Chapter 8

Lu sat in the waiting room of Dr. Rainy's office. She tapped her fingers against her knee and constantly shifted around in her chair. "Ms. Delgado," a nurse said holding out a clipboard. "Can you fill these insurance forms out please?" Lu took the clipboard from her and started filling out the forms. Before she knew it, the nurse was back to take her in to see Dr. Rainy. "I'll take that miss," she said motioning toward the clipboard. "Dr. Rainy's expectng you. You can go right on in." "Thanks," Lu replied.

She carefully opened the door and walk into the office. A young blonde woman in a lab coat sat behind a cherry wood desk. She glanced up and smiled when she heard Lu walk in. "Please, come sit down," she said. "I'm Kayla Rainy," she said extending her hand to Lu after she sat down. "I'm Lu Delgado." "Lu, what an interesting name, is that short for something?" "It's Luisa, but I prefered to be called Lu." "Alright Lu. I'm guessing you filled out the insurance papers in the waiting room, right.? Lu nodded. Now I need to fill out personal and medical history forms. Then, we can go over to the couches and talk." "Alright," Lu said.

Dr. Rainy began reading down the list and Lu quickly answered her questions.

Full name: Luisa Magdalena Delgado

Birthdate: November 18. 1970

Medications: No

Health Problems: No

A few questions later Dr. Rainy got up and led Lu over to the couches where they could be more comfortable to talk.

"So why don't you tell me a little about your self, Lu." "OK, Well, I was born and raised here in Philly. My mom died when I was 10 and I never knew my dad. Isabel, my grandmother, raised me after that. I met Bill when I was in high school. We dated for a while until I got pregnant. I had my son Marc when I was sixteen." "Wow. And now you're a doctor." "Yeah. It took a lot of work for me to get through medical school. Bein' a single mom and all. But, I'm glad I did."

"Now. I'm aware that you're pregnant again. Yes?" "Yeah," Lu replied almost crying. "And the father, he was a fireman?" "Yeah he was. He's dead," Lu said her voice quivering. "Can you tell me what happened?" Lu began crying. "A patient of mine...she was very troubled and I knew she needed help. S...S...So I got her admited to the Phych Ward at the hospital and she was angry. The doctors couldn't find a reason to hold her, so they let her go. She was really, really angry at me for thinking she was crazy. She found my apartment and she...she waited for me with a gun. Mickey and I were coming home from a date and I invited him in. That's when I saw her. S...S...S...She pullled the gun and Mickey grabbed me to shield me. A...A...And she shot him. He died at the hospital. I did everything to could to save him, but he died. HE DIED!"

Dr. Rainy put her arm around Lu to try and comfort her. "I know how hard that must have been to see him die," she said with consolation in her voice. "It's obvious that you loved him very much. And now, the baby. You have this constant reminder of Mickey in your life. Have you made a decision as to what you're going to do? About the pregnancy, I mean." Lu looked at Dr. Rainy, "I'm going to have the baby," she answered with slight anger and agression in her voice. "I can't not have it. I...I...It reminds me of Mickey. I need this piece of Mickey in my life. I know it seems like the wrong thing to do, being constantly reminded of Mickey. But Mickey was my life. I loved him almost as much as I love my son. And soon my son's going to be moving away to go to college. And then what? What will I have then? HUH? TELL ME! TELL ME!" Lu started to cry and scream hysterically.

Dr. Rainy stepped back to give Lu some room to vent. "You can't think of your life like that. Yes Mickey's gone. And yes you miss him and you have every right to. But, he wasn;t your whole live. You have so much else in your life. Your son will still be there for you no matter how away from you he is. And you have your work. I've heard your a wonderful doctor who's done great things in women's medicine. Not only that, but it's obvious you've got friends who care about you. My nurse told me a friend referred you here. It's obvious she cares about you if she's thinks you need someone to talk to someone. Lu thought about what she'd just heard. "Maybe you're right," she said to Dr. Rainy. "Maybe I'm over emotional because I'm still in mourning for someone I loved so dearly. I never really looked much beyond Mickey."

After a little more talk and discussion, Lu walked toward her car and drove home where she could wait for her son to come home. She knew he and the rest of the people she knew really did care for her and they'd be there for her no matter what happened.