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+Sunagakure belly dance+

The fact that he knew these type of celebrations were necessary didn't help to calm the young Kazekage's impatience. It was a simple decree for ruling any village: let the people have their traditions and customs, for this will only raise their morale and loyalty. People needed their rituals, no matter how absurd these would seem.

And this one, in Gaara's eye, was the silliest one yet.The famous Sunagakure belly dance.

It was supposedly the most coveted event of the whole New Year festival. People from neighbouring villages would travel far and wide to visit Suna during its celebrations and they would come just to watch the exquisitely beautiful women of the desert perform their dance.

Sitting on his high chair near the other government officials, Gaara couldn't help but roll his eyes. His seat was situated at the front of the arena, raised up on a few steps. This meant that every performer would face his way, making him the centre of their presentation. It was as if they all vied for the Kazekage's approval and strove to keep him entertained.

In truth, Gaara was utterly disgusted with the whole situation and would have escaped long ago if he'd had the chance.

Who would want to be entertained by this bunch of idiots? He was the leader of a shinobi village, the leader of trained men and women in the art of killing. He had no time for such petty celebrations! But protocol demanded his presence and here he was, dressed in formal Kazekage regalia, sitting under a colourful pavilion like a medieval king being entertained at his court.

The thought was so infuriating, the nearby sand shifted slightly with his mood.

After having managed to live through the acrobats, the fire-eaters and the lion tamers, Gaara was at the end of his tolerance. And now he would have to live through the insufferable belly dance. He truly regretted never learning the Kage-bunshin technique from Naruto… it would have been extremely useful in this particular moment.

What was the point of having a horde of indecently dressed women moving their bodies to the music? It was supposedly an act of subtle seduction, said to bring the most powerful men to their knees. Frankly, Gaara had never seen the point to the whole thing and probably never would. What use did these women have, anyway? It was just completely absurd.

All the people surrounding him were too wrapped up in the celebrations to notice the obvious scowl plastered on their Kazekage's face. If he'd been his former self, he would have shredded this whole festival to pieces in a storm of sand long ago. And what was taking the freaking dancers so damn long to come on stage? The previous performers had ended what seemed hours ago. He'd wanted to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible, but it seemed that wouldn't be the case.

Breathing deeply in an attempt to control his rising temper, the red head turned toward his brother, who was sitting some distance away with other guests. Kankurou was talking lively with another shinobi, no doubt offering his opinions about the upcoming dance. There were two empty spaces next to him, a fact which made Gaara's forehead crease in puzzlement.

Temari and Sakura had been sitting there moments ago. He knew his sister, much to his disapproval, wanted to participate in the belly dance. It was said she was a very talented dancer, but Gaara had never been able to share that opinion. Temari would just tell him that he had no appreciation for the finer arts. Maybe it was true, but who would really give a fuck if he didn't have such appreciation? He certainly didn't care.

He didn't care were Temari was either, but Sakura's absence did make him look around for her. Gaara would never openly admit it, but the truth was he had glanced their way just to catch a glimpse of the pink haired kunoichi.

Having arrived at Suna a couple of months before, Sakura was part of a technique exchange program with Konoha, which had teams from both villages visiting each other for a certain length of time. She was the medic representative for the current team and was working diligently to help increase the skills of Suna's med squad.

This, inevitably, had led to constant and direct contact with the Kazekage.

Having lived most of his life completely alienated from open interaction with others, Gaara had always considered other people as inferior, either mentally or physically. Since he'd stuck with such beliefs for so long, they were hard to let go, especially when stupid politicians seemed to prove him right more often than not. But all that had changed once Sakura had come along. Gaara was pleasantly surprised to find, once he'd grudgingly opened up, that he could have the longest and most interesting conversations with the kunoichi. She could match his intellectual pace with ease and would often be a few steps ahead of his reasoning. Sakura would often spend hours in his study, discussing the most remarkable and diverse topics.

This, as was expected, caused utter scandal. Rumours started spreading through the whole village, speculating as to what exactly happened behind the Kazekage's closed doors. The worst part was that such talk was only encouraged when both of them were spotted taking a midnight stroll upon Suna's walls, walking leisurely side by side.

Naturally, the whole 'lets's go out for a walk' thing had been her idea and it had forced Gaara to take things into his own hands to end the gossip. He would growl openly whenever he happened to find whispering offenders in the corridors and at one point, was forced to wrap an unsuspecting chunnin in sand just to silence his loud remarks. Let anyone who dared to gossip about the Kazekage face the consequences.

The rumours had quietened down after that, but Gaara still wasn't certain as to why they had bothered him so much. It wasn't as if he'd ever cared what people thought of him… to be honest, he didn't give a shit. But deep down inside, a reluctant part of him admitted that the gossip had a ring of truth to it…

The pink haired kunoichi had managed to make her way under his skin.

It was the most absurd and irritating fact on the face of the planet, but Gaara had achieved the necessary maturity to admit it… at least to himself.

It was irritating because it would disrupt his everyday life in ways he never thought possible. He was being forced to lose his concentration on work just to entertain random thoughts of her; thoughts which entered his mind unwillingly, thank you very much. He suddenly found the necessity to know where she was or what she was doing for the day and he found that he wasn't able to start his day until she walked past his office door and said 'good morning'. The whole situation was completely and utterly infuriating… and it was all her fault.

But what reigned as the most absurd and ridiculous idea was the thought that Sakura, the renowned disciple of the great Tsunade, would have any interest beyond friendship for the malicious and cruel Sabaku no Gaara.

It may be true that he had risen to the position of Kage, but that didn't mean he had stopped being a monster…

Monster. The word made Gaara's heart clench unconsciously, and he could faintly hear Shukaku laughing in glee.

Hardening his resolve, he banished such thoughts completely as he turned his irritation to the matters at hand, glancing towards the dancers who were coming on stage.

It was finally time for the insufferable belly dance.

A group of twenty women walked gracefully onto the arena, covered in hooded cloaks. You couldn't see their faces or the colourful fabrics they were surely wearing underneath. They assembled themselves in a circle, facing outwards, covering most of the space on the stage.

'At least not all of them will be facing my way', Gaara thought, somewhat relieved. Once he looked more carefully, he realized that only one woman was standing directly in front of him. That was strange.

The crowd was completely silent when the music started thrumming softly. The women moved slowly, lifting their arms and turning leisurely to the rhythm.

Gaara prayed to whichever God was listening for this to be quick.

It was until the music spiralled into a crescendo, with the beat of the drums joining in, that the women removed their cloaks in one swift movement.

The translucent light green trousers offered a tantalizing view of her long legs; they hung low on her hips, exposing her bellybutton and muscled tummy. The creamy sight of her skin was maddeningly enticing. She wore an indecently small top, which covered her breasts just barely, tied around her neck by a meagre string, leaving her entire back deliciously exposed. Her clothing was decorated with small bells, which chimed merrily with every swing of her body. A light green veil covered most of her face, so all you could see were her large and shining emerald eyes.

The shade of bright pink hair was unmistakable.

For the first time in his life, Gaara let absolute and total shock cover his face.

He recovered quickly, however, covering his expression with his signature scowl.

'Just what the hell is does she think she's doing?' he thought fiercely.

Much to his surprise, she proceeded to answer his question as she began to dance, coming closer to his seat with every step.

Confusion rushed through him as he started to realize her intentions. This couldn't be happening… this shouldn't be happening. She was making a complete fool of herself and was involving him in the process. Sakura was a highly trained Konoha medic and her she was, half naked, dancing for the entertainment of a crowd. She should have more dignity than this! Something was seriously wrong with the world today…

He saw her glance at another dancer out of the corner of her eye. Following her gaze, he spotted Temari some distance away, facing another part of the crowd. The Suna kunoichi smiled at Sakura, signalling towards Gaara with a quick movement of her head, as if encouraging the pink haired medic.

So this was a plot against him and he was powerless to do anything! An all-consuming wrath started to swallow his entire being and he closed his eyes to try to control it. Feeling the nearby sand start to lift to surround him, he managed to swallow his ire and open his eyes.

Turning his green eyed glare towards Sakura, he let her know, in no small terms, that she was in very deep trouble. His raging emotions came to a complete halt, however, as he looked directly into her eyes, finding something completely unexpected.

Her emerald eyes were shining with mischief. She was enjoying herself, no doubt, but there was something else behind those eyes… something elusive. Suddenly Gaara realised she was serious about this whole thing…

Haruno Sakura was trying to seduce him.

The thought was so astonishing, it took Gaara a couple of minutes to process it.

By then, the dancing kunoichi had come even closer to his where he was sitting, moving her hips to the music, lifting her arms and hands to the rhythm, giving him an alluring view of her whole body.

She knew damned well what she was doing and beneath that veil, he knew she was smiling at his predicament.

In that moment, all of Gaara's bottled up hormones decided to make themselves known, as an anticipating thrill made its way up his spine. Glancing out of the corner of his eye towards the audience, he realized the whole crowd was mesmerized with the dancers and were concentrating on the girls directly in front of them. No one was looking his way.

'Two can play at this game', he thought.

Sitting back in mock comfort, he looked back at the tantalizing woman in front of him and offered her a wicked smile, daring her to continue. The message was clear:

Let's see what you've got.

Willingly rising to the challenge, Sakura returned the smile tenfold. Swinging her hips from side to side in rapid movements, she stepped closer to the Kazekage, turning slowly around as she went. Once she completed the turn, she slowed her approach, moving her tummy to the music.

Gaara tried to keep direct eye contact with her, but he found it was simply not possible. His gaze kept going downwards, as if the movements she was making were driving his eyes towards the most enticing parts of her body. Blood stirring with every sway of her hips, the red head allowed himself the pleasure of indulging in the beauty before him.

This show was meant just for him.

For the first time during the whole day, the Kazekage's complete attention was focused on the arena before him.

As the music played on, Gaara found he was entirely hypnotized by the dance she was offering. His gaze followed her every move, mesmerized at the ripple of her muscles as she danced. The grace with which she mastered the steps was astounding, trapping him more and more in the snare of her rhythm.

How he would just love to reach out and pull her close. To feel and caress that ivory skin, so deliciously exposed. To devour her mouth with his, to kiss her until she was breathless and begging for more. To wrap himself around her, losing himself in her smell, her taste, her touch… The intensity of his urges surprised him, but he was past caring.

The nearby sand responded to his disposition and lifted slowly towards Sakura. It stroked her skin softly, sending a jolt of surprise through the dancing kunoichi. Smiling maliciously, Gaara ordered the sand to bring her closer. Swirling tendrils formed behind her as she was gently, but firmly, pushed towards the red head.

Not one to break under pressure, Sakura kept dancing, encouraged by his smile. She went up the steps, finally reaching his chair. She was dancing so close, she was brushing the fabric of his Kazekage robe. At this distance, Gaara could clearly see the faint freckles sprinkled across her tummy, and when she turned around in her dance, he glimpsed the tiny dimples which formed at the small of her back. He had an urge to reach out and lick those small hollows with his tongue.

But she was turning around again, facing his way. Looking up into her emerald eyes, he saw exhilaration combined with desire in her gaze. That single look intoxicated him more than the whole performance she had given him. To know that his thoughts were hardly one-sided… to think she wanted him as well.

It was suddenly too much. The necessity to take her in his arms went beyond any rational thought. He reached out, planning to make her straddle his hips, but when he was about to grab her, she suddenly stepped back. In the confusion, his sand dispersed entirely, and with a quick spin, Sakura was kneeling in front of him, on the edge of the steps.

Belatedly, the Kazekage realised the performance had ended and the dancers were being cheered by the enthusiastic applause from the crowd. With a sudden jolt, Gaara was forced back into the real world and he remembered were he was and more specifically, who he was.

Cursing himself for his lack of control, he treated himself to the worst kind of insults he had ever heard. But his self-loathing was short lived, as he saw the pink haired kunoichi still kneeling before. Once more, it took him a few moments to comprehend what was happening and to realise that she was waiting for his appraisal or his rejection of her performance.

Taking a few calming breaths, he offered her an appreciative smile. He stood up, applauding her for her skills.

As she finally looked up at him, she smiled, the mischief still present in her eyes. He shot her a warning glance, letting her know she was still in trouble… more trouble than she could ever imagine.

How he would love to corner her later… in a dark place with no people around…

Chuckling to himself, Gaara allowed himself the release of his body's tension, relishing in the fantasies of what he would do to her.

Bowing politely, Sakura made her way off stage, forming a line with the other dancers. She threw him a casual glance over her shoulder, which only managed to increase Gaara's mirth.

Inwardly, he wondered if she would like to repeat her performance later on for him, in a more private setting. His sand would make quick work of the meagre clothes she was wearing.

As he sat back down, he was grateful to Sakura, for she had just given him images to entertain himself for the rest of the festival.

As the next performers made their way towards the arena, he casually wondered if he could put in a petition to make belly dancing Suna's national sport.

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