Recca no Honou is Nobuhiro Anzai's.

The Punishment Chocolate

"I'm sick of you, Kirisawa!" Yamada-sensei fumed in anger at his delinquent student, Kirisawa Fuuko.

All the girl could do was look away and mutter curses under her breath.

The older man fixed his glasses and took a deep breath before speaking to the wind child, "Okay. Since today is Valentine's Day, I will forgive you under one condition."

Fuuko eyed him warily before asking, "What condition? I'm NOT going out with you."

"The hell I'll ask for that, Kirisawa! Here. Take this." he said while handing her a box of chocolate.

"Huh? What the fuck… I mean… what will I do with this, sensei?"

"Simple. You have to give it to the first person to walk past our corridor WHOLEHEARTEDLY." he stressed the last word.

"That's simple."

"Oh yeah? Did I tell you he must accept it with a heartfelt smile?"

"He! You said the first person! Not the first boy!"

"But girls normally give their chocolates to boys… that is if you are a…tomboy, I suppose?"

The whole class jeered.

Fuuko felt herself exploding with anger.

'If only he wasn't my teacher, I could've skinned him alive!'

"Okay, Kirisawa. Take this. If you succeed, there's no need for your parents to be notified."

'Dimwitted fucking losers…' she cursed under her breath. She grabbed the sweet dessert from her teacher and opened the door of their classroom at the exact time someone was passing.

Unfortunately, he was some person who succeeded in putting up a very cold reputation in their school. She felt her throat drying as she thought of her parents being called on the principal's office and them scolding and decreasing her allowance.

'Damn! Why does it have to be him? Of all people in this school… k'so!'

She cleared her throat catching his attention before giving him a smile which he eventually returned… with a scowl.

The wind girl gulped seeing premonitions of her parents grounding her for a year.

"H-hello there, Mi-chan!"

"Monkey." Was his simple statement.

"A-anou… please accept this… Happy Valentine's!" her lips curved to a smile she has never done before.

"Arigatou." He accepted, giving a smile equal to hers, enough to pull the air out of her in shock before walking away.

-- fin --

A/N: Hehe.. too short. And well, too out-of-season not to mention out-of-character… Mi-chan, by the way. Actually, I'm looking for someone who's interested to write a sequel or something of the like. Anyone? Please inform me… Anyway, please r & r though it's so short…