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Summery: Lily and James go tell the other Marauders (and now Lily's parents) about Harry. Of course they don't know its Harry yet.

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Lily and James flooed home after their time at Peter's house. Both of them felt happy and content and ready to raise their little child. They sat together on the couch talking about plans for little- as James called the baby- Marauder's room. Suddenly Lily jumped up.

"Crap!" she yelled. "Oh my God I am in so much trouble!"

"What's wrong sweetie?" James asked.

"We forgot to tell our parents! Your parents will be easygoing that they weren't the first to know but mine will be furious!"

"We'll tell them first thing tomorrow. Now let's calm down and get some sleep."

Lily sighed sleepily "O.K. James. But first thing. Promise?

"Of course love."

Lily and James went off to bed. But they had no idea that a certain someone would upset their traveling plans.

At eight o' clock in the morning, a figure appeared in the Potter's fireplace, and stepped out drawing his wand. The man silently made his way through the house to Lily and James' bedroom. He opened the door and looked at the figures curled up under the blankets. The man grinned evilly at the thought that the Potter's sweet sleep would soon end. He pointed his wand at them, preparing to shoot a spell at the form with messy black hair.


James Potter gasped sitting straight up irritated at having his peaceful sleep disturbed. He looked up at the man who had shot the spell shooting a death glare and wishing looks could kill.

"Sirius Black! It is three in the morning!"

The man, Sirius Black, grinned. "Nope Jamsie-kins its eight. And I'm STARVED"

At this loud yell, Lily woke up.

"Sirius! What the hell are you doing here?"

"I was hungry for some dee-licious Lilyflowerkins cooking!" Sirius said a grin lighting up his face. "You know I can't cook and I wanted some decent food." He made puppy-dog eyes at Lily and she sighed rolling out of bed.

"Fine. But only if you promise that you will not tag along once James and I leave for my parents'."

"You're going to your parents' house?" Sirius asked.

James sighed. Lily should not have said that. When he had gone to meet the Evans family, Sirius had insisted on tagging along. Lily had been reluctant, but agreed. Sirius had scared the Evanses away from James and Mrs. Evans had done everything in her power to stop the match. James believed that Mr. Evans had actually liked Sirius but had never admitted it. Anyways, Lily had never quite forgiven Sirius for alienating her mother from James. Sirius had enjoyed his time at the Evans' household and was quite eager to go again.

"Yes. And don't you dare try to come along."

"Don't worry. Sirius will not be there. I promise on my Marauder's honor."

"Which is nothing." Lily muttered before going into the kitchen to make pancakes.

After breakfast, Lily and James got dressed and prepared to head to the Evans' house via floo. (Once Lily became a witch, the Evanses had got their fireplace connected to the Floo Network.) As they stepped into the fireplace Lily shot a warning look at Sirius and told him that he better leave their house the minute they were gone.

Lily and James flew through fireplaces and into the Evans' living room where Mr. and Mrs. Evans were sitting talking.

"Lily! I'm so glad to see you!" Mrs. Evans embraced her daughter. "James, nice to see you- Oh my God! What's that?"

A shape had appeared in the fireplace. A few seconds later, a large black dog appeared. James and Lily immediately recognized Sirius, but Lily didn't want her parents to know it was he. Her mother disliked him quite a lot and she wanted to stay on her mother's good side. She noticed James shooting her a look, wondering whether she would give him away or not.

"Padfoot, you naughty dog!" Lily walked over to him. "We told you to stay at home! Mom and Dad, this is our new dog, Padfoot. I guess he followed us into the fireplace right after we left and the leftover magic just took him here."

"I thought you hated dogs," Mrs. Evans regarded her daughter suspiciously.

"Well, er, James always wanted one."

"Did you force her into this?" Mrs. Evans rounded on him.

"No Mom!" Lily said shocked.

"Well I think he's kinda cute" Mr. Evans stated looking nervously from his wife to Lily to James.

Mrs. Evans sighed. "Sit dog."

Sirius didn't move.

"SIT!" Mrs. Evans yelled at him. Sirius still didn't move. Mrs. Evans raised her eyebrows at Lily and James. "Is he even trained?"

"Oh yes mom!" Lily said quickly. "You just need him nicely. Sir-er Padfoot would you please sit." Lily shot the dog such a look of venom that Sirius hastened to obey his "mistress."

"So," Mr. Evans said, "why have you come to visit?"

"Well we have some news actually." Lily said. "Uh, put it this way. Do you like Grandma and Grandpa or Grandmother and Grandfather better?"

"You're pregnant!" Mrs. Evans exclaimed throwing her arms around her daughter. Mr. Evans shook James' hand and hugged his daughter. Padfoot stood on the side wanting to join in the fray. Finally, he couldn't take it any longer and jumped up, leaping into the group of people. Due to bad aim however, he landed right on top of Mr. Evans, who fell over knocking into James who when throwing his arms out to regain his balance fell onto Mrs. Evans. Lily was the only one who managed to not fall.

"You dog!" Mrs. Evans screamed at Sirius. "What were you thinking! You could have knocked over Lily and hurt her baby you could have hurt me or my husband, you could have hurt Lily, you could have hurt Mr. Potter causing Lily to get depressed, and kill herself and her baby. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

"Sweetheart, dogs can't think," Mr. Evans pointed out.

"This one can!" Mrs. Evans shrieked, dramatically pointing her finger at Sirius. "Where did you find him?" She whirled on James.

"Eh, see, we, er, um, got him at a wizarding shop. In Diagon Alley."

"We've been in Diagon Alley's pet shops a few times, with Lily," said Mr. Evans frowning, "and we never saw dogs."

"It's new." Lily said quickly. "I'm sorry about him Mom, he's usually much better behaved. I'll make sure he doesn't do anything." Lily shot a sleeping spell at Sirius and the dog fell into a deep sleep. Lily and James discussed the new addition to their family with the Evanses over tea. After tea, Lily, James, and Sirius Flooed home. Lily quickly undid her sleeping spell and forced Sirius to transform.

"What do you think you were doing? You swore not to come!"

"And on your Marauder's honor too! You must never break that!" James said looking furious.

"I swore Sirius wouldn't be there. I said noting about Padfoot." Sirius said grinning cheekily.

Lily pointed her wand at him, but Sirius ran out of the house and quickly apparated away. James put his arm around her.

"We'll just tell them we got rid of Padfoot. Then they'll be happier with you."

"I hope so," Lily sighed, "but Petunia might change their minds."

"She won't. They love you, no matter what." James consoled her. "I know its still early, but we can rest for a while and then go to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley to celebrate and tackle my parents tomorrow, o.k.?"

"Thanks James," Lily sighed. "That sounds wonderful."


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