So the Same Drama

Well after a very bad incident resulting in every thing I've ever written to be utterly erased... I'm forced to re-post this story.I'll try to upload all the chapters as quick as I can. Chapter 8 should be up soon as well.

Twas two weeks after Prom and Kim and Ron sat at their usual table at the usual Bueno Nacho. Hot sauce was interesting. Ron was overwhelmed by the great variety of Bueno Nacho hot sauce, for it was all nicely laid out for him on the table. He was making a beautiful castle out of the nifty packets. Gothic architecture. He was just adding the flying buttresses when a voice drifted through the back of his attention. "Ron."

Ah yes, it was Kim. He liked Kim's voice. Sometimes. He guessed he was supposed to like it more now, considering the fact that they were officially dating.

"Ron!" Kim yelled.

"Yeah," He said, half paying attention to Kim. He added a door using the 'Spicy Lemon Mesquite' flavored hot sauce.


He stood straight up. Kim was angry now. Best not to make Kim angry. He gave her his full attention.

"Yeah KP?" He asked.

"Ron, these last couple weeks have been great-"

"Yeah, I know! Those long days at the park and running happily through the flowers..."

"Ron, we never did that."

"Well, what about that boat ride? The romantic stroll across the lake?"

"We never did that either!"

Ron curled his lip and sank into the booth. "Well then, what did we do?"

Kim rolled her eyes. "Pretty much the same thing we do everyday! We go to Bueno Nacho! We sit for hours everyday! We eat Nacos!"

Ron thought about this. Now Kim was making sense. "So, you want to try a new restaurant? I'm always up for-"

"Ron. It's not the restaurant." She said frowning. There was brief moment of awkward silence.

"Well..." Ron questioned. "What is it?"

"We've always been best friends, and we make a great team and all-"

"What are you saying?" Ron cut her off.

"Ron, I think it was the whole Prom and Erik deal. After watching my boyfriend melt and battling Drakken and Shego, I was pretty vulnerable. I would have sought comfort from any guy, and well, you happened to be there. I was caught up in the heat of the moment, it was Prom night, there was sappy romantic music playing and some really good punch, and perhaps the fact that Rufus practically pushed us together. I don't think we can continue a romance based on that."

Ron just sat there. "Exactly. You want a new restaurant!"

"Ron, do I have to spell it out? I'm breaking up with you!" She slammed her fist down on the table sending the medieval castle tumbling down. Half the restaurant was looking at them.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Ron asked.

"Yes Ron." She sighed, slouching back in her seat. Another moment of awkward silence.

"Wow," Ron said. "I can't believe I'm being dumped."

"I'm sorry."

"I thought we really had something Kim!" He said. "That Prom night, with the lights and music and really good punch."

"Exactly my point." Kim replied. "Heat of the moment. I hope we can still be friends."

"Yeah, sure, whatever." Ron said in shock, sinking lower into the booth. That's what they all said, but did anyone really stay friends after a break up?

"Are you going to be ok?" Kim asked gently.

"Oh yeah," He faked. "The Ron-man isn't going to break down after one little breakup." Another moment of awkward silence.

"We are going to friends. Best friends! Forever! Like we always have been."


"I have to go.." She said.

She stood up to leave, Ron stood up, half-planning to chase after her. That's what they did in all the great movies.

"See you later Ron," she said reaching over and giving him a friendly hug.

"Bye." He sighed watching her leave. He sunk back into the booth, staring miserably at the scattered hot sauce. That was a really cool castle she wrecked.

"Excuse me young man, I'll be taking these."

"Huh?" Ron looked up and to what did his eyes behold! A pirate! First monkeys and now Pirates.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" Ron asked curiously.

"I'm Pirate Pete!" He smiled.

Ron blinked. "Who?"

"The new manager!" the man exclaimed happily.

"For what?" Ron asked. "Dude, this is a Mexican restaurant! No Pirates!"

"You mean you didn't know!" Jim Possible popped out from behind the neighboring booth, followed by Tim.

"What are you doing here!" Ron yelled.

"Watching our lame sister break up with you. Tough luck." Jim announced happily.

"Yeah, she's been talking about it for days!" Tim said.

Ron groaned.

"Excuse me sir, we'll be needing this booth," the happy pirate said.


He took out a chainsaw and began sawing it off the wall. Ron leaped out of the way, yelling.

"What are you doing?" Ron yelled.

"We need to make room for the plank and the fake pool of sharks."

"For...?" Ron asked. He was scared now. He watched in horror as his booth. HIS booth was torn forcefully from the wall. The plywood shattering. Each was such as a splinter in his already broken heart.

"Don't tell him!" Jim cried.

"He can't handle it!" yelled Tim.

"Arrrrrgh! For the new restaurant of course!" The Pirate growled. His left hand was now replaced with a fake plastic hook.

"What new restaurant!" Ron shouted in abomination. "This is Bueno Nacho! It always has and it always will be Bueno Nacho!"

"Arrrrrrgh! Not since Dr. Drakken was sent to prison and the company was bought out! Arrrrght! This here restaurant be 'Pirate Pete's Pirate Pizza'" Those arrrrghs were becoming very annoying.

"" Ron said calmly at first. First his girl friend had dumped him and now Bueno Nacho had betrayed him! "Nooooooo!" Ron sank to his knees and cried to the heavens.

Kim sat in her bedroom, clutching a pillow and whining on the phone to Monique. Who, apparently, wasn't on her side.

"I still can't believe you did that to him!" Monique repeated.

Kim rolled her eyes. She hadn't meant the breakup to be so hard. "But Monique! He's not the perfect guy! He's below the chess captain on the food chain!"

"Since when do you care about that?"

"I... I don't really. I mean, he's Ron. And I love him. But not that way. I just can't... date him! It just isn't working! You know him! He's Ron! He's a great friend, but... I was out of my mind on Prom night! I was completely rebounding off of Erik. And that's not fair to Ron."

"Since when does Ron ever care about what's really fair to him?" Monique was still refusing to be sympathetic.

"Monique! Please! I didn't want to be mean, but what else was I supposed to do?"

Monique sighed. "You had to give him the 'we're still going to be friends' speech."

"But we are going to be!" So that's how the speech had sounded to the outside world. Kim tossed the pillow across the room. "Okay, so maybe that was a bad move. But we've been friends since preschool; we can survive this."

"You can survive years of Ron being your best friend," Monique said. "But you can't survive two weeks of dating him."

"Could you?"

That shut Monique up.

"I don't mean to be picky," Kim mused. "I just wish... I don't know, I really want a boyfriend. But not Ron. I think I'm still rebounding off of Erik. I just want some guy that is worth the rebound. Someone, as crazy as it sounds, perfect."

"Perfect? Kim, there is no perfect guy."

"I know! But a girl can dream."

"But Ron is a great guy!" Monique said. "Just because I wouldn't date him. But you were so cute at the Prom!"

Why did everyone have to act this way? Ron was still her best friend, and he always would be. Despite the speech. "I know he's a great guy! I just don't think... we could ever be more than friends."

"Uh huh." Monique did not sound that convinced.

Bring on the guilt, Kim thought. "I was just trying to do what was right for both of us."

"Dude, she dumped me." It was hard to concentrate on blowing up an alien when your entire world was falling apart.

"Sorry man," Felix said, turning his eyes away from the video game.

"And Bueno Nacho is gone. All is wrong with the world!" he cried.

"That new Pirate place?" Felix asked excitedly. "They have good pizza!" Ron rolled his eyes.

"You know, Kim was so good at this game... even though all she did was pressed buttons," he said miserably.

Felix said something quite profound that Ron payed no attention to. "What?"

"Ron, the perfect girl dose not have to have any video games skills, she can magically-"

"But that doesn't make her perfect either!" Ron yelled.

"Well, what does make her perfect?" Felix asked, crossing his arms.

"Having the perfect boy-friend.." Ron muttered.

Felix did a double-take. "The perfect guy?"

"That's what Kim deserves," he said sadly, the controller falling from his hands onto Rufus.

"Rufus!" Ron suddenly announced. "You had to be asleep just when Kim was breaking up with me?"

"Break-up?" Rufus squeaked.

"Yeah, little buddy, that she did."

"Ron, there is no perfect guy. I"m a guy! I know these things!"

Suddenly, Felix, realizing his fingers were still controlling the game to their own accord, had just beaten the next level.

They forgot there troubles in a brief celebration wave.

But one thing was still on Felix's mind. Ron thought Kim needed the perfect guy... And so a plan formed in his head. He had a 12 year old genius to call.