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Chapter 2: Ice's Maiden

Mannen leapt from the well's edge and landed lightly on the ground. He was very glad that he decided to change his costume from what it used to be. Personally, the Ice Knight hated the tights of his old uniform. He reflected briefly on the fact that everyone had except Sasame, Hayate, and Go altered their uniform in some way.

The ice haired teen decided to head west seeing that the sun was still rising behind him. He tried to ignore the fact that he seemed to be being pulled in that direction. Mannen shook his head at thinking such foolishness. Nothing can draw a Leafe Knight to it unless it was stealing Leafe.

Mannen looked up sharply. Now that he noticed, the surrounding foliage seemed…dead somehow. Despite the green generated by chlorophyll, the flora lacked Leafe. The Knight of Ice set off in a run towards the west, where the source of the stolen Leafe was. Boosted by his abilities as a knight, Mannen reached the disturbance in record time. A demon larva was sucking up all the Leafe in the area. Beside it lay an unconscious girl wearing a short blue and gray kimono.

The teen didn't waste any time. He had to hurry or else that girl would die from the constant draining of the demon larva. Mannen quickly blanketed the area in fine layer of ice and snow.

"Hey, you! Want Leafe? Come and get it from the source!" Mannen shouted in an attempt to get the larva's attention.

His plan worked as the tool of Fenril charged him. Mannen dodged the strike to the left and threw a jagged icicle at it. The creature managed to dodge some, but was still hit. The wound immediately healed.

Damn it, this thing has regenerative abilities. It's most likely drawing power from the Leafe it's gathered so far. I have to end this quick. That girl is already starting to fade.

Mannen gathered his strength and summoned the Ice Arcebus. Brandishing the giant icicle, the Knight of Ice charged at the demon larva. He took aim and launched the weapon at the "eye" of it. The demon larva shattered and faded as the Leafe it stole returned to the area around it.

The girl Mannen saved started to solidify and awaken. When her eyes opened, Mannen knew he was trapped. Those pools of dark chocolate were trying to drown him, he knew, but the ice knight couldn't look away. She had slightly messy black hair; on one side was a small ponytail. Mannen began to blush—despite his indifferent mask—when he noticed that he was caught staring. He turned to leave, but the girl had grabbed his sleeve.

"Don't leave me! What if that thing shows up again?" The girl's eyes were filled with fear as she held tight to Mannen's billowy sleeve.

"You have nothing to worry about, I destroyed it. There's no chance of another showing up." Mannen made sure that his voice was as emotionless as possible.

The girl sighed in relief the shot him an irritated look. "Do you have to be so cold? I swear, you're worse than Sesshoumaru-papa when I first met him!"

"Your point?"

"Humph, atashi wa Rin, you?"

"Mannen. If you don't mind, I have to get going." He again tried to turn and leave.

"Rin! Rin , where are you, you fool girl!" A squawky voice called from the down the path.

"Oh no, it's Jaken! I'm really going to be in trouble now." Rin's hands covered her face as she groaned in resignation.


A short, green, toad like thing came into view. It carried a large wooden staff with two heads and wore a brown haori and hakama set. Mannen stared at it in incredulity. His hands were glowing a pale blue color as he readied his power in case this thing was dangerous.

"There you are, girl! Sesshoumaru-sama has been in a fit since you disappeared from the grounds."

"I'm sorry, Jaken-san, but I really wanted to go for a walk through the forest." Rin shuffled her feet and looked guiltily at the ground.

"More like your flower picking drew you away if past actions are any indicator. You know that weird youkai have been showing up and it's not safe anymore. Sesshoumaru-sama would have my head if you were hurt."

Mannen decided to step in a help the girl out of this spot of trouble. "She is safe now; that is all that matters. Rin-san is lucky that I sensed the demon larva and got here in time before it had drained all of her Leafe." His voice was as monotonous as always.

Jaken turned a suspicious, bulbous yellow eye to the Ice Knight. "Just who are you? I have never seen you in these parts before."

"My name is Mannen, Leafe Knight of Ice, defender of all Life."

"He saved my life! I don't know how he did it, but he destroyed the thing that attacked me." Rin made a show of latching on to one of her savior's arm. One of her hands interlocked with the shocked Knight's own.

All of a sudden there was a blinding flash of light blue light. When it faded, Rin's kimono had turned into a Roman style toga of light blue silk. There was a snowflake pin that held the strap of the toga up. A crown of lilies circled her head and her raven hair had streaks of silvery blue running through it. Mannen had also changed somewhat. His jagged cape instead of reaching his waist now stretched to the floor. His hakama style pants were now light blue instead of white. A white gold crown with an intricately crafted snowflake in the center rested lightly on his head.

"What the heck!" Rin exclaimed as she examined the changes.

Mannen's eyes were uncharacteristically wide as he stared at the girl. "It's not possible. They're supposed to be a myth. Never in all my incarnations had any of us found them. We thought Leafen was trying to make us feel better…"

"What are you rambling about, boy?" Jaken squawked in annoyance.

Mannen coldly glared at him. "I'm talking about the Maidens of Leafe. Leafen, the ruler of Leafeania, told the first Leafe Knights, the current Knights' incarnations, that we would one day meet a woman compatible with our element. That woman, when our hands touch in the manner of a Knight and Pretear, would then become a Maiden of Leafe. Apparently Rin is the Maiden of Ice and technically married to me."

"MARRIED! Finally! I thought I was going to die an old maid." Rin sighed and leaned against her new husband. Mannen's left eye twitched slightly.

"Sesshoumaru-sama is not going to be pleased with this development. Follow me, I have to take Rin back to milord anyway."


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