through her head, telling her things, saying things. This couldn't be true, it couldn't be possible. She couldn't register it in her brain. "This can't be true!"

"How can it not be true when all the signs point ot yes?" Thayet had calmed down and was facing Kaden with a seriousness Kaden couldn't refuse. "Had you ever wondered where you had gotten that charcoal hair of yours, or the sapphire blue eyes? What about all of what we've told you?" It finally clicked in her head. Everything made sense. Maybe she was a princess.

"Maybe it is true..."

"Yes it is, you're our daughter." Thayet said and embraced her daughter for the first time in years. Tears welled up in Kadens eyes, and for the first time, she hugged her mother. Her birth mother. When she pulled away, she saw the King, her father. He picked her up and she felt like a child again, filled with the joy of her fathers love.

"Kaden, you're the King's Daughter," He said and whispered it in her ear. "You're my daughter."

She cried in his arms for what seemed like ages. "I love you, Kaden."

"I love you, da." Maybe she truely was the King's Daughter.

The End!

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