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Whoever said you could not save every soul had never met her




Normally, Kiba isn't lonely. Sometimes though, he is.

You'd think he'd understand or at least get used to certain things by now, certain behaviours of his team mates, like Shino's bugs or Hinata's tendency to love and heal.

Overtime, Shino's bugs have started bothering him less and less and Hinata's tendencies have somewhat become normal to him although there are still times he doesn't understand her.

She'll be her shy self but will still manage a hesitant smile, especially around the lonely boys. It gets to them too, he knows, because Hinata may suddenly drop her gaze but Kiba looks on for their reaction.

So far, she's impressed him, because when even the likes of Uchiha Sasuke seem to somewhat accept her hesitant smile, it really is something.

All the girls fawn over the Uchiha boy whereas Hinata does not and never has. Sasuke likes her for it, Kiba can tell, to the extent that it is possible for Sasuke to like a stranger anyway.

Instead of giving him all that attention, she merely acknowledges his loneliness. She never says it aloud though. Kiba worries that one day she might and that Uchiha will fall for her but both are unlikely to happen, he reminds himself.

Seeing Naruto makes her happy instinctively, and so she smiles, and Kiba understands. Naruto has been unloved for a long time, Hinata knows.

She wants to change it, Kiba knows.

Seeing her good-for-nothing cousin—his words, not hers—sometimes depresses her, Kiba knows this too although she hides it well. Kiba, however, knows her better than most and things like that, he can just tell. Why she smiles at Neji though, Kiba will never understand, particularly because it is not a sad or bitter or empty smile in anyway. It is a little hesitant at first perhaps but very genuine nevertheless.

He supposes it is because Neji too has been unloved for a long time and Hinata wants to change that too. Still, Kiba cannot understand, especially not when he sees the underlying anger in the boys eyes or the faint markings still on Hinata's arm, above the tenketsu points that Neji attacked a while ago.

Hinata loves Naruto, acknowledges Sasuke, and forgives Neji. Kiba knows this.

Hinata also lovesNeji and Sasuke in the way that only Hinata can.

Slowly, Kiba is starting to understand this.

He isn't as brainless as they think and She isn't as weak as they think. Even after the Uzumaki, and the Uchiha, and the Hyugas reach the peak of their power and eventually their end, strength like Hinata's will keep this world going. Her endless supply of love will last forever and she will save the world. Kiba knows.

Sometimes, all of that doesn't matter and sometimes, none of that really crosses his mind because he, Inuzuka Kiba, gets to see her smile more than anyone else. So really, how can he complain?

What's more is that he knows and understands, although he sometimes forgets, that she loves him too.

And he loves her back.