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Pairings: NejixTenten (mainly focused on), SasukexSakura, ShikamaruxIno, NarutoxHinata, and other pairings (maybe, or you can vote for the other pairings…).

Summary: K.N.A and K.K.A; they were known to be trained by two of the strong Legendary Shinobis. K.N.A is known to be trained by the Legendary Ninja, Jiraiya and the K.K.A is known to be trained by the Legendary Kunoichi, Tsunade. What will happen if they (K.N.A and K.K.A) meet? Will they share a special bond? Or can they stand staying together? Will they like the idea of their masters? Oh, well read and find out!

. :.Konoha Agents.:.

Chapter One: The Talk

It was one beautiful morning in Konohagakure of Hi no Kuni; the village of Leaf in Fire Country.

Two silhouettes can be seen standing on the bridge of Konoha.

"So, do you think it would be a good idea?" asked a female voice; she has blonde hair that is tied into two low pigtails on each side of her neck and she was pretty.

"Well for me Tsunade, it will be a very good idea! Don't you think so?" asked a male voice; he has white that is rather spiky long hair, but something describes his personality…. He IS a PERVERT.

"Hmmm…. Yeah you're right. I was actually thinking of that before but you see, my dear beautiful agents just are too strong and capable of taking care of their selves as I can see…." Tsunade said as she smirked; she is one of the Densetsu no San-nins. Densetsu no Kunoichi.

"Hey, hey! You're not the only one who's thinking that their dear handsome agents are just too strong that they are capable of taking care of their selves! I just thought THEM getting together will be interesting! Look, they are growing up they aren't those kinds of juvenile person anymore." Jiraiya stated grinning madly; he is also one of the Densetsu no San-nins. Densetsu no Ninja.

"Let me think about it…. You're right I know that they aren't children anymore! I really do think that your idea will be great Jiraiya, I'll be telling them alright?" Tsunade said.

"U-huh and I'll be telling them too but first, we should exchange information about them! I have my agents profiles here, you?" asked Jiraiya.

"Good! I have it in here with me too. Why don't we just plan it tomorrow? In the coffee stand. You know in the city at 12:00 pm in mid afternoon." Tsunade suggested.

"Alright! But why tomorrow?" asked Jiraiya.

"Because I am busy today! I need to assign other LOWER rank agents which mean Genins to a SIMPLE mission." Tsunade replied as she rolled her eyes.

"Okay, okay…sheesh! So don't be late! It's a deal! I'll be there early! It's really interesting! I'm looking forward it!" Jiraiya said.

"U-huh you are so excited. Well me too, so goodbye and be careful on your way! See ya tomorrow!" Tsunade said waving good bye. With that they disappeared with smoke. POOF!

Tsunade's office…

She was sitting on her lovable chair moving around slightly. She smirked.

"This should be interesting…hehehe." She whispered slightly with an evil wide smirk on her face.

"Nice idea you got there, Jiraiya." She grinned. Just then the door opened and three Genin levels are standing in front of her.

"Tsunade-sama these are the Genins you have to assign a mission to." said Shizune as she bowed. A woman with short raven hair; she is Tsunade's right hand assistant.

Tsunade glanced at all of the Genins. They were two boys and one girl. The girl in the middle and each side of her was the boys.

"Very well, introduce yourselves!" she demanded.

"My name is Moegi Tsunade-sama!" said the only girl enthusiastically.

"My name is Konohamaru!" said the boy on the right side said.

"My name is Udon…" said the boy on the left side.

"Hmmm…your mission is to pet animals." stated Tsunade calmly. The Genins and Shizune sweat dropped.

"Pet…animals…." repeated the Genins.

"Yes complete the mission! Shizune, go escort them to the farm!" demanded Tsunade.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama!" replied Shizune.

And off they go….

Jiraiya's office…

"HA-HAHA! I am so a genius! I got the brilliant idea evaaa!" he shouted happily.

Just then his door opened revealing a panicked face of his right hand assistant.

"Is everything okay Jiraiya-sama?" asked Hayate.

"Huh? Oh yeah! Everything's fine! Now you can go leave my room!" said Jiraiya grinning.

"As you wish sir." obeyed Hayate as he shut the door.

"Hehehe. It's getting interesting! I can't wait 'til tomorrow." Jiraiya said happily.

A/N: So, yeah! Chapter one done! It's actually all about the talk of the AGENTS getting together. The next chapter will be the plans and their profiles for the AGENTS and it will come out soon! I got other characters in there and in case you're all wondering where Jiraiya is…He is in South Konoha and Tsunade is in North Konoha so it's pretty far. I hope ya'll know who the characters are!


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