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"You ready to go, Kris?"

The young mother looked up and smiled at her aunt, "As ready as I'll ever be." The smile turned into a grin, "I'm actually surprised that I'm so much calmer today than you were on your wedding day."

Sam blushed, "As long as Jack doesn't find out that I was screaming my head off less than half an hour before I walked up that ramp."

Kristie looked at herself in the mirror. She wore a Victorian-style wedding dress, covered in lace and buttons. Kristie had told Jeff she didn't want to get married until the children could walk to participate in the ceremony (secretly so she could loose a lot of the weight she gained while pregnant as well), and he agreed. So, here she was, about to go from a single mother with four fourteen-month-old children, to a mother married to the man of her dreams.

Oh, she'd admit, the last twelve months hadn't been all Leave it to Beaver, sometimes a few moments (or days) of South Park would sneak in. But that just made Kristie and Jeff grow closer together and their love for each other and the children stronger. Sleepless nights put both parents on edge (for even though he wasn't involved in the conception physically, Jeff was the father) and gave them both the ability to see each other at their worst before the wedding.

Sam was acting as maid of honor, with Clara, Janet, and Melanie as the bride's maids. She was wearing a navy blue cocktail dress made out of silk that flowed gracefully down to mid calf, while Clara and Melanie were dressed in midnight blue dresses that looked remarkably like Sam's, except that, on their insistence, they only went to an inch above their knees. Janet opted for the longer version of their dress, and Kristie whole-heartedly agreed. Samantha and Jacqueline were the flower girls and looked like little angels in their navy blue, puffy dresses covered in baby blue lace.

Michael and Elijah were the ring bearers and looked so adorable in their miniature white suits. The entire groom's party was dressed in white suits – except for Jeff who wore his dress blues. Because the children had learned how to walk earlier than most other children an adult wouldn't need to be walking down the isle with them. Acting as best man was Jeff's only brother, Edan. The groom's men were Jeff's teammates on SG10: Joseph Lee, Dean Goodheart, and George Newman.

Kris looked at her aunt with fear in her eyes, "I'm scared, Sam."

Sam gathered Kristie into her arms, "I know you are, but it's okay. Fear is okay. You saw what a wreck I was on my wedding day. You'll be fine. You and Jeff have seen each other and been around each other at your very worst and your very best." She smiled warmly to Kristie. "He's still here after a year, isn't he? Not everyone needs a ten year long courtship to figure out what they want and to take it."

Janet put her hand on Kristie's quivering shoulder, "Another plus is that the kids adore him as if he was biologically their father." Kris looked at Janet with hope. "Children can sense things the rest of us can't. They would have made it clear if Jeff wasn't meant for you before – but they've clearly pointed at the exact opposite."

"Yeah, it's not every day you get a guy willing to hold your hair away from your face while your throwing up fire," Mel put her two cents in. Everyone laughed at the old joke about the first time Jeff and Kris met.

Kris looked down to hide her quickly darkening blush. "Maybe I should revoke your status as 'auntie' Mel…"

Mel's eyes grew wide in mock horror, "Nooo!"

A knock came on the door, and Sam opened it to reveal her husband. "Hey, honey," she said lovingly. "It's time already?"

Jack nodded, "Everyone needs to get in their places." He turned to his niece, "You look beautiful, sweetheart. Are you ready?"

Kris took a deep breathe and released it slowly, nodding; "As ready as I'll ever be."

Just like Sam and Jack's wedding, Kristie and Jeff's was being televised live. Being as it was only the third ceremony to take place in the embarkation room, the novelty of it was still there – even if things had started to calm down with the paparazzi and predictions of doom from all around the world. People were actually starting to trust the workers at the SGC, putting their lives and the lives of their children in their very capable hands. Currently, it had been decided that the Stargate would remain underneath Cheyenne Mountain for the time being because of the very real possibilities of dangerous things coming through the 'Gate.

Unlike the O'Neill-Carter wedding which President Williams conducted, however, the O'Neill-O'Connor wedding would be administered by Daniel, Bra'tac and Selmak (all of whom had been given special ministerial privileges by the president). This was indented to represent the importance of the alliance between the three races.

The most common phrase used by the reporters before and during the wedding was: "This is just so beautiful." And it was.

All throughout the reception, Kristie's mind kept on wandering back to her Nana, wishing with all her heart that she could have been there. Looking out over the sea of faces at the reception, Kris noticed that her parents were there.

She leaned over to her husband and whispered, "Who invited my parents?"

Jeff looked at her, swallowed the food he had in his mouth and whispered back, "I did. They weren't there when the kids were born and even if it may not seem like it, your parents do love you, honey. They miss you."

The infamous O'Neill temper took hold of the newly wed, "Did anyone else help you in this little scheme of yours?"

Jeff looked down, refusing to meet her eyes, "Jack and Sam."

Knowing that if she did anything there it would just cause a scene, Kristina let the information sink in before turning to her uncle who was seated on her right and saying, "You better be damn well glad that we're in a public place right now, Uncle Jack. If we weren't I'd kick your ass from here to Chulak."

Her uncle looked at her in confusion, but at her glace in the direction of where the bride's parents were sitting, Jack nodded. "Yeah, I expected as much, but before you do anything rash – hear us out, okay? We'll talk after dinner's finished. No sense in arousing suspicion."

Kris glared at him, "Of course not, Jack."

After dinner was cleared away, the bride and groom shared their first dance as a married couple to the tune of 'There is Love'. While they were dancing, Kristie thought about the lyrics, and felt the anger leave her body. She was at her wedding, for crying out loud! This was supposed to be a time to mend fences, not burn bridges.

As the dance was coming to a close, Kristie nodded discretely at her husband, "I'll try and work it out with them," she whispered.

"That's all we ask."

It's a very good thing that that was all they asked of Kristie, because the moment her parents and she were in a room by themselves (and Jeff, Jack, and Sam who were there to mediate) everything went to hell in a hand basket.

Things started off a little rocky when Beatrice asked her daughter, "Is there any specific reason I had to hear that you were getting married from my brother-in-law and not you?"

Her husband, Doran, looked at his daughter shamefully, "The least you could have done is called us to let us know."

Kristie exploded, "The least I could have done! You threw me out, pour l'amour du ciel!"

Beatrice glared at her oldest, "That is not the issue here! You were seventeen – and pregnant! What did you expect us to do? Comfort you with open arms and accept your children as our own? For shame, Kristina! And having your uncle give you away? Was that supposed to be a message to everyone?"

"Yes! That's what you never got about me. I'm a girl, I like to be held and comforted! You tossed me out like a whore. So I went to someone I knew would do just that – my uncle. There is a very good reason he's the godfather of those babies and they call him 'Grandpa Jack'. He gave me away because he is there for me when I need him and always has been!"

Jeff started to feel waves of anger wash outward from Kris's slim body and took her into his arms, glaring at his in-laws. "You two should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Before Jeff could get out another word, there was a tentative knock on the door. "Come," Jack said, loudly. Cassie poked her head through. "It's alright Cass, come on in."

"Sorry to disturb you, but they were getting a little bit antsy out there. I got two clear words out of all of their gabber: Mommy and mad." In walked Kristie's four children, happy to see that Mommy had calmed down.

The young mother knelt down and opened her arms for her children to hug her, "Come on guys. I'm so sorry you had to feel that. Mommy promises that she'll try to calm down, okay?"

"K k!" Jacqueline said as she was the most vocal of the children. She then proceeded to walk over to her uncle, pull on his pant leg, demanding, "Up!" to which he happily obliged.

Michael went over to his Auntie Sam and held up his arms for admittance. When he was safely within the folds of her arms, Michael put his head on her shoulder and started playing with her earring (extra dangly just for the lad). Samantha saw her siblings, looked at her mother, then her grandparents and silently asked her mother to be held, which Kristina did, glad for the arrival of the children.

Elijah, not one to be left out, went to stand by his father, requesting permission to hold his hand. From very early on it had been very clear that Elijah only liked to be held when he was in pain, eating, or in the tub. The rest of the time, if someone so much as looked like they were about to pick him up – his lungs got a lot of exercise.

Cassie smiled at the family, snapping a few pictures before quietly shutting the door behind her hasty retreat. Doran looked at his daughter holding her daughter and sighed, "Well, then, Kristina. I guess this is good-bye. We obviously are not needed nor wanted here any longer. Come, Beatrice." He was about to leave, his wife following obediently.

"She's not a dog, you know," Jack said softly, very aware of the little girl in his arms.

The couple stopped briefly at the threshold, then continued out as if nothing had been said to provoke their collective anger.

Jeff looked at his wife, then at his new uncle and aunt, "Well, if one thing has been learned today it's that my lovely wife is always right."

"Can I get that in writing?"

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