Chapter 1

Hello, again

Mulder frowned at his clock as he sat up sluggish. He rubbed his eyes roughly as he looked at his clock once more.

8:00 a.m.

He shook his head, almost disappointed in himself for seeing things. He sat up in his water bed then made his way toward the bathroom. Brushing his teeth he peered at himself, he obviously needed to shave, and a haircut would do a lot for him too. After finishing his teeth he gleamed a smile in the mirror. He wouldn't admit it, but he liked Hoover's idea of the 'perfect agent' in the perfect clothes, with the nice hair and bright white teeth.

After another half hour he wrapped his coat around his nice suit and headed for the door. He paused before making it through the doorway, glancing at his clock.

Do it.

He looked back over at his clock once more.

8:45 a.m.


Mulder appeared in his door way quietly, startling Scully. She quickly set down the picture of Samantha that she had been looking at on his desk, then stood out of his seat.

"No, stay" He sat down in the chair in the front of his desk. He wasn't used to that side and it took him a minute to reach comfortable. After what seemed a few minutes of silence Scully re-opened the manila file on the desk.

"A friend presented this case to me, I thought you'd appreciate it most."

"What's it about?" he asked leaning forward in his chair, quietly turning on the small television that he recently purchased.

"Vampire-like case. According to the information the local police gave my friend, there's a man who's been, well, apparently taking in children and giving them shots…"

Do it.

Mulder quickly looked at the TV again, focusing his attention on the white letters above the black background. Scully continued to ramble on about the case, not noticing his distraction.

She's stopping you.

Do it.

The words continued to flash on the TV. Mulder frowned now, confused by the words. Were they about Scully? What was she stopping him from?

"Mulder?... Mulder?" Scully looked at him with her eye brows raised, "did you hear anything I just said?"

Mulder bit his lower lip, not sure what was going on, "I'll be right back." He got up abruptly and departed the small basement. He stepped on to the elevator and headed for the second floor, he could use a bite to eat.

Reaching one of the small lunch rooms he noticed no one was there. Just what he needed, someplace to think and be alone. He locked the door from inside and found a sandwich in the refrigerator. After sitting down and engulfing the sandwich, hungrier then he thought, he sat there taking in deep breaths. His eyes roamed around the small room while he thought, he didn't understand what the words meant, or how they got there. He glanced at the microwave.

9:50 a.m.

He frowned gripping his head in his hands then looking at it again.

It's time.

Mulder frowned, afraid to take his eyes off the machine. He slid around the end of the table and stood as closely as he could to the microwave.

Ask her.

"Ask her what?" Mulder questioned out loud.

Tell her to stay late.

"Then what?"

Do it.

"Do what?" Mulder shouted now.

Kill her.

"What?" Mulder's voice was soft now, afraid and shaky.

It's the only way.

Kill her.


Mulder wanted to object, his mouth slightly opened then closed again. He didn't know what to think, he didn't understand why he needed to kill his partner. His thoughts were interrupted by Scully who was outside the room. She shook the doorknob, some how she knew he was in there.

Mulder looked over at the door with darkness in his eyes. He glared, she could almost feel the rays through the door.

"Mulder, are you ok?" She asked with a shaky voice, "Mulder?" He opened the door with less of a glare, knowing that what he had to do had to be done efficiently. He smiled pulling Scully into the room. She didn't like him being so forceful with her, but didn't say anything. He grabbed her wrist tightly and forced her against the wall, slamming the door with his foot. She hit her head harder then she thought she would, cringing in pain.

"Mulder what's going on?" She asked a bit confused. Mulder looked deeply into her eyes, he could see the reflection of words from the microwave still: KILL HER

He lightly put his hand on cheek, placing his other hand on her hip. Scully frowned as he took a step closer.

"Mulder, what are you doing?" Scully tried her best to stay as close to the wall as she could, she didn't understand quite what Mulder wanted.

He licked his lips gently then took a step closer, Scully's mouth dropped open slightly. He tilted his head and brought his lips against hers.

At first the kiss was slow and Mulder slid his hand to the bottom of her jacket. Scully couldn't help but lose herself. She closed her eyes letting her mind slip away from the lunch room, letting her senses down as he brought his mouth closer and deeper in to hers.

She had worked so hard to keep her feelings bottled up, always dismaying the urge to do what he was doing now. She didn't know what had brought it all on but she couldn't help but want more. As much as she fought with her inner demons, trying to decide if this was right or not, Mulder had his own agenda in mind.

Slowly his kiss began rougher, as much as it hurt Scully still wanted it. She wanted to feel him so close that it hurt. Soon she felt a salty taste in her mouth and Mulder pulled his lips from hers slowly. She noticed blood from her lips stained his lower lip. A bead of blood dripped off his lip as she watched him out of breath.

He turned his head away from her slowly peering at the microwave.

10:15 a.m.

Mulder released his hand from her hip and walked over to the microwave. Scully licked the blood off her lips, lightly touching her finger to the swell on her bottom lip. She frowned after she realized he was reading what the microwave said.

He watched it carefully waiting for the flashing time to change. It did.

Not yet.