Chapter 1 Lu tossed and turned under the comforter on her bed. She was having a nightmare about Mickey. Ever since he had been killed she had nightmares about his death. She couldn't sleep and she couldn't concentrate. All she did was think of him. It had been almost three weeks, but still she thought about him. She still felt his prescence within her.This morning was no different. She rose from bed and looked at her clock. It was only four in the morning, but now that she was up, it would be impossible for her to lay back down in that bed. She sighed to herself and walked into the kitchen. Lu sat at the table and stared out the window into the darkness of the city. She rested her head on the table and fell asleep. It seemed the kitchen was the only place she didn't have trouble sleeping. This was probably because it was the room that least reminded her of Mickey. About an hour later Lu woke up again. She looked at the clock in her living room. It was a little after five. She had to be at work by seven. So, she walked into the bathroom, warmed the shower and stepped in. The water washed away the tears that streamed down her face as she thought more and more about Mickey. She walked back into the kitchen after her shower and searched the cabinets for something to eat. Lu stared at all the boxes. She just wasn't hungry. She'd felt sick to her stomach lately and this morning was no different. She always brushed it off thinking it was how her body reacted to her being so upset and later it got better. She figured the same was true for this morning. Marc was at his dad's house, so Lu was home alone. She had been extra cautious following Mickey's murder. She was constantly afraid that Aneesha would come back for her. It gave her an eery feeling to just sit there all alone in the dark, so she walked out to her car and drove to the clinic. "Hey kid,": Lana said as Lu walked throught the door. "Hey Lana," Lu replied. "You look awful, kid. What's the matter?" "Oh nothing. Just tired." Lu walked past Lana and opened the door to her office. She took her lab coat from the hook and slipped it on. Lu sat down and looked at some files that were laying on her desk. She pulled the papers out of the top folder. She glanced at the multiple pages and signed the last page with a few scribbles of her pen. She put her hand on her stomach and went to sleep. "Lu, Amber's here," Lana called as you walked into Lu's office. "What?" Lu said sleepily as she raised her head ffrom her desk. "Kid, you ok? You look awful." "Yeah, I'm just kinda tired. You know I haven't been able to sleep since I lost Mickey." "I know, baby. But, you look worse today," "Really, Lana, it's ok. Now you said Amber's here?" "Yeah, want me to bring her into the exam room?" Lu nodded and Lana walked out convinced that Lu wasn't as good as she said she was.