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Just one

The boy always asked. The girl always said no. The boy always ended up accidentally staring at her; the girl always accidentally ended up hitting him. It ended up a circle of events. They were thirteen but they didn't care, they knew they had found true love. The only problem was the boy liked her and she liked a different boy. She did everything for him, she devoted years to him, and she would have died for him. And all she ever called the blond was a friend. The blond, on the other hand, would have done everything for her, devoted years to keep a promise to her, and would have died for her, all of this at the age of 13.

Three years later Sakura has gotten stronger, Naruto has gotten wiser. But the love still hasn't changed. The blond loves her; she loves the cold bastard. The blond can't do anything besides love her still. And it will still go on. They went on one date, when Naruto first came back from training, but they both knew what that was, even though it was hard to take. She only thought of them as friends and it ended up as just 'get together' of friends.

That year Sasuke's back and he's not talking to her. Sakura's not talking to him. She talks to Naruto, but only as a friend. He wasted a promise, he believes. Sasuke talks about Sakura but only as a teammate. She's wasted all that time on him, she thinks.

So now they're 18 years old and they've spent all this time thinking about love. Sakura's starting to question love while Naruto is still staring.

She's wasted 10 years believing a fairy tale and thinking he would ever say it. He wouldn't and he won't, she still can never come to terms with herself so she keeps up this love, thinking maybe I can be the one to change him, he'll love me back I know it.

Naruto has been 'crazy' in love with this girl since the first time he laid eyes on this pink haired love. He can't get her out of his mind. He thought, while he was away training for three years, that maybe it was just a dumb crush, a childish infatuation. But when he returned to Konaha he still felt that thump in his heart, the adrenaline rush when she was near, and a lovesick puppy feeling in his stomach which made everything so wrong in his mind but so right in his heart.

18 years old and still at block one. Oh man oh man, will they ever find their way out of this cycle? Can at least one of them ever just turn around and give the other a chance? They are as stubborn as the other teammate and they will never give in unless under threat of the others death. Stubbornness is cruel to the people who are being equally as stubborn as you are, you're making them wait and have a drawn out love. And yet, although they know they will never turn around to love each other, they will also not tell the people who love them to stop.

This cycle will continue until one of them will turn around and take a chance, take a risk, and go for a different kind of love.

D: This is going to be a love story between Naruto and Sakura, it's going to be about Sakura taking a chance. Also it's most definitely going to venture upon the path not taken. So this is the opening chapter of "Just one." The title will make more sense by the second or third chapter.