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Jeff was thrilled beyond words. Jack had just given him the next two days leave to spend with his family. He walked down the hall towards the playroom with a determination to have fun showing in his stance and his step.

He walked into the playroom to find something very strange taking place: there was a wall of fire splitting the room in half – with the boys and Camilla on one side and the girls and Barbara on the other. Kristie was standing in the middle of the wall, an… air force field protecting her from the flames.

"What's going on?" he asked, trying to keep calm with the supernatural sight unfolding before his eyes.

Kris turned to him with a relieved smile on her face, "The kids got in an argument and Camilla and Barbara couldn't sort it out, so they called me in – but by the time I got here this was happening. Now I can't get Elijah, and Cosette to stop this… this show."

Jeff looked disapprovingly at both of the children in question, "Samantha Cosette, stop that right this instant! You too, Elijah George-William. Don't make me send you to your grandparents' house."

Slowly the fire retreated back into Elijah as the air barrier went back to Cosette. Jeff sighed in exasperation, "I was going to go to the park with all of you today. But I think all of you need to think about when it's okay to use your abilities – separately. Cosette, I want you to go to your Mom's and my room, Jackie, in the guest bedroom. Michael, you can contemplate this in the other guest room; Elijah, go to your room. I want you all to think about this. Go."

The four children left the room quietly. When Barbara and Camilla made to follow them, Jeff and Kris stopped them. "Oh, no," Kristie said with a glint in her eyes, "We need to talk to you two about this, too."

"Are you going to send us to our rooms, too?" Barbara asked snidely before she could stop herself.

Jeff rounded on her, "You're lucky we're not firing you! What the hell was that all about, huh? You two are supposed to be a team – teaching them about teamwork, cooperation and solidarity! I can't believe this. How are we supposed to let you two watch our children when you're at each others' necks at every opportunity?"

Camilla looked down at her hands while Barbara stared boldly into Jeff's livid face. "I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again," the darker woman said with a strain in her voice.

"Damn right it won't, Barbara," Kristie said. She took Jeff's zat out from behind his jacket. "Tell the Ori I said hello," she zatted her once, and was about to pull it again when she thought the better of it and put the zat away.

Camilla and Jeff stared at Kristie in shock as Barbara fell, unconscious to the floor. The young mother got out her tear shaped communication device and activated it. Thor was beamed into the room almost instantaneously.

"It's done, Thor," Kris told the small alien.

He bowed his head graciously. "Thank you, Kristie O'Connor. The Asgard are once again, in your debt."

Kristie shook her head, "No, you're not, Thor. She wanted to make my baby girls evil. Soon she's going to wish I'd given her over to Jack instead of you." Kristie shook her head again in contemplation; "I never did get a straight answer from you about this, though. How did you know she was Ori?"

"What!" Jeff yelled, furious. "There was an Ori in our house! With our children! And we didn't even know it!"

"Indeed, Captain O'Connor," Thor said, looking at the young man carefully. "I discovered the flaw in her cloned body only a few days ago. The Ori had murdered the much loved friend of Kristie O'Connor and replaced her with a clone programmed to fit the Ori's needs and downloaded with an Ori consciousness as well as that of Barbara Thornfield."

Camilla scrunched her eyes in concentration, "But I thought that Barbara was telepathic when you were a child, Kristie?"

"She was," Kristie said with a blank look on her face. "When I had Thor do a genetic scan of Barbara when I was about five, he found that she has – had – a very strong Ancient gene. Like the one Jack has, except a lot stronger." She turned back to Thor, "What are you going to do with her?"

Thor shook his head, "It is best that you do not know," and with that the little gray alien and unconscious clone were swept from the room in a flash of white light.

Tears came to Kristie's eyes as she realized how close Barbara – no, that thing that had replaced her – had come to fulfilling its mission of taking away her children. How close she'd let it get.

"Hey, babe," Jeff said, taking his wife in his arms, "It's okay, now. Everything's all right. Hey, I never asked you; how did you realize that it really wasn't Barbara?"

Kristie sniffled, "I looked into her mind while you were yelling at her and saw the pure evil there. Origin kept on popping into her mind and I just knew."

"Shh, it's a good thing you did know. Now our children are safe," Jeff said as he gently rubbed circles on her back.

Camilla looked at the couple with pain in her heart. She remembered all too well the feeling of being held in her husband's arms. Now he was dead and she had no arms to crawl into.

Justin listened from just outside the doorway, discretely hiding in the hall. If only they knew it was his fault Barbara had gotten that far in the first place. If only he was allowed to tell them. NO! The others shouted in his mind. They cannot know yet! It isn't time. As he argued mentally with the telepathic beings communicating with him, he heard Camilla say:

"It's only with the death and burial of the old life. That a new life can truly begin."


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