Plunnie on Squeeze:


"Crap! Ran is coming!"

The just shrunken Kudo Shinichi ran behind his father's desk just as Ran came in.

"Oh Professor Agasa..."

"Ah, Ran-kun! I haven't seen you in a while!"

Behind the desk Shinichi stood frozen in fear.

Something was telling him to stay away from Ran as far as possible...

"Eh, who's that over there?" she approached him, one step closer each time.

Shinichi couldn't hold back the squeak. I need a disguise!

Scrambling to put on the glasses from his father's drawer, he didn't know how fruitless it would be.

Because after she turned him around and said "C'mon over here!" she just had to gush over how cute he was and hug him tightly

Causing him to transform...

Back into Shinichi.

"KYAAAA!" screamed Ran while Agasa took off his lab coat, passed it to Shinichi and said, "Looks like you turn back into yourself when you're hugged by someone of the opposite sex..."

Later, after Shinichi was fully clothed and he explained what had happened, Ran hugged him, glad he was safe.

Only to find that he poofed back into Conan.

"Umm this could come in handy..." she grinned at Conan almost sadistically.


A few weeks later-

"But I can hug him anytime because we've both taken the poison!"

Conan raised an eyebrow at Ai, "I have the distinct feeling you're not supposed to act like this..."




AN: What happens when you come up with something cute and then watch Fruba – it gets even cuter.