CHAPTERN #2 Reunion
(pov Heero yue)
`I feel ill but I have to go to the reunion tomorrow'
I said to myself as I fell back to sleep,
it was a cold and dreamless sleep.
(pov Duo Maxwell)
It was Quatre's idea to have the reunion in the first place
but we all thought it was a good idea we had not seen each otherin
a long time. I was sitting watching the news
when the story of a sickness came on
I had known about it for a long time it was called
loneridess and it was a serious illness if you got even
a small case that of course would not kill
you but you would be pretty damn sick.
The day arrived and I went to the spot
I was the only one of us who would not be traveling
to get there at least not much Loneridess is not
common where I am currently living at the time.
Not much time had passed when Heero came
he didn't look to good I just hoped it was not loneridess
"Hey" I said "hello" then Quatre came
"hi Duo, Heero how are you doing?" "fine"
I replied just then a girl with purple hair and green eyes appeared
"hello my name is Liz" she was pretty
"Liz is, well you see were how can I say this.."
She said what I think he was trying to say
"were engaged" it was so wonderful I did not notice Quatre blush
"when's the wedding?" I asked
" we don't know, I just proposed to her a week ago"
"when did she say yes?" " one second after I asked"
"hi" it was Trowa "how is it im the last one"
Wufei had come Liz told them the news when I noticed Heero
fall and start sweating he had it Heero had loneridess......

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