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September 2nd

Classes began today. Alex says that I am a complete nerd to be so happy about it. If she was in my shoes, she would be happy too. Classes mean Homework, which means no Black! I can keep my self occupied – at least I hope so. Black isn't really the type to do homework, is he?( Though, I have no clue how he is passing... with flying colours!)

Other then that, nothing was really new today.

September 4th

My gosh, today I have had the worst day of my life!!

It all started when I woke up this morning. I went to finish the last couple pages of the book I was reading. (The chapter book I had started on the train) when I found it in RUINS! Alex's poor excuse for a cat had torn it up. I had fixed it with a simple spell, but that was beside the point. After a row about that, we quickly went on with the day.

Next, at post time, I got a care package from mum that was completely ruined! The sugar quills she packed were broken, and slightly sodden. They must have been traveling again and sent the owl through the rain. I shall have to wait for next package, as drying charm just ruined them more. Curses.

Even Potions, my favorite class, could not cheer me up. That idiot Black was sitting in front of me the whole time, laughing as he messed up his potion. Alex was beside me, stealing glances at Remus. She ended up messing up her potion as well. I of course had to help. I think she had merely grabbed the wrong ingredient. Well, serves her right for having her attentions elsewhere.

Finally, the Professor had enough of the goofballs in front of me. When he goes to call them out, he mistakes the culprit! He accuses Potter and Black, and not Lupin. Of course, Alex couldn't stand that. She stood up for him, but then was faced with the dilemma of snitching on her friend. She ended up taking the blame for it. The bell then rang, and no one finished the potion.

I quickly packed up and went outside. I of course, would have to wait for Alex while she got her Detention… nothing I wasn't use to. Remus made small talk with me as we waited. When he saw Alex coming, he walked over to her, talking to her alone. Sirius took the opportunity to talk to me alone. James and Peter, whom had been waiting for him, saw his look and took the hint, going on to class without him. He leaned against the wall, smirking.

"Hey Girlie, What's up?"

"What does it matter to you?" I ask calmly, then sigh. "You never can avoid detention, can you?"

His smile widens.

"Not when someone as pretty as you is in my class. I'm a total show-off… is it working?"

I roll my eyes.

"When hell freezes over and Snape marries a muggle…"

"I dunno…" he says smirking wickedly. " It is getting' colder in this hellhole… and I hear that Snape got it on with Alex's mom…"

In that instant, I was totally taken aback. It must have show on my face. I couldn't stop myself before I let out a laugh. It was totally uncharacteristic, but in a moment I recover.

"You know, you're adorable when you laugh..." Sirius commented smirking.

Finally I manage to say something.

"Focus on your grades first lamebrain…"

Finally Alex comes out to save me.

"See ya later Dru." Sirius says while walking away with a wink.

I shudder and turn to Alex. Normally, I would be keen on getting to class on time, but right now, all I could focus on was putting space between me and Black. I have no idea why, but he unnerved me.

"Lamebrain?" I scoff. I could think of so much better. We headed off to Charms. I couldn't focus. I went to our new teacher, Professor Flitwik and asked if I could leave early, complaining of a headache. He gave me my assignment and let me leave.

In truth, I was forming a headache. The events of today were taking it's toll.

End of Chapter 2

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