Re-post/revised due to having lost everything on my account. Enjoy!

The are plenty of things that two people could do while taking a break from climbing up a very frozen waterfall with only the assistance of forks. Especially two young people being a boy and a girl, who are very much alone. They could very well have a picnic of frozen orange juice and thawed toast while enjoying each other's company. They could sit and exchange secrets and gossip and one's brother or sister. They could just sit back and stare at the bright sun or the smokey remains hovering below them.

There's probably other things that a boy and a girl could do together alone on a frozen waterfall. So as much as I'm sure Violet Baudelaire would like some much needed privacy, we can give it to her later. We'll take a peak into that glorious day on the slopes. Quigley and Violet sat upon the great frozen waterfall, eyeing each other and sitting face to face. Playing cards.

"So Quigley, you got any 5s?"

"Go fish,"

They both returned to climbing a short time later. They were silent but each with a slight grin on their faces. They had both cheated.