Okay so my second story I've begun to write. This is a Ron/Bon story so there will be Ron Bon Romance and most likely a very jealous KIM. I apologize if many of the themes seem familiar. I'm trying my best to make some as original as possible. And if your reading this I implore you to read Dark and Dreary Hearts. And review please! This is a feeler chapter! So Comment. Now I invite you to read, Tears of the Night.

Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words,--'Wait and hope'.

Alexandre Dumas

Chapter I: Rain

A girl with a cinnamon tan and auburn hair walked out into the sunlight. Her sapphire eyes scanned the scene around her as her short plum skirt fluttered in the wind and her bare midriff recoiled at the cold touch of the cool autumn air sending shivers down her spine. I rain drop fell on her nose as she walked casually to the road and soon scurried to find shelter under a tree. From her little purse she clutched in her hand she withdrew a petite cell phone which she soon began to dial.

"Mom?" Her voice enquired.

"Yes dear?" The elder Woman's voice replied.

"Where the hell are you? Its 5:32!"

"Oh honey! We'll be there in a jiff, I had to pick up ur father from work. Were getting to the school now."

The voluptuously curved brunette hung up grumbling and glanced towards the sky. God Damn it! Why does football have to be in the fall? Always rains here! I'm not even Dating Brick any more… Her thoughts were interrupted by a honk of a car horn and she turned to see her parents waiting for her. She ran towards the silver Mercedes and dove into the back seat. Before even responding to any of her parents inquiries on her well being she popped open a hand mirror and checked her hair.

"Im fine mom! No thanks to you! Late as usual!" She shouted.

"Im sorry Hon, but you know, as long as we have good health and together it doesn't matter."
"Pssh…" The girl retorted.
The Car fell silent as the of the rain pitter pattering off the roof was the only sound audible. The Girl Stared out the window watching the cars go by, the whoosh of red tail lights disappearing into the sheets of water outside her window.

She heard a a panicked voice say from the front "Oh…shit" and her head jerked forward her mouth forming the words of a question, but all she saw was blinding light and a crash, then darkness enveloped her.

BUM BUM BUM! –dot dot dot-. A cliff hanger and a half though I know you probably know what it is. Anywho, next chapter Ron comes into play and u find out what has happened. It will be longer I promise! Once again this is a feeler chapter. So please Read and Review!

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