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Chapter 1

Alone in the hallways Makoto made his way to the gym for the play practice. He stopped only once on his way, to inspect himself in the window of the gym door. Fixing his extensions in that fell down from the top of his head in a fit pony tail he let a smirk fade over his face. "How do I do it?" he asked himself as he inspected his eyeliner and blush. The young male certainly looked the part of teenage, female actress but he still wondered how he was able to get by each and every day.

The door next the one he was using as a mirror opened and some club members came out, "Makoto-chan!"they chimed. "You're late, some of us were getting worried!"

Makoto disguised his voice as he spoke, "Not to worried, I hope."

Shaking their heads they headed off to the washrooms, leaving Makoto to enter the gym alone and play the part he was so used to doing. He walked in and saw Ito waving him over. He remembered the question he had asked himself outside and suddenly had found the answer. Walking briskly over to Ito, who was surrounded by other club members, he watched as she began an announcement to the other cast members. She was waving her hands high above her head, her rough voice calling out to everyone echoed throughout the large open space. Makoto smiled at her, thinking it was an impressive scene, however the smile was quickly dropped as a new body opened the door and entered the gym, shouting:

"Listen to Ikko you kids! She has something to say that concerns all of you!" Whisking around Makoto's could feel his heart drop at the sound of Toki-sepai's voice. He was sighing as Miss. Itô came to the scene with Toki right beside her. The only good thing about Toki's presence was that the other kids who had playing around filed in around Ito to hear what she had to say.

Much to Makoto's disappointment he saw Ito give a smile of complete gratitude to Toki. Instead of standing around sulking he decided to join in with the other club members. Ito cleared her throat and began to speak, "We're going to start another play, it should take place early in January for our winter festival, so we have about two months to work on it."

One of the new club members raised his eyebrow's at her. The little snob snorted, saying, "You don't even know what the play is, do you?"

"No, but Miss. Itô does you little brat!" Ito informed the 1st year kindly. The kid didn't like being treated as anything worth less then the sun.

Luckily Miss. Itô got to business before any acts punishable by death were committed. She walked forward holding a playbook high above her and many others in her arms. "You want to know what play we are doing?" she was asking as she handed them out. Once done, she turned face everyone and held the playbook close to her face, smiling from ear to ear, "How does the Phantom of the opera sound?"

Silence fell over the small group as they looked down at their play books. Makoto knew the thought that was on all their minds and fearing the answer thought it his place to ask. "Isn't that a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber?" As he asked he thought of how difficult it would be to sing in his feminine voice.

The teacher, however, laughed at the question. "But before it was a musical play, it was a novel! Written by a french novelist Gaston Leroux in 1911." She smiled to each of them. "Though I know how you would all like to do a musical, I'm afraid time is not a friend when it comes to musicals. Therefore, we shall do the non-musical one, understood?" Everyone nodded and Miss. Itô began to go through the procedure to everyone. "Costumes, we don't really have the money for brand new costumes, but we can use the ones from our Romeo and Juliet that we did a few years ago, they may be a bit out of the time frame but...they also did plays. Most of the costumes the characters will be wearing are costumes from their own plays."

Toki had made himself very comfortable on the stage, where he had a nice back view of a line of girls. He had already started to smoke up a storm but he took his cigarette out of his mouth to say, "And my college will be loaning you guys some costumes. Whose ever playing the ballet girls are real lucky. We have some we were going to use for our performance the Nutcracker, but the costumer designer designed them to small. They'll fit most of you girls" he said, cocking his head to the side, smiling as he checked out the girls in front of him. "Yeah...they'll do alright."

Makoto didn't pay him any mind and was happy when he saw Ito just roll her eyes at him. The snobby little boy, however, had more questions to ask. "That raises the question of who will play what role. I think I'd be best to play Raol."

Miss. Itô leaned forward and crotched down to be at eye level with the kid. "Too bad you couldn't pass as a girl. You'd make a GREAT Camella!" She stood up and gave the shocked boy a look that told him to be quiet. "Actually Tsugami would be the best but...she's already graduated. The selfish little brat!" She pulled out of her schizophrenia to look at the worried club members. "Actually, I think I will get Tsugami to play Camilla. I'll get in contact with her later, now I have to get you guys into the roles. First off!"

"How much you want to bet she's already got my part picked?" Ito whispered to Makoto sounding very annoyed.

"Hey, it can't be so bad, so what if you don't need to audition?" he asked, trying to sound positive.

The teacher had pointed directly to Ito. They had both missed their roles. "What am I?" Ito asks.

Miss. Itô smiled, "You, will play the Phantom!"

The little snob spoke up, "Shouldn't the phantom be a male?"

Another club member kicked the kid just as Toki was making his way to the snob. "Why do you ask? Do you want to play the phantom? Well I admit you have the face to play it, but," he stretched up and put his hand flat out next to his neck, "The phantom needs height! No pipsqueak like you could play someone of great depth."

"Are you implying that height and depth have something in common?"

Miss. Itô shook her head and push Toki away, he decided to make his way back to the stage. "When people come here, they are expecting a phantom full of mystery and passion." her eyes gleamed as she thought of the perfect phantom. "He must have the height so that his his hidden face taunts all who dare try and find it. As it sits upon his face, it taunts the ever loving, curious Christine: it must high up, so that she can never reach it, but forever see it. His dark mysterious eyes will forever long for her as they gaze down on her mesmerized face ah-- and his voice! Oh it must be a daunting, dark, husky voice, a sound that no one will ever be able to forget!"

"Wow, I have a lot to live up to." Ito whispered in Makoto's ear as Miss. Itô's unusual praise continued.

He shrugged and leaned into her own ear. "I know you can do it."

As a blush began began to make its way up through her cheeks Miss. Itô was finishing up her praises. "And that brings us to Christine Daee. The young ballerina at the height of her singing career is confused and puzzled as she feels a the pull of childhood love and another pull of the mysterious, passionate singer." she pointed to Makoto this time. "There is your Christine! Makoto Amano!"

The group cheered and applauded the decision. Even the snob agreed Makoto was a good choice. At that moment however there was the sound of something hard hitting the ground. Fear shadowed Toki's face as he looked to his side, where the noise had come from but quickly he saw the curtains closing in on him from both sides. Confusion showed over his fear as he began to jump down. He backed away slowly as the curtains came together. No one could believe their eyes as they stared the closed scarlet curtains before them.

Across the entire curtain was a painted black rose.