As the snow falls

I think of only one thing,

Of you.

Of that night that everything turned out right.

The moon shining above us, of the stream standing still.

Of your face, the light, that I thought I would never find.

In the sky, I feel your eyes staring down,

Watching, as my dreams cover me.

I feel your presence, I feel your hand touch my face, but when my eyes open all that stands there is my shadow.

The wind rustling the leaves behind me.

But I know you're there,

You always will be, as long as you're in my heart.

I'll wait; wait forever to finally see you once more.

To see the one that found me, that pulled me out of the darkness that I thought I could never escape.

The snow falling lightly, lightly over the village.

Falling over the mountain and forest, the place where we first met.

The chill, the chill that will lead me to you.

The chill that will take away my breath.

My soul is waiting, as is yours, as I, with the last of my strength, write this note for you.

This note that will tell you of life, my life where I finally find peace.

I will find you again, find you and never let go.

But for now, this is my only choice, the choice that will set my spirit free.

For now, I will wait a lifetime,

A lifetime I will remember forever.