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The frozen tears I cried

The pain buried deep inside

Far away the angels sing

Among the tears of heaven

Snowflakes falling

Soaking up the sun

Beyond my heart and mind

Of the sunset's shadow

Eternal light

The smile I left behind

Mistakes I made

To escape this torment

A secret I've kept hidden

The tears I shed

Their crimson rain

The sky above my head

Walking down that path of fallen ash

Ripped apart by sorrow

The ghost of my past, reflected in my eyes

Shattered memories

Given no mercy to follow

Reflections of my dream

Red moon high in the sky

The war in my soul, the one wish I had

The true pain I have hidden

The burning flame inside me

The past never forgotten

These memories buried deep

Just a smile, just a mask to show

I'm a demon, not an angel

And that's all to know

My shattered wings, they're broken

To never be fixed nor mended

The thunder claps above my head

The rain pouring down slowly until ended

Lost in the darkness

Images of past mistakes

Of the pain in life that follows