Title: FAKE

Author: didi quanquan

Rating: M

Summary: Harry starts his first day at his new Precinct and meets his partner. Let the fun begin... mwuahahahaa...

Warnings: Slashy goodness and profane utterings. :D

Disclaimer: Don't own. Nope, not Harry Potter, nor FAKE, which is the wondrous creation of Sanami Matoh. I bow down to her genius.

New York Police Department. 27th Precinct

The officer on duty in the reception hall eyed the stack of faxes that had just come in and sighed. It was going to be a busy day. Already the first floor was full of vagabonds protesting their innocence, sitting in sullen silence or baiting their escorts. The latter obviously had more than their fair share of stupidity. Amongst the hum ofthe computer terminalsand several ringing telephones, she heard Nott approach her from behind. Probably to enquire about the schedule he adhered to with almost religious fervor.

"Parkinson, has the new officer come in yet? Some newbie assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit?"

She rolled her eyes before turning to her friend. "No, Theodore, you bureaucratic moron. He still has twenty minutes to get here. And even so, the Chief is busy chewing out Draco in his office, so I doubt he'll remember anything about anyone."

"Shut up, Pansy. Give me some semblance of professionalism, at least. Honestly, I don't how you ended up working here." Theodore scowled at her half-heartedly before leaning against the desk with a groan.

"This job will be the death of me yet. Why oh why didn't I ever listen to Mother dearest of mine and her priceless advice?" His theatrical moans were accompanied by a dramatic flourish. "Here I labour, day and night; sorting through the paper jungle those ungrateful, inconsiderate buffoons leave at my desk…"

He let his hand fall limply against his forehead and heaved an almighty sigh. Pansy was unimpressed by his posturing but held back a grin at the ridiculous picture he made. "The boss is here."

Theodore leapt up to attention, pushed his chestnut hair back into place and straightened his tie in two seconds flat, trying to appear as unruffled and calm as if he had not been goofing off for the past five minutes.

He cleared his throat in a businesslike manner and looked up, only to find no Chief in sight and Pansy giggling uncontrollably by his side. Properly miffed, he thwacked her with a sheaf of papers and sniffed. "You mock me in my moment of darkest despair!"

Still snorting, Pansy asked mischievously, "What despair? All I see is an ass possibly suffering from a severe case of hemorrhoids, judging by the all that pained moaning. And what advice did your mother give you anyway?"

"I don't know, I never listened. And I'll give you hemorrhoids in a minute, you catty little…"

Their playful bickering was not disturbed in the least by the glass door to the Precinct sliding open. Nor did they notice a young man walking up to the counter and watching their interaction bemusedly. In fact, it took three polite "Excuse me"s for them to finally notice they had a job to do.

Looking up slowly like a deer caught in headlights, Pansy attempted to salvage her professional act, despite the tatters the man had found it in.

"Yes?" Grr… Of all the things to happen…

The man handed her his papers silently, looking like he was fighting the urge to laugh. She skimmed the pages and realized that he was the newbie Theodore had mentioned. Great first impression he must have gotten, she thought wryly. Hmm, Name: Harry Potter, Age: 23, not bad. Complete hottie, too. Well, well. Checking the signatures on his documents, she signed him in and handed the papers back. Jokes aside, she was an efficient officer.

"Okay, you're all set here, Mr. Potter. Now you just need to check in with the Investigation Chief, Sirius Black. His office is the one right at the end of the hall over there," she said, flashing him a smile.

"Thanks." He gave her a relieved smile.

"You're very welcome. Oh, and by the way, Harry, just don't forget to ask me out sometime when you're free, okay? My name's Pansy." She winked at him flirtatiously and watched him pause uncertainly, then grin.

"Umm, yeah. I'll be sure to do that, Pansy." He really was adorable. Very innocent too, if that was anything to go by, she mused as he walked down the hall. Things are going to get very interesting.

"Lining up dates already, eh, Pansy?" Theodore snickered.

"Oh, don't you start…"

Harry stopped in front of the door Pansy had pointed out. Slightly nervous as one would be, he hoped his meeting with the Chief would go well. He wanted to work here. The 27th Precinct, famous for its narcotics division. It was also infamous amongst crooks for the calibre of its cops. Harry hoped he was up to standard.

He really had nothing to worry about, though. He was easily the best sniper on the police force, but was quite oblivious to this fact. Typical.

Knocking on the door, he received no answer. Hearing voices from inside, he opened it slightly and stuck his head in. Too weird. I hear voices but…


"Ack!" Harry almost jumped a foot in the air. What?

"How many times do I have to yell this into your freaking ears before it sinks into your sad excuse for a brain? Are you even paying attention? Dammit, Draco!"

Another voice drawled, "I'm listening, I'm listening,"

Harry opened the door a little wider to see a man in a long black ponytail behind a desk looking murderous, and a younger man with white-blond hair standing carelessly before him. True, it didn't look like he was paying much attention at all…

"Uhh, excuse me…" Harry ventured, praying he wouldn't be earbashed as well.

This caught the Chief's attention and he turned to see an apprehensive Harry ready to bolt. "Huh? What the heck do you want?"

Harry gathered his nerve, stood to attention and saluted. "My name is Harry Potter, sir. I've been assigned to your Criminal Investigations Unit as of today."

"Oh, a new recruit, huh? Now that you mention it, I vaguely recall something about somebody coming in today..."

In other words, you forgot, right?

Harry was seriously rethinking his new Precinct's reputation as he saw the blonde man sneaking off now that the Chief was occupied.

"And where the hell do you think you're going, dumbass? Stop right there, Draco!"

Draco froze and turned slowly with a charming grin. "Well, you're obviously a bit busy so I thought it would be in your best interests if I returned to my investigatory duties, sir, and –"

"Give it up. You're not going anywhere." Harry was impressed.

"Hey rookie."

"It's Harry, sir."

"All right, Harry… Meet your new partner. Ask him to show you the ropes. Just don't do anything stupid, like following his example." Sirius leaned back in his chair and inwardly smirked at the twin expressions of horror on their faces.

Draco wasted no time. "Wh- What? Why the heck do I get stuck taking care of the new child, huh?"

Child? Harry bristled.

Sirius completely ignored Draco and lit a cigarette, simply saying "Have fun kid. Remember to take good care of him." Bwahahahaa…

Draco stalked down the hall with Harry matching his pace, muttering darkly. "Freakin old badger. The Chief's probably laughing his ass off in there," etc etc.

Growing tired of Draco's mumbling, Harry broke in. "You know, I'd appreciate it if you'd retract that 'child' comment… Mr. Malfoy."

"Huh?" Draco looked up and realised he was totally ignoring the raven-haired man.

"You can't call someone a child who's been around the block for more than twenty years now." Harry explained patiently, as Draco looked a little lost.

"Ooh, you mean that 'new child' deal?" Draco chuckled. "Sorry man, my bad, kay? Look, amongst us guys we call all the rookies 'new children' alright? Don't get worked up about it. At any rate, the name's Draco Malfoy. Call me Draco."

"Harry Potter, nice to meet you." And it's not like I was getting worked up about it or anything…

Draco gave the new detective a sidelong glance. Ooh, quite the looker here, aren't we, Harry? Shamelessly ogling the raven-haired man, Draco looked him over expertly. Mm, nicely rumpled hair, gorgeous eyes, sensitive face… And a very, very nice build. Draco smirked to himself. A delectably innocent lad, ay?

Then Draco caught sight of something partially obscured by Harry's fringe. Leaning in closer, he brushed the strands of hair away and saw a curiously shaped scar. He didn't miss Harry's inhalation of breath at his proximity.

Like a lightning bolt. "Huh. What happened here?"

Rubbing his neck self-consciously, Harry replied, "It's from a car accident."

"Must've been a nasty one." Harry looked up at Draco's eyes, surprised. His stormy gaze was piercing and Harry looked away.

"Heh, I guess you can say that." Harry continued walking, flustered. The blonde cop grinned. Man, he blushes easily. I think... this job will get very interesting. Grinning, Draco stopped him.

"Welcome to the 27th Precinct, Harry." Draco smiled and winked, holding out a hand.

Harry shook it, smiling back. Draco's grasp was warm and firm, and for the first time since arriving, he felt at ease.

I don't know how to completely explain it, but…For being overly friendly, borderline obnoxious and in-your-face…

There was something about Draco that made him impossible to hate. Perhaps if I had met him earlier... before he learnt to wear his arrogance well... I wouldn't feel that way, but...

Draco marched on, chattering away, oblivious to Harry's train of thought. "And remember, bro… If you got any questions, any questions at all, just ask me, alright? Of course, that'll get annoying real fast, but oh well."

Something about him drew a person to him.

And that, I think, was my first impression… My very first impression of Draco, my new partner.

Broken out of his reverie by a casual arm slung around his shoulder, Harry tuned in to hear the last of Draco's monologue: "Oh, and I'm counting on you to take care of the paperwork… Especially the ones that follow my non-frequent misunderstandings with procedure, kay partner?" Mwuahahahaa…

"How about we just don't have any 'misunderstandings' in the first place then? Hmm?" Nice try. Harry snickered.


"But Haaaaaaarry…" Draco continued to whine all the way to their shared office and Harry refused to give in, to both his demands and the urge to laugh like a cracked maniac at his partner.

"Alright, this is the case I've been working on." Draco tossed several photographs on Harry's desk and leaned against it as he outlined the case. Harry had settled into his new office immediately. It was a nice place, with a large window, filing cabinets lining the walls and their desks in the middle, pushed together and facing each other.

"The guy's name is Dick Goldman. We know he's a resident of the slum district but that's about all we have for now. As you can see, he obviously didn't dazzle the neighbours since he's been riddled with bullets. Which means, needless to say, we're dealing with a homicide."

Harry looked through the bloody images. Riddled with bullets is right…Goldman is barely recognisable.

"Here's the tricky part though. The dudes who did this to him… Well, they're not the type you'd invite around for a Lion's Club potluck dinner, y'know?" Draco lit up a cigarette and leaned back.

"So they're some kind of criminal organization?" That explains the brutal killing… but why?

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. It seems that Dick here was a freelance transporter dealing in narcotics. We suspect something went wrong during his last transaction and... kabang." Draco mimed two guns pointing at his head. "That's all she wrote."

Harry turned the facts over in his head. "A hit?"

"In a lovely coincidence, his final client…" Draco rummaged carelessly through the mess of documents on his desk as Harry looked on, wincing at the new creases everything acquired. "Also happens to be part of a drug smuggling ring we've been chasing for some time now."

Draco slid two photos over to Harry, noting that the brunette bit his lip while in thought, a cute habit. "Here's the leader of our little ring, Richard Feldman. His group is not the most powerful of the bunch, but they've got some major connections to big fish out there. If we somehow manage to bring these guys down, we'll be gaining a solid foothold for our future narcotics-related investigations."

Harry propped his chin up and mused. "A homicide soured by drugs…"

Draco smirked and struck a pose. "Hey! Take it easy bro! It's just your first gig. And besides, you got me as your partner so no worries, okay?" Nya nya nya…

"The only thing I'm worried about is you, but…"

Draco stiffened as Harry trailed off and his green-eyed gaze darted towards the door. A split second later, the door burst open and a small figure on rollerblades jumped through, skating furiously.

"What the..." Draco was on his feet.

A harried-looking officer appeared in the doorway. "Draco, it's all you, man. Get him!"

"Great, Dean." Draco muttered before his hand shot out, grabbing the boy's jacket and pulling him backwards and securing him in a tight grip.

"Better quite while you're ahead, kid." Harry watched the maneouver calmly, having not budged from his seat. The look in Draco's eyes as he caught the kid… He was probably one who enjoyed a good chase. Little did Harry know how right he was. He was too busy appraising Draco's speed. Nice reflexes. I may have met my match. He stood now, striding over to the boy. "Here. I'll look after him."

Draco flopped down gracefully in a chair in the resting room. He picked up a mug of coffee that was lying there and gratefully took a sip. It was Dean's, but the dark panther-like officer couldn't be bothered to say anything. Firstly because Draco probably already knew, but mostly because the snarky blonde wouldn't give a flying… yes. Ahem.

"What was the deal with the kid, huh, Dean?" Draco snickered. "How'd you manage to lose him in a police building?"

Dean flushed. "I guess they brought him in for questioning but he freaked out when they asked him to identify his father's body."

His father's body? But that means…

"He's Dick Goldman's son!"

"Yeah." Dean sighed.

"I see…" Draco took another sip, eyes hooded.

"Speaking of which, where'd he go?" Don't wanna lose that bugger again… There'd be hell to pay if Sirius found out he had lost the kid once.

"Oh, him?" Draco continued chugging back the black liquid, completely unconcerned.

Dean rolled his eyes. "No, my monkey aunt's grandfather," he muttered beneath his breath.

"He's cool. Someone's just keeping an eye on him now. And I heard that."

"Ack." Dean glared at Draco. "Unnatural bastard."

"Thank you kindly." Draco finished off the rest of the mug and tossed it to Dean. "Good stuff you had there." He grinned manically and gestured to the sink. "Might wanna wash it up now."

"…" Dean's hand twitched, itching to throttle the cocky blonde.

Before the coffee-deprived cop found himself in possession of a murder rap, Draco sauntered off, clapping him on the shoulder. "I'm just going to go check on Harry now. Cheers!"

With that, the object of Dean's frustration was gone and he was alone in the room with an empty coffee mug. He looked at it dolefully. "And here I thought it was safe to enjoy a cup with Draco around…"


"Want some hot chocolate? Bikky?" Harry looked at the little boy sitting on the chair before him. The boy was an interesting mix of creamy brown skin, slate grey eyes and blonde hair. He was dressed in a scruffy jacket and jeans and was still wearing the pair of rollerblades. A cap was pulled down over his eyes, obscuring any view of his face. Sighing, he set down the two mugs he was carrying.

"Look, Bikky… I know this is painful, but… I was wondering about your dad." Harry looked at the figure and noticed a slight trembling. Ah… now I get it. Harry smiledsadly in understanding.

"Just because you're a boy doesn't mean you have to keep this bottled up, Bikky. I cried the entire day I lost my parents. I was eighteen." Harry knelt in front of Bikky's chair, lifting up the brim of his cap. He's still… so young…

Bikky spoke for the first time, voice shaking. "Well, I'm not gonna cry! I'm… not…" The boy gritted his teeth, fighting back tears.

Harry looked at him, a depth of compassion in his jade eyes not many people possessed. "You're very strong, aren't you?"

The raven-haired officer took off Bikky's cap and swept the dark blonde-haired boy in a tight hug as the tears started to fall. As he sobbed into Harry's crisp white business shirt, Harry rubbed his back, murmuring all the while.

Outside in the hallway, Draco watched the scene from a window, a tiny smile on his lips. How sweet is that. He saw Bikky draw back and scrub his tear-stained face on his sleeve, avoiding eye-contact with Harry. He was probably embarrassed, but Harry would deal with that. Sure enough, Harry said something and Draco watched Bikky smile. Alright, time to bust this touching moment.

Walking in carelessly as if he had just arrived, Draco leaned against the doorframe. "Yo, Harry. Interrogation time."

Harry smiled at his partner. "Yes, Draco. Interrogation. For heaven's sake, he's a kid."

Draco glowered. "And he's from the 'hood! Kid he may look, but come on."

Rolling his eyes, Harry smirked. "Hmm, you're probably right. Even though he looks like a kid, he's probably more mature than you'll ever be. Come on, Biks." Taking the boy's hand, he walked off, calling Draco to hurry up over his shoulder.

Bikky turned his head and stuck his tongue out at the cloud-eyed officer as he followed Harry. "Pbbht!"

Looking downat Bikky, the officernoted band-aids on his elbows and knees, sneakers and of course, the tongue stuck out at Draco. Bikky did indeed look like a kid, but was obviously hardened and overly-mature for his age. Harry caught a glimpse of two studs and one small hoop in his left ear. Yep. Probably from the conditions the boy grew up in...

Draco watched them incredulously, taking in theway Harry was looking at Bikkyand couldn't help but feel left out. Oh, it be war now, you twerpy beeyutch. He hurried to follow them, however.

Slamming his forearms down on the desk with a high-watt lamp behind him, Draco adopted the classic POW interrogation stance. "So, I'm gonna ask you again. Where were you the night your father was killed?"

Harry fought a laugh at his prissy partner's posing. Bikky wasn't impressed either, if the way he only looked at Harry was any indication.

"Don't look at him! Just answer the question, kid!" Are you even listening to me, you little brat? Draco wasn't happy.

"What's your name?" Bikky asked Harry.

"Huh?" Harry looked up from his notepad where he was supposed to be making notes, except there wasn't a whole lot to make notes on.

"Look here, kid, I'm the one asking the questions, not you!" Draco was livid, and was narrowly stopped from leaping at Bikky by Harry. Smiling at Bikky and pretending he wasn't restraining someone with the emotional maturity of a three-year old, Harry answered, "My name's Harry Potter and this is Draco Malfoy, Bikky."

"Where'd you get that scar?" Harry snickered at Draco. "They say great minds think alike…" Succeeding in placating the hissing and spitting blonde, he answered the boy." And it was from a car accident."

Draco looked up from the chair Harry had dumped him in, pouting. "Shuddup, you."

Bikky leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms behind his head. "Well then, Harry, I'll tell you everything I know."

"What?" Both cops looked up, Harry in confusion and Draco with murderous intent.

Pointing at Draco, Bikky glared. "But not you!"

Draco leaped, again, only to be restrained by Harry, again. "G-geez, Draco, calm down! You're gonna let a kid ruffle your feathers?"

"Grr… You watch me!"

"Draco! Put that down! Draco!"

"I'm gonna get you, you snotty little-"


"I haven't even touched you yet, monkey boy!"

"Yeah! I'd like to see you try, you creepy old geezer!"

"Gods, both of you!"

Quite a while later…

"So, according to Bikky, Dick Goldman left his house alone and simply didn't come back." Harry handed everyone a copy of the notes taken during the…interrogation.

The Chief was in the office Harry and Draco shared along with Dean and a couple of other people interested in the case.

"So in other words, we got squat, right?" Draco had been calmed down by Harry and was now sitting quietly (or as quietly as Draco could ever sit anywhere).

"We'll need a bit more than freakin nothing to close this one, so expect a bit of overtime on this starting tomorrow, lads." Sirius was watching Harry and Draco shrewdly and knew of the minor scuffle that had taken place. He was impressed that Harry had been able to get Draco to chill. Who wuda thunk it…

Draco had a spitfire temper and was comparable to a rampaging dragon when pissed off. Harry didn't seem too ruffled though, meaning he had relative ease in restoring peace. Sirius smirked.

"At any rate, that's it for tonight." As the meeting broke up, Harry called out to Draco. "Hey Draco, you got a second?"

Draco turned and raised an eyebrow.

"Are you busy tonight?"

"I guess… I was gonna grab something to eat, then hit the sack. Why do you ask?" Hmm?

"Well, I was wondering if… you'd like to have dinner with me. There's something I'd like to discuss with you, if you don't mind." Harry smiled charmingly at his partner.

"Huh? Ah… sure." Draco blushed lightly. Man, that guy probably has no idea how much this sounds like a date.

"What the hell are you blushing for, you fag!" Bikky appeared from behind Harry, where he was been clinging for the duration of the meeting.

"Hey! What the hell are you still doing hanging around this place! Go home you little snot!"

As the two growled at each other, Harry stepped in the middle waving his hands in a placating manner. Gods, I hope I don't get bitten…

With no small amount of trepidation, he coaxed, "Easy now, boys. Let's just resolve this over dinner, okay!"

With two snarling shadows by his side, he led the way to his car wondering what he had gotten himself into.

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