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"…why don't you finish what you started?"

His words reverberated throughout her whole body, pulsing their way throughout her limbs, sending chills of anticipation all the way from her ears down to the tips of her toes. Closing her eyes, Sakura sighed deeply, relishing in the effects the man in front of her was having on her body… and he hadn't even approached her.

Gaara was trying to intimidate her, throwing all his masculinity in her face, just to see if she would crumble underneath it. He had a manner of approaching his everyday life in such a way… smashing his would-be adversaries under a wave of his strength, until all people could do was surrender to his whims. She'd seen him do it countless of times, but she never imagined she would one day be a direct victim.

He was in for a surprise, however, if he thought he could intimidate Haruno Sakura into bed. Knowing he was used to getting his way, Sakura refused to play the role of the meek and submissive woman. It would be simply too sweet to teach him a lesson. She would have to remind him that she was the one to take the first step and therefore, things were going to get done her way.

Across the room, Gaara was thoroughly enjoying the way she was reacting… the way goose bumps rose on her skin wherever his sand touched her, the way her lips parted slightly at his caress, the way she closed her eyes in pleasure. She was falling right into his grasp… and it was a good thing too. Having had all day to work himself up into a frenzy of desire, his body was now thrumming with need. He didn't think he'd be able to wait a moment longer. Slowly, his sand started pulling Sakura closer to him.

But pink haired medic had plans of her own. As she came to a decision, the maniac laughter which had been threatening to engulf her all day made its way up her throat once more, but she managed to control it, effectively changing it into a seductive smile, baring her teeth just a little bit. Opening her eyes, fiery emerald engulfed jade, matching his intense stare with one of her own. Hesitating momentarily with this sudden intensity, Gaara let his sand drop from her body briefly.

It was the exact opening Sakura needed.

"Well, Kazekage-sama," she basically purred, "I'll show you what I have in mind."

Opening her medic robe in a single fluid motion, Sakura let it drop from her shoulders, revealing her belly-dancing outfit underneath.

For the second time that day, Gaara let shock filter through his face. Breath hissing through his teeth at the sudden exposure of skin, his eyes were directly drawn to her curves, reminding him of his need tenfold. Mesmerized by her body, he could do nothing but stare, as Sakura, in five fluid steps, crossed the room and was suddenly standing in front of him.

Chuckling at his reaction, Sakura took advantage of his momentary surprise and proceeded to straddle his hips, pressing her knees into the couch.

Smiling wickedly as she looked into his eyes, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Now, Kazekage-sama, how can I finish something I haven't even started?"

And with that, her mouth plunged over his in a fierce kiss.

Having prided himself for his good reflexes, Gaara didn't disappoint. His astonishment was short lived as he quickly realised that the object of his attention was now sitting on his lap… the place he'd wanted her to be since her performance that afternoon.

Embracing her forcefully, he crushed her against him, returning her kiss with intensity. His right hand fisted in her short cherry hair while his left arm slid around her waist. They explored each other's mouths thoroughly, discovering in the other's lips the salvation they both had been craving for all day long. Bringing her hands underneath his jaw, Sakura discovered he tasted like the wind… a cool, strong wind bringing its freshness to a scorching desert landscape. He was nothing less than intoxicating.

As their kiss continued, Gaara lost himself in the feel of her body on top of him. Imagining such scenarios didn't even come near to experiencing them first hand, and he found himself drowning in her fascinating smell. Vanilla, he thought fervently, she smells like vanilla. Growling softly at the thought, he crushed her even more towards him, relishing in the small whimper she gave.

After what seemed like an eternity, Sakura pulled up for air, but didn't manage to get very far, since Gaara's hold on her didn't loosen one bit. Smiling against his lips, she looked into his eyes, only to find an intensity she had never witnessed before. There was lust and need in his gaze, but there was also something else… something elusive… vulnerability? From the look in his eyes it seemed as if he expected her to bolt at any moment, and judging from his previous experiences with people, she couldn't blame him for it. Never thinking she would have to offer reassurance to Suna's most powerful shinobi, Sakura was once more amazed by the complexities of the man in her arms. However, she also knew he would never openly admit his distrust, so she would have to tread lightly.

He was looking at her keenly, as if trying to discern her thoughts by merely looking at her face… as if trying to decide if she was trustworthy. Not wanting for him to have any more doubts, Sakura wiggled slightly, trying to loosen his grasp. Responding only by tightening his arms around her, Gaara's forehead creased in suspicion.

Smiling reassuringly, Sakura placed soft butterfly kisses on his face, travelling from his chin to his cheeks to his temples. "Don't worry," she whispered softly in his ear, "I'm not going anywhere." And as if to prove her point, she took his earlobe in her mouth and bit down softly.

Feeling the responding twitch of his muscles, she made her way down his neck, kissing him thoroughly and licking his skin in all the right places. She found he had an extremely sensitive spot in the hollow where his neck met his shoulder and when her tongue flicked out, she felt his muscles spasm under her ministrations.

As the sensations she was creating echoed throughout his body, Gaara's temper reasserted itself. Taking her chin in his hands, he returned her lips to his mouth for another kiss. But this time it was different. Sakura could feel the intensity of his chakra swirling around them as he kissed her with all the passion in his being. She felt his hands exploring her body, leaving caresses in all the right places. He travelled over her breasts, her back, her tummy… until finally arriving to that sensitive spot between her legs. But his touches were too fleeting for her liking, and he left her wanting more. By the time he released her mouth, Sakura was completely breathless.

Smiling wickedly at her panting façade, Gaara relished in the look of need shining in her eyes. But he was nowhere near finishing. He would definitely enjoy watching her face when he took her over the edge… over and over again.

I wonder if her skin tastes like vanilla as well, he thought. Acting on the idea immediately, his tongue slid over her neck, sending Sakura's senses into chaos. Moaning incoherently, the pink haired kunoichi could only lose herself in the sensations he was creating, as she felt his tongue travel down her neck. But once he got to her shoulders, he didn't stop there… he continued down, until he reached the tops of her breasts, which were opportunely exposed due to her scant clothing. Chuckling evilly, Gaara buried his face in her cleavage.

Sucking her breath in through her teeth, Sakura could barely stand the pleasure as his tongue continued wreaked havoc on her senses. An intense throbbing was permeating all over her body and her mind was screaming for her to surrender to the man underneath her. But she couldn't allow herself to get sidetracked. Haruno Sakura was a woman who got what she wanted.

By the power of sheer will, she forced her hands into action. Nimble finger travelled down the length of Gaara's shirt and vest, unfastening them as they went. Too wrapped up in his actions to notice, the Kazekage continued to praise Sakura's body with his attention.

But he was far from being satisfied. Taking her lips into another fierce kiss, Gaara's hold on her tightened and he proceeded to stand up from the couch. Wrapping her legs more firmly around him, Sakura allowed herself to be lifted, never stopping the kiss they were engaged in as he walked slowly towards the bed. But before he could reach it, Sakura lowered her legs so she could stand, stopping his advance. Kissing him with even more passion, she slipped his upper garments off his shoulders, leaving him deliciously exposed from the waist up. Pressing herself up against his muscular chest and abdomen, she relished in the feel of his hot skin against hers as her hands travelled the length of his muscled back.

How a man could be built like this and not show it through his clothing was beyond her, but she was far from complaining. His muscles rippled underneath her touch, a reaction that was sending her arousal levels towards limits she hadn't thought possible. What was it about Gaara that drove her so crazy? Those were thoughts better left for a time when she was less occupied.

Elated in the feel of having her pressed up against his bare skin, Gaara was utterly surprised to find her agile fingers making their way underneath his trousers. Never thinking she would be so bold, he let out a mirthful chuckle, which only increased when she proceeded to find out that he wore nothing underneath his slacks.

Gasping in surprise, Sakura broke their kiss momentarily, only to look up at him with a raised eyebrow. How convenient, she thought.

"Never let it be said that Sabaku no Gaara wasn't prepared," he answered.

In response, Sakura made quick work of his trousers, unfastening them in a blink of an eye. Crushing herself against him for another kiss, she pushed him towards the bed's edge. Planning to take her with him as he fell backwards, Gaara's suddenly found only air in front of him as Sakura proceeded to untangle herself from his grasp with expert shinobi quickness.

Falling on the bed, the Kazekage lifted himself up on his elbows, irritation on his face. His eyes darkened as he looked up to find Sakura standing, arms crossed in front of her, looking at him smugly.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" she asked teasingly. "The Kazekage in my bed… oh forgive me, a very naked Kazekage in my bed." Laughing in mischief, Sakura congratulated herself for a job well done as she looked appreciatively over Gaara's exquisite body… it was quite a sight to behold.

Even though he enjoyed the lustful way she was looking at him, Gaara's temper kicked in with her teasing. She would have to learn that he was not a man to be trifled with.

Sand appearing suddenly around her, Sakura was powerless to stop its advance as the tendrils came closer to her and ripped her clothing off in one swift movement. Eliciting a small shriek of surprise, she reflexively brought her arms in front of her to cover her body. But she found she couldn't move them. The sand had her limbs in its grasp and was actually lifting them over her head, giving Gaara a tantalizing view of her whole naked figure.

"Two can play at that game", he told her mockingly, as he openly admired her body from his perch on the bed.

Sakura glared at him, letting him know he would pay for this as soon as he let his guard down. He would simply love to see her try.

The need to have her close to him reasserted itself tenfold, so he brought her directly to him with his sand, lifting her up and then depositing her next to him on the mattress. Rolling on top of her, he kissed her fiercely and Sakura could plainly feel his arousal on her thigh. Relishing in the feel of his skin, she lost herself in the world of pleasure they were both creating. Where he couldn't touch because his hands were busy else where, his sand would be there, caressing her skin just as attentively as he would. It was a completely new experience for her, to have her body caressed everywhere at every possible moment and it was needless to say that it gave a whole new meaning to the concept of 'sensual pleasure'. Vaguely, Sakura found herself wondering just what other things he would be able to do with his sand.

Gaara was completely lost in the feel of her around him. To be immersed in her smell, in the feel of her skin… it was all he had ever dreamed of and more. The sensations she was creating were alien to him in their intensity and he never thought it would be possible for him to have such powerful reactions towards a woman. But she was here and it was happening and he was engulfed in a sea of physical pleasure, under which he was positively drowning. But just like her, he had no intention of going anywhere.

Sakura gasped for breath for a moment when Gaara lifted his head briefly to survey his surroundings. "What is it?" she asked in a husky voice.

"Nothing," he answered haughtily. "I was just thinking that maybe we should have gone to my room. My bed is a lot bigger and I'm not sure if your bed is going to provide proper space for what I've got planned… but we can try it tomorrow night."

Letting out a small laugh in astonishment at his arrogance, Sakura tried to say something, but her lips were once more engulfed by Gaara's mouth, making her forget everything else except his dominant and masculine presence.


As light filtered in through the cracks of the curtains, Sakura opened her eyes slowly, waking from a delicious and gratifying dream. The sight of Gaara's chest under her cheek suddenly reminded her that parts of her dream had only been re-enactments of the events from the previous night.

Looking up at his face, she admired the look of peaceful rest which adorned his features, as he lay there with his eyes closed. Any other person would think he was sleeping, but she knew he was lost in deep meditation, a necessary exercise for him to get his needed rest.

Smiling blissfully, the pink haired medic snuggled against his skin, planning on going back to sleep in the comfort of his embrace.

But the silence was suddenly disrupted by a knock on the door.

Cracking one eye open, Sakura grimaced momentarily as she felt Gaara stir underneath her, his meditation disrupted. If the person who was knocking at the door knew what was good for them, they would leave now.

The knocking persisted.

Gaara's eyes opened instantly. His mind tried to discern what annoying noise had stirred him from his rest. There silence for a few seconds, but then he heard it… the knock on the door.

Growling loudly, he threw the covers away from him in a violent movement and stood up abruptly. Sakura's head landed with a jolt on the mattress, as her would-be pillow stalked his way towards the door, muttering curses underneath his breath.

Even though he didn't actually sleep, Gaara didn't particularly like to be "awakened" from his meditation by anybody. His mind and body would come to complete consciousness on their own accord when they deemed it ready, so he didn't want anybody disturbing him before that. To say he wasn't a morning person would be a huge understatement.

Sakura prepared herself for the assault.

Opening the door with enough force to almost tear it from its hinges, Suna's Kazekage proceeded to yell.


Takeshi, the genin who was assigned to wake Sakura every morning at the same hour, froze as the unexpected and intimidating figure of his enraged leader met him at the door.

Blood draining instantly from his face, the young shinobi showed unimaginable courage as he managed to look Gaara directly in the eye. But Takeshi found it was a big mistake. The rage reflected in his jade orbs threatened to engulf him and in a wise act of self-preservation, the genin squeaked a quick apology and made his way down the hall at full running speed.

Still growling as he slammed the door shut, Gaara stopped in front of the bed when he found Sakura sitting up, trying to stifle her giggles.

"And what's so freaking funny?" he asked angrily.

"Nothing," she managed to answer in her mirth. "But I do wish you luck when you try to put an end to the rumours that you assaulted a young genin… completely naked."

His face showed confusion for a moment, before his eyes drifted down towards his body, where he found he was dressed only in his own skin. In his anger, Gaara had briefly forgotten where he was and what he had been doing.

Unsuccessfully trying to keep her humour in check, Sakura let out a gleeful laugh as another wave of anger washed over his face at his carelessness.

"SHIT!" the Kazekage exclaimed.

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