The year was after colony 199 Heero was enjoying himself he was now nineteen and was thinking of Relena and dose off!

Somewhere on earth……

"have you seen this man" said a girl "no I have not" "damn thanks anyway" she said and went to another man and that man was dun dun dun dun duuuuuun Duo 'am I looking at Heero no it's not Heero I am looking at I'm looking at a girl' he thought "have you seen this man?" she said to him

(pov duo Maxwell)

She showed me a picture of Heero "Heero" I said quietly " What? Did you say Heero? That's who I'm looking for!" she was looking for Heero "yes I did say Heero" I said to her "what is your name?" I asked "Lisa, and what is yours?" she replied "duo" I said comely.

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