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Chapter 14 Hospital visit and Confessions

Steady beeps from the LCD came from across the room as an unconscious woman lay in a bright white bed surrounded by bright white walls. There were bruises of all different colors all over her arms and legs, she had stitches across her stomach and the left leg was in a cast up to her knee. Her face gathered few bruises and only a couple of scratches from crawling through the woods, and her skin was still pale from blood loss, but there was noticeable color coming back to her face. Next to her arm lay a blond man who insisted on staying with her until she woke up. To the left sat a seemingly stoic Sasuke, looking over the two of his teammates.

He brewed over thinking he could be never be scared like that, he never knew fear could grip him once again, and then as soon as he heard something was wrong with Sakura it all just seemed to vanish and he was afraid once again. It had become obvious… hopefully only to him… that he loved his team.

Ino stuck around the first two days until Shikamaru dragged her back to her apartment and demanded she sleep. Hinata had Hyuuga family business to deal with. But Naruto had been up the three days straight with Sakura. Following her from the ER to the OR to the ICU to where she was now. He had seen everything happen and it drained him to such an extent that Naruto had never seen such a depressed looking Naruto in his life. The bags under his eyes were black instead of their normal purple and his hair was knotted from how many times he had sat there and pulled and twisted his hair. Sasuke was there as well during the whole process. They had each made the other go home and shower while the other stayed and watched her. He stared at Naruto sighed, feeling defeated as he too lay his head down on the white bed and fell asleep beside the blond.

"Ugh," Sakura grumbled as she tried to open her eyes, she was thankful it was night out and that the only lights to be seen were coming from the hall… wait… hall? Where was she? Her eyes darted open and she sat up right in her bed whipping her head from left to right… CRACK! "OH! OW! OWWWWWWW!" Sakura yelped as she threw her arms to her bruised head and neck lying back down onto her pillow. Sadly, while in the middle of throwing her arms back she had also thrown what seemed to be weights off onto the floor.

"OUCH!" A familiar, usually excited voice retorted.

"Ugh," another voice came from the floor.

"Wait those aren't weights… those are…"

"SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto yelled as he jumped up with his eyes looking as though he were wide-awake, though there was no hiding his actual tiredness. "You're awake," he said quietly, almost to himself.

"Naruto… Sasuke… what…" Sakura began to try and piece everything back together, and then a flood of memories occurred. "NARUTO, SASUKE!" She screamed this time with relief and happiness. She held out her bruised and battered arms and sat straight up to embrace her loved ones. Naruto was the first to advance and comply with the embrace while Sasuke slowly made his way to Sakura's side and awkwardly hugged her. It had been a while since he had given or received a hug, there had been one, and that was forced, and that was when Sakura and Naruto had gotten him back to Konoha.

"You guys I'm so happy you're here," she started and then she felt a great wave of pain run over her spinal cord, "ah," she sputtered as she fell back onto the pillow.

Sasuke sighed as Naruto went straight to her side, "Sakura are you ok?"

"She just woke up so she's going to just now feel everything. They're going to have to give her some more pain medicine. We need to get Tsunade or Shizune in here," Sasuke told them, and as though a light bulb had just turned on he gave a smirk, "I'll just get them, Naruto make sure Sakura's ok while I get them."

Naruto stared at Sasuke for a moment, usually they'd have a small spat before Sasuke just gave into Naruto's stupidity, "You got it," he replied anyway and Sasuke disappeared into the hall.

"Sakura-chan, are you ok?" he asked once again.

"I just wasn't expecting that at all," Sakura told him.

"You're shaking," he informed her as he put a hand on her shoulder, as another stabbing pain came, this time from her stomach.

"AH," Sakura whimpered and grabbed onto Naruto's hand for support. She squirmed around in pain as she gripped Naruto's hand. Naruto kneeled down beside her bed and looked at her. Eventually the pain hit its peak and welded down to a dull pain. "Damn, I guess I should just not move."

"That sounds about right," Naruto replied, this all felt so surreal to him, it felt like he had just been floating through his life for the past three days, though he had to admit the first was the worst. He had lost it no several occasions and had to go out on a quick run to just get the hell out of there.

"Naruto," Sakura tried to even her breath, "that was a joke," this time she turned her head slowly to the boy. "Naruto…" she whispered as she studied the boy. His eyes were red rimmed, and his face was as pale as a ghost, his hair was matted and those clothes looked as though he had thrown them on in the dark. "How long have I been out?"

"Three days."

"How long have you been here with me?"

"Three days, one shower break because jerk face made me."

"Three days?" Sakura murmured. "Naruto, why?"

Naruto looked up at her face, and took a deep and solid breath. Her face was still gorgeous, there were only a few scratches and bruises but nothing could cover up her gorgeous facial features. "Sakura," he dragged.

"Naruto, you're so dumb," Sakura said playfully as she normally would, but this time Naruto cast his down at the floor, concentrating on a certain tile. Sakura looked at him worriedly, "Naruto c'mon I didn't mean that, its really…" Naruto cut her off though.

"Sakura, I have never felt a pain like that in my whole entire life when I thought you were dead. I couldn't breath, I couldn't think, I could just sit there and hold you and cry and sob, I haven't felt that alone in so long." He told her in a serious tone, his eyes didn't dare leave the ground, but Sakura could see his eyes welding up with tears.

"Naruto," she whispered. His last sentence had hit her so hard; she had never felt so alone until she was under that tree in the rain. Sakura slowly pulled out her IV, slid off her bed and sat in Naruto's lap and hugged him tightly, Naruto hugged her back, trying to be delicate, but it was hard when he was trying to make sure this moment was real, that she was really alive.

"I just love you so much, I don't even know where I'd be with out you," he told her. Sakura began to sob and Naruto pulled her in a little tighter, trying to be careful with her stomach. But then she pulled away and tried to sit up right, she was straddling him and looking straight into his gorgeous blue eyes.

"Naruto, while I was fighting Tetsu, once I sent Katsuya off, the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I knew the answer to your question. What is holding me back from being with you? And the answer is absolutely nothing; it's just me not wanting to change with who we are. Naruto, when I was under that tree all I wanted was for you to show up, and be there with me and that's when it fully hit me," Sakura nearly began to sob, "I love you Naruto." Naruto slowly leaned in pushing each others noses together and then Sakura leaned her head to the right, closed her eyes and kissed him, Naruto following in suit, Sakura's was still crying and Naruto had just started to cry as well as they made out in the hospital room.

Sasuke stood outside the door, and shook his head, he had gone extra slow too to make sure they would get enough alone time. What a mess... Kakashi instantly smiled at the scene, this looked awkwardly like one of Jiraiya's scenes from Icha Icha Paradise. But Tsunade didn't seem to mind as a smile crept its way onto her face. She decided not to interrupt them, until Sakura was back in her bed and her adrenaline greatly decreased, making her able to feel pain again.


"This is lame."

"You're lame,"

"Shut up Naruto, don't make me get up."

"You have an IV in your… oh wait… you've already broken that rule"

"Shut the hell up Sasuke"


"Not our fault you've been sentenced to this small little white room for a week."

"Shut up Naruto, I only have a day left till I'm out of here and then I get to go on missions again."

"You definitely didn't listen to my rules about not getting hurt, remember your hands are the only thing that should be bruised," Naruto egged her on.

"You guys are never going to let me go on a mission by myself ever again… are you?"

"Absolutely not," Sasuke said as he looked at the girl.

"Blah, you're not my mom," Sakura retorted playfully.

"Yea, but we will talk to Tsunade," Sasuke said pointedly.

"Jerks, but that means the same for you two," She said victoriously.

"Hey… hey we're not the ones that almost got ourselves killed." The remark earned Naruto a punch that sent him flying through the room's door out into the hallway. Naruto rolled back in and gave a thumb up.

"She's got her strength back."

"Dumb ass," Sasuke said as he watched the blond go straight back to Sakura's chair… 'Just like a yo yo,' he thought to himself.

"Ah Naruto get over here, let me check it," Sakura commanded as she looked over his head and gave him a peck on the cheek while she was at it. Naruto's face turned bright red, and a grin made its way across his face. He hoped that never got old.

'Well I guess the same goes for her though,' Sasuke added to his past thought, 'but I guess that's how I am with both of them.'

This cycle will continue until one of them will turn around and take a chance, take a risk, and go for a different kind of love.

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