An Angel In Disguise

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SUMMARY: Bulma is a depressed child who compulsively eats and ends up chubby. All the kids in school make fun of her but only one guy sees her as the most beautiful woman in the world. He befriends her and helps her lose all the weight and helps her become thin and gorgeous. But problems start to arise once she is thin... a game of jealousy between two men. Bulma ditches her only true friend to have the popularity she never had... but when an accident threatens her best friend's life, will she make the right decision and realize how selfish she's been?

NOTE: Bulma has been given another name in this story for PLOT purposes. So don't get too confused. All the characters have also been given their appropriate DBZ ages. i.e. the four year difference between Goku and Bulma & the five year difference between Goku and Vegeta. This fanfiction is also an Alternate Universe. Meaning that it has absolutely nothing to do with the show, so don't go looking for show plotlines. It also means that anything is possible and that the characters may have a slight change in personalities.

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"How about no?"








Two siblings were arguing in the middle of the living room. Radditz, the oldest child, was holding his younger sister's gameboy advance with her favorite game. He had snatched it out of her hands and started playing it. His younger sister was not his blood relative but an adopted sibling. He'd often make fun of her for it but deep down inside, even though she wasn't related by blood, he still loved her. The young girl's name was Dana but everyone called her 'Dae-dae.' Her hair color was unique. It was like a sea of blue as were her eyes.

Bardock came in the living room having heard his two kids arguing just moments ago. He'd heard his daughter call out to him and decided to see what was going on. He entered the living room and asked, "Ok. What's going on?"

"Radditz told me to eat a twinkie, Dad! And then he called me a bad name! And he took my gameboy while I was playing it! Make him give it back!" Dana took the initiative to speak.

"I did not!" Radditz tried to deny.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Yeah huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

"ENOUGH!" Bardock shouted. He eyed his fifteen year old son and then his twelve year old daughter. His obsidian hues landed back on the boy and he calmly said, "Give her the gameboy." Radditz gave her back her game system. "Now what do you say to your sister?" He smiled when his eldest child apologized to his adopted daughter. Then he narrowed his eyes, grabbed his son by the ear, and snapped, "Now you and I are going to have a lesson in learning how to play nice with other people. Especially your siblings!"

Radditz's jaw dropped and then he was dragged out into the kitchen by his father. A few seconds later, the only thing that could be heard was a loud smack. Bardock punished his children by giving them a good smack upside the head and then giving them a lecture. Dana smiled while she continued to play her gameboy. She loved it when Radditz got what he deserved.

There was a long history behind the little girl. Her real name was Bulma Briefs but the orphanage had wanted Bardock to keep her identity a secret by the request of her real parents Bunny and Dr. James Briefs. The famous Briefs family had Bulma in their possession until she turned a year old. They noticed she had odd behaviors, those of which weren't normal for a one year old child. She was eating more than she was supposed to and slowly gaining weight. Bunny wouldn't stand for an obese child and cruelly gave her daughter up for adoption. James had paid the government to keep her birth records hidden and that nobody know that she was his daughter except for the people who would adopt her.

Bulma was obese. A lot of children in school made fun of her because of her weight. Although, she could not help it. Everyday she saw a school councelor because of a very serious condition. The twelve year old had a compulsive eating disorder that was developed through a lack of love from her biological parents. They had always been busy when she was an infant and barely made time for her, and then they gave her up for adoption. She had been trying to fight the disorder for at least three years now. Everyday got a little bit better but there was still much work to be done.

There was one girl in particular that loved to pick on the blue haired girl. That girl's name was Jenna Jade Briefs. Bulma's biological sister that she did not even know she had. A year later, Bunny had had another child that had turned out to be normal and also had a normal hair coloring. The girl had curly blonde locks and bright sapphire hues. A lot of people agreed that Bulma and Jenna looked alike. Although, they both refused to believe it.

Jenna, who was eleven years old, was dating Bulma's current crush named Yamcha Sanzoku. The cutest boy in the eighth grade. The blue haired obese beauty often wondered how a snob like the blonde fifth grader had ended up with him. It was probably because they were both considered attractive people and were also extremely wealthy, so it was normal for the kids to suck up to them.

Dana was still concentrating on her game when her younger brother, Kakarot, walked into the room. The little boy also had a nickname which was 'Goku.' It was a name that their Grandfather Gohan had given to him. The ebony haired eight year old sat next to his sister on the couch and asked, "Whatcha doin', Dae-dae?"

"Playing a game," she responded without looking up.

"Can I play too?"

The girl looked up and smiled and replied, "Sure, Goku." Then she handed over the gameboy to him. Dana gave him a kiss on the forehead knowing he'd be distracted forever and decided to head into the kitchen to get something to eat. Bardock and Radditz had just finished having a conversation when she entered. She smiled, went over and hugged her father, and then turned to Radditz. She narrowed her eyes at him and then asked, "I'm going to make a sandwich. Do you want one, too?"

Radditz simply shook his head, hugged his sister, and then walked out of the room.

Bardock smiled at Dana and then went out into the living room.

She just shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to make herself a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich.

Talia, Bardock's beautiful thirty four year old wife, had just come through the door after getting home from work. She set her purse down on the table next to the door and also dropped her keys there. The petite woman headed towards the closet and neatly hung up her coat. Her husband admired her as she did so. The woman had long brown tresses that cascaded to the small of her back. She also had deep chocolate hues. She stood at about 5'5'' and was amazingly thin for having given birth to two boys.

The angel turned to see her eight year old running towards her. She smiled and bent down to pick up her youngest child and hug him tight. A kiss was planted on the side of his cheek before she asked, "How's my little boy?"

He giggled and responded, "Good!"

"That's good. Did you eat today?"

"Yes, momma."

"Ok, you let me know if you need anything. Alright? Momma's gotta go say hi to Radzy and Daddy!" She set the little boy down and watched him run back to the couch to continue playing the game. Talia walked over to her oldest son and gave him a hug and a kiss before sending him on his way. Then she smiled at her husband and kissed him and wrapped her arms around his neck in an embrace. His burly arms wrapped around her waist. "Missed you," she whispered.

Bardock smiled and replied, "Missed you, too." Then he kissed her again and continued, "You should go say hello to your daughter. Radzy's been harassing her all day. I took care of him, though."

Immediately she pulled away and asked, "Where is she?"

He pointed in the direction of the kitchen and she nodded and then went inside to find her daughter making a sandwich. Talia loved Bulma as if she were her own child. There was nothing that the beautiful woman wouldn't do for the young girl. She was also trying to help the girl control her eating disorder. She knew why Bulma was making a sandwich, it was to calm her nerves from the stress that her son had put on her shoulders earlier. She walked up to the blue haired twelve year old and gently stroked her hair. "Hi baby," she said softly.

Dana looked up and tightly hugged her mom. "Momma!" She chirped. "I missed you so much!"

The thirty four year old smiled and replied, "I missed you, too." She planted a kiss in Bulma's hair and hugged the girl close to her. She would do anything to take away her pain. She thought it was just awful what her biological parents had done to her. There would be a point in time where Dana would find out the truth, but it was too early yet. A time when she'd also find out that she was related to her worst enemy and she knew that it would be hard to digest when that time came. "You shouldn't be eating that, sweetheart. I'm making dinner soon."

The sixth grader nodded and said, "Ok. You can save it for daddy, then."

"Yes, that would be a good idea." The girl's mother took the plate with the sandwich on it and carefully placed it in the refridgerator. She looked at her daughter and said, "You go on upstairs and do your homework, ok?"

"Ok, momma." And with that Bulma disappeared into her room.

Night fell quickly which meant all the kids would be in bed getting rest so that they could go to school tomorrow. Talia and Bardock were sitting downstairs in the living room thinking about their adopted daughter, Dana. The brown haired woman was the first one to bring up the subject of, "When should we tell her?"

Bardock thought for a moment and replied, "Maybe when she's sixteen and she can actually handle it."

"I guess so. I just feel bad about concealing her true identity. Radditz knows who she really is. I'm just afraid that he might say something one day when he gets mad and then he'll tell and then she'll come to us with all kinds of questions and we'll have to explain absolutely everything and break her heart. Adoption is never an easy thing for a child to handle."

"I know," He replied. "Just calm down. We won't worry about it until that time comes, okay?"

"Okay," She smiled at the reassurance.

The couple sat together on the couch conversing about their lives as a whole now. Talking about everything from the time they met, the time they fell in love, the time they got married, and the time they had children. Then they moved on to the subject of their children and which qualities of each child that they liked the best and which they disliked and which parent they got that quality from, which could've quickly turned into a debate if they didn't love each other so much.

The next school day would prove to be interesting for little Dana Brielle Son. Perhaps new friendships would blossom at the West City Middle School she attended. There would definitely be more insults of her weight during the day, like there always were. Only the morning could tell the fate of the twelve year old girl.

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