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The snow came down in layers, gently spreading out sheets of white on the ground below him. He watched Makoto run to Ito and had to smile at the two: they made an excellent couple.

He heard the door close behind him and waited for his brother to speak.

"Well, Ryuya, I guess we're done here, aren't we?"

Ryuya turned to the still masked Yûto and reluctantly smiled. "Yes, I guess you could say that."

Yûto came up behind him and looked down on the two embracing below. "Sometimes I wonder how far you will go to make sure Ito's happy with a good man."

Ryuya cocked his head. "As far as I have too to make her happy I guess."

They both laughed, knowing it was true, as they saw Makoto and Ito begin to play in the snow. The door behind them opened and Tatsuyoshi entered, not looking too pleased.

"Ack, why did I have to be the one going up and down the stairs, that spiky-haired, ape kid chased me forever!"

Yuto calmly expalined, "You were the one who left our sake out and almost gave us away. Therefore you must be chased by fastest one in the group."

Tatsuyoshi made a face before continuing his story. "Well...We eventually went into the cafeteria and I had to throw some spaghetti sauce at him to finally get him to calm down. I don't see why I had to be apart of this, you're the over protective brothers: NOT ME! Ito could marry an axe murderer for all I care!"

Yûto and Ryuya exchanged looks as they knew this statement was not true. He wanted to make sure the guy Ito was dating was a good guy, just as much as Ryuya and Yûto did.

"Well, either way, we're glad you were here." Yûto commented, telling him that they needed all three of them for it to work out. "That Toki kid, he's strong but dumb as nails, I lead him around in a few circles and he was stumped to how he ended up out in the main lobby."

Ryuya laughed, wishing he had been apart of the adventurous chases but was happy he heard for himself Makoto's thoughts.

"I hope you're not this bad when I bring a girl over." Tatsuyoshi commented, taking his cape off and removing his tomato stained mask.

"Don't worry, we'll be worse." The twins said in unison as they glared out the window at Makoto and Ito. Tatsuyoshi was taken aback and began to yell at them, not knowing if they were joking or being serious.

They all laughed when the door opened and Miss. Ito came in, and they put their masks back on quickly.

"Hi boys, are you done up here? You said you'd be done by today."

"And we are, thank you Miss. Ito." Yûto said, graciously bowing.

Miss. Ito blushed slightly, the same charm that convinced her that their little prank was a good idea. "Oh don't thank me. Its great that you three did this. The principal has agreed to put more money into the arts now, some of our costumes can be replaced, renovations on those dangerous rafters on the stage, better tech equipment and of course! You three got my actors right into the story, oh I see the passion in their eyes. They are frightened of a Phantom just like the dancers in the story."Tears shaun in her eyes as she happily stated, "They are going to do so well."

"Have they all come back?" Tatsuyoshi asked and the teacher nodded. Also explaining that she had let the principal in on their secret and (though he had called her an idiot and a disgrace to the teachers faculty, statement she argued and won about) he agreed to just pretend that this never happened. He'd call the families of those nervous parents and let them know the girl was found and that nothing had actually happened on school property, just a slight white lie.

"Anyway, I just came to see if you guys can lock up?"

They nodded and said they'd give her the key at a later date, after they finsihed cleaning up and fixing some old props that they had already begun meanding.

"Great, have fun you three. And thanks again."

She left and the three of them were left to look out over the snowy night again, Ito and Makoto had begun to go home, clutching each other closely in the cold.

"So, we should just act surprised when they tell us." Yûto said, admiring the two lovers below.

Ryuya nodded. "Yup and Tatsuyoshi?" he turned to the younger one. "DO NOT BREATHE A WORD OF THIS TO DAD!"

He pouted by the accusation but nodded in agreement. They removed their masks for the last time, waiting for the day that Makoto would do the same.