The nurse stood at the door, looking at the woman in the chair. Her name was Sara and she had remained close to his hospital bed for hours, holding his hands. She never stopped talking to him, whispering the sweetest words she knew.

Dean opened his eyes and sighed as he stared at his beautiful girl. His hazel eyes, usually shining and so alive, were now filled with tears. The pain was so strong, but what hurt him most was seeing her so desperate and lost. He would have done anything to see a smile on her face again, but he couldn't. He didn't know how to defeat this illness. He had fought against the worst and most evil things in his life and now his victims were going to have their revenge. The doctors didn't understand what was happening and had already said there was nothing they could do to help him. His only hope was Sam, who was trying to get Missouri's help, but he was wondering if his little brother would come back before it was too late.

Sara could barely look at him, she couldn't believe her eyes, her strong Dean laying in a hospital bed, his face twisted by the pain, his eyes...oh she had never seen his eyes so dark and lifeless.

She felt the tears streaming down her cheeks but she had to be strong, he needed her to be strong, to be brave. She was doing her best to be brave for him.

Dean took her face in his trembling hands and pulled her closer. He softly kissed her forehead and wiped her tears away. "Don't cry, please don't do this..." he said, his voice rough and suffering. He tried to raise up to embrace her but he was too weak.

"Dean, no! My darling, you need to rest. I'm here, I'm not going to leave you. I couldn't be anywhere else." she said softly.

She gently helped him into a more comfortable position but he moaned in pain. It was the same way every time someone tried to move him. She felt her heart going to pieces, her soul aching, her mind wondering why he had to suffer that much. She wanted to cry, to yell, to do something to save him, but she couldn't. She couldn't even try to imagine her life without him and she hoped, she truly hoped that Sam would be on time.

Dean sensed her pain and ran a hand through her hair, "Sara, please, look at me," he whispered.

She turned her face to him, their eyes locked. " I trust Sam, Sara, he will find the cure. He will save me, he won't let me down, I know it."

Sara nodded then she sat on the bed behind him. She gently took him in her arms and just held him. He rested his head in her arms and she softly stroked his hair, feeling him relax his tense body in her embrace.

They remained still for an hour or more, feeling Dean's life fading away, tears streaming from their eyes, their souls melded together, their love the only strength left in either of them.

Dean was giving up, his last breath of life was disappearing. Sammy where are you, bro?

"Sara….I love you and I always will, be happy, please…" he whispered. She knew this was his farewell.

Sara nodded. " I love you too Dean, always and forever," she said tearfully.

Dean felt his life slipping away and knew he was going to lose this battle.

He heard a voice, "Dean Dean…hang on bro…don't give up. I'm here, I have the cure…just resist! You need to swallow this… come on Dean you can do it, I know you can. I love you big brother, don't leave me alone please." Sam yelled at his brother, afraid that he was too late to save him.

Dean opened his eyes, and felt a grin cross his face. Sammy was there, hope sprang back to life. He had been given a chance to live.

He took the cure and smiled to Sara and Sam. They looked at each other and smiled, they knew he was going to be fine.