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How can anyone win a game

Where lives are gambled like poker chips

Where all the cards are hidden

Like your masked intentions

Masquerading as something else

An alternative ideal

Behind that mask of tears

Do you feel anything at all?

Gave it all away

To win this game

This horrible game

But you cannot deny

It's something new to try

It's not right

To trade in a life

For a hollow victory

Where do you return?

What you have done

Does it mean anything to you,

Besides another conquest?

Where do you retreat?

When there's blood on your hands

And a knife at your feet

Nothing to hold on to

When your words fall apart in your hands

Knock down another wall

Tear away another paper barrier

Between truth and lies

Makes it all so much easier

Once more I fell

So many useless tries

So I was just a pawn

Than you clenched in your palm


I obeyed

Still blinded by those lies you tell?

Open up those deceitful eyes

Can you see past that fog?

False tears

Why so sad?

You won the game.


You were unbeatable

Who can defeat

Absolute denial

How can anyone win?

A game they don't know

They're playing

But so many ways

To lose.