An Angel in Disguise

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The blue haired genius was standing outside of her middle school waiting for her brothers to arrive. Their buses always dropped them off across the street and they usually walked home together. Cobalt hues caught sight of the elementary school's bus and a smile stretched across her beautiful visage. Her arms reached out and caught her little brother in an embrace. She quickly kissed him on the forehead and asked, "Did you have a good day at school, sweetie?"

Goku loved his older sister no matter what she looked like. She'd always been there to work with him on things that he didn't understand on his school work and had always talked to him and read him bed time stories. Of course, they only spent time together when ever she and Radditz weren't too busy killing one another. Sometimes he didn't understand why they had to fight all the time but one day he would. He smiled and happily replied, "Yeah! We played kickball in gym! It was lots of fun!"

"That's wonderful!" She replied in a motherly manner. Her little brother was her best friend even if he was only eight years old. She thought of her fifteen year old brother as a huge pain in the ass, because honestly, that's all he really was. Just as she was thinking about the moron, he decided to grace his siblings with his presence, finally.

Radditz snuck up on his brother and sister who were huddled close to each other. He grabbed Bulma's shoulder and leaned over to whisper, "Boo!" in her ear. He started laughing when she screamed and turned around to punch him in the face. How he loved harassing his only sister.

"Radzy, you bastard!" She snapped after being startled. "I'm telling Dad!"

"You're nothing but a big spoilsport," He pouted in response. He hated getting in trouble with his father. Sometimes he swore that Dana did it deliberately even after he'd already made a truce with his overweight sibling.

"Just kidding," She snickered.

"Whatever," Radditz growled as he rolled his black spheres.

Just as they were about to head home, a familiar face had caught up with the fifteen year old. Unfortunately, that face belonged to Jenna Jade Briefs. Just when Bulma had thought she was going to see the last of her mortal enemy for the day. The blue haired girl wondered why her brother had to fall into the wrong crowds. She preferred his annoying girlfriend over the rich girl standing in front of them.

"Radzy!" Jenna shouted in excitement and jumped on him in an embrace.

"Get your hands off my brother, whore." Dana growled blocking Kakarot's innocent ears.

The blonde looked shocked and stupidly asked, "Your brother?"

"You heard the girl, Jenna." Radditz said stepping in to the conversation. He knew how much his adopted sister disliked her biological sister and decided to defend the girl he had grown up with for nearly fourteen years.

"That blob is your sister?" The eleven year old asked still in disbelief. Just like she had earlier when Bulma told her that she talked to Vegeta.

The obsidian haired teen snapped, "Watch how you talk about her. I don't appreciate people saying shit about my family. Like it or not, she is my sister. If you have a problem with her, then you have a problem with me." He looked back and winked at the blue haired genius whose jaw was dropped in awe of the fact that her obnoxious fifteen year old brother was actually defending her from her worst enemy.

Jenna decided to force out a fake apology. "S-sorry." She said in a mutter. "I'll talk to you later, Radzy. Ok? Bye!" Then she ran off to her limosine that had just arrived in front of the school to pick her up.

The pair watched the other girl walk away. The older sibling turned to his younger sister and said, "Come on. Let's go home. I want something to eat, I'm starving."

"I hear ya," the female said as she caught up with her brother who had already begun to walk away.

The rest of the walk home was silent until they were inside the house. Bulma smiled while quietly admiring her older brother for what he did. That was one of the first times that he ever actually showed he cared about her. "Radditz," she said to gain his attention before he walked away.

He raised an eyebrow as he stopped in his tracks after hearing the soft tone of his sister's voice. He turned and asked, "What?"


He smirked with understanding and replied, "You're my baby sister. What else was I supposed to do? You are a part of this family. Besides, blood runs thicker than blondes." He walked up to her, scooped her up in his arms in an embrace, and swung her around before setting her down. A kiss planted to her forehead before he walked in the kitchen to make himself something to eat.

She chuckled at his statement. Even though she knew she wasn't really related to him, the fact that he believed she was meant more to her than anything else. She didn't know her real family and she didn't really care to because obviously the little girl meant nothing to them if they gave her up for adoption.

Little did anyone know that James had been keeping tabs on his daughter. He'd never wanted to give up his first born daughter but Bunny had wished it. All he'd ever wanted was to keep his wife happy but he never imagined it meant giving up his daughter. Doctor Briefs knew of his daughter's condition when she was an infant and had pleaded with Bunny to spend time with the infant but the shallow female clearly stated that she didn't want anything but perfection. She wouldn't stand for any flaws in her children.

He'd known of his daughter's intellectual superiority and had been informed of the quarrels that both of his children got into. The blonde was constantly shoving the blue haired girl and ridiculing her. That was something he'd frowned upon and had many talks with Jenna about. Although, her mother seemed to have more power over her. The thirty three year old blonde woman continuously told their daughter to treat the other children as if they were the dirt on her shoes.

Once the blue haired girl turned fifteen, James was planning on asking her to do some sidework for him. Help him with projects and teach her the basics. All he had to do was wait three more years.

It was around six in the evening before Talia came home. She was exhausted from such a long day of work at the office and all she wanted to do was relax. Unfortunately, she couldn't do that because she and her loving husband had decided to have headaches called children. There was an argument going on as soon as she walked in the door. The noise seemed to be coming from upstairs and the brown haired woman had to say that she was surprised when she heard two male voices.

"DARN IT KAKAROT! I SAID GET IN THERE AND CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" Radditz yelled at his little brother.

"NO!" Kakarot yelled back. "YOU AIN'T DADDY! YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!"


"I'm not a brat!" The little boy sniffled.

"Yes, you are!" The older boy growled in annoyance. "Enough of this nonsense, GET IN THERE AND CLEAN THAT ROOM OR I'M TELLING MOM AND DAD!"

The eight year old narrowed his eyes after hearing his older brother's threat and growled, "I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich!"


"I said I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich!"

The fifteen year old had had enough of the younger boy's disrespect. His self control finally snapped. "THAT'S IT YOU STUPID BRAT! I DON'T CARE HOW OLD YOU ARE I'M GONNA BEAT YOUR LITTLE HEAD IN!"

Talia took that as her cue to stop the fight. Quickly heading up the stairs, she saw the two boys getting ready to fight in the middle of the hallway. "Radditz Ijiwaru Son! You put one hand on your little brother and you will be in this house for a month! Do I make myself clear?"

Radditz froze at the sound of his mother's voice and turned around to face her with a false smile on his face. "Oh Hi, Mom! Didn't know you were home!" He stated with a nervous laugh following his words.

"ANSWER ME!" His mother screamed waiting for her oldest child's response.

"Yes, mommy." He replied sullenly.

"Good," she barked. "I want you to wash the dishes tonight and Kakarot, you WILL clean your room."

The little boy just silently pouted and went in his room to start his work. Radditz followed his example and ran downstairs to plot a way to get his sister in trouble now, too. Just so he would have company while he was doing all the dishes.

Two hours later after dinner was finished, Radditz was sitting at the sink sulking. His attempt at getting his sister in trouble had failed. Instead, he had been loaded with double the chores for the night. He had tried to start a fight with his sister and tried to get her to break something while tempting her with food. After she squealed on him, he'd gotten in major trouble and was punished severely by both his mother and his father. Both of which weren't too loving to him. Next time he'd have to be smarter in his ways of getting his sister in trouble.

As if on que, both of his siblings had decided to enter the kitchen, and point their fingers and laugh at him.

"I hate my life," the fifteen year old groaned when they disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.

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