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Later, that night…

The lights blazed in an innocuous-seeming residence. It was a fancy place, two storeys high and flanked by a large garden. From this clean and calm façade, one would never be able to guess at the events taking place in the living room.

"I just don't see it, boss." A black-suited lackey tossed Bikky's coat and skates on the plush carpet. "And we didn't find anything at the kid's apartment, either."

Bikky hissed to hear that strangers had been searching his home, and then hissed again with pain as the man holding him twisted his arms a little tighter. Draco was being held a lot tighter beside him by yet another lackey, having risen from unconsciousness swearing.

Richard Feldman was not a happy man. He grabbed the boy by the front of his shirt and leaned in so that the fumes from his noxious cigar were almost suffocating.

"All right, kid, listen up. The stuff your daddy filched from us wasn't a lot, but it's top of the line, uncut shit, you know?! If I had to put a value on it, it'll be 100 million, easy. Not to mention if the stuff I got from Beirut falls into the cops' hands, then I might as well put flashing lights up around this place to point me out."

Getting even more in Bikky's face, Feldman snarled, "So why don't you be a good boy and freakin' feel a bit sorry for all the shit you've caused me, huh?!"

Bikky kicked him in the chin.


Bikky tensed, awaiting the blow that would no doubt come. When it didn't, he opened his eyes in time to see Draco take the hit, which struck his cheek.


The cop smirked up at Feldman. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size, you super-sized son of a bitch!"

Feldman cracked his knuckles, temples throbbing. "That sounds like an invitation to me!"

Draco closed his eyes as the first hit connected.



Draco lay on the floor of the tiny storeroom where Feldman's lackeys had thrown both him and Bikky after his beating. He had difficulty breathing due to sharp shocks travelling up and down his right arm. After the two lackeys slammed the storeroom door shut and locked it, Draco sat up slowly. "Jesus…"

Bikky's eyes were huge. "Y-you okay, Draco?"

Giving as much of a smirk as possible with a pulped-up face, Draco scoffed. "I'm a boy. Of course I am. What's a broken bone… or two… or three?"

"That would almost be funny except… your arm's really busted up."

Obviously it was time to change the subject. "You straight-up lied to Harry, didn't you Bikky?" Draco enjoyed the way Bikky immediately looked down.

"What about?" The boy mumbled.

"Ah, just give it up, kid. About the stuff that Feldman was talking about." Draco paused for a beat. "Your father. He gave it all to you, didn't he?"

Bikky didn't seem to know what to say. Draco scrubbed absently at a scratch on his cheek. "What did you hope to gain by keeping it quiet, huh? It's not like I don't understand how you feel but…" The cop missed the look Bikky darted at him and moved on. "Ah shit, forget it. If we don't figure out a way to get out of this mess, my arm will be the least of our worries."

They scanned the room. Bolted hardwood door. Polished hardwood floor. Two rolls of carpet. No windows to speak of.

"Heh heh, that Harry… He seems a bit out of it but he's uh, pretty reliable, you know!" Draco pulled a rictus grin.

"Really? I thought he just looked reliable but was kind of off on most things." Bikky looked at Draco. Draco looked at Bikky. Their moment of mutual dismay was a sight most beautiful to behold.

Meanwhile, outside…

"Boss!" Lackey No. 1 burst dramatically into Feldman's bedroom, then blanched and turned right round with equal rapidity.

"What the hell?! Haven't you ever heard of knocking?!"

Still firmly facing the door, the unfortunate man fought to clear himself of all humiliation and mental images. There were just some things that shouldn't be seen and should be listed down as violations of human rights. One of those things is your boss naked in bed with someone, no matter how silken the sheets or beautiful the woman. "W-Waah, sorry sir! But I, I was just thinking that it would probably be better if we moved those two to a different location."

"Well, if you thought so, then why didn't you just do it?! This is my private residence, after all." Feldman smirked and ran a hand over the nubile female form next to him. The scene that Lackey No. 1 had interrupted was definitely not PG-13.

"I would but… The cops are out in full force tonight. According to the news, some terrorist has planted a bomb within the city limits."

"Hey Richard…" The purring voice was sweet and seductive, promising endless nights of blue balls if denied this particular evening. Lackey No. 1 began mentally chanting nursery rhymes in a desperate attempt to keep all thoughts of his boss doing the naughty OUT of his mind.

How much is the doggy in the window…

"Okay, okay sugarcheeks, don't worry, right?" That was Feldman's voice, in a highly inappropriate tone register. There was a smacking noise behind Lackey No. 1's turned back. He cringed and chanted louder.

The one with the waggly tail… How does the rest go? How does it go??

Fortunately, Feldman came back to himself to dismiss his employee. "Look. Just get out of here, alright? We'll take care of them tomorrow or something. Tomorrow!" He flapped a hand in dismissal, but it was unseen by the man who had fled the bedroom most gratefully.

Also meanwhile but even further outside…

"Chrk!!" This was the odd sound of a guard-henchman being struck on the back of the head by an elbow. The elbow ended in a hand holding a firearm and all three items belonged to Harry. He leant down to check the guard-hench's pulse. Good, he's still breathing. Security's pretty thin here, thanks to it being Feldman's private residence. Harry slunk around the corner of the house and looked for an entry-point. Front door was out, as was the big lighted window with several men visible behind it. On the roof, however, was a floodlight. Harry scaled the side of the house via a close-growing jacaranda tree and crouched before the floodlight like an avenging gargoyle. After a bit of jiggling with a flat blade, he lifted the frame free of the roof and slid into the attic. I guess this'll do. Let's see... Harry reached into the lining of his jacket a withdrew a crude duct-taped package. If I have it go off in one hour, that should give me plenty of time to find Draco and Bikky. I just hope it goes off like it should. And, he thought, gritting his teeth, I hope they're both okay.

Harry started as he heard a loud banging noise underneath him. Despite his position in the attic, the sound was still quite loud. If he listened underneath that, though-


It sounded remarkably like Draco losing his cool.


Harry shook his head in silent disbelief at the scene he had dropped into. Bikky was sitting cross-legged with his chin propped in hands, watching Draco kick the crap out of the door. From the henchmen side, shouts of; "Shut up! Shut the hell up you idiot!" could be heard indistinctly.

Making his way over to Bikky quietly, Harry tapped the boy's shoulder for attention and then signalled for silence as soon as the shocked brown eyes turned to him. Bikky didn't need words to express the overwhelming and bewildered relief he felt though, and the Harry acknowledged it with a smile. Moving up behind Draco, the brunet tapped him as well but then was forced to muffle the cop with a palm to the mouth.

"Har- Mmph!"

"Shh!" Harry motioned frantically. Too thankful to feel indignant, Draco drank in the sight of Harry eagerly and fell silent. Once he felt sure the blond wouldn't speak, Harry removed his hand and sat down in relief.

"I'm so glad I found you guys so soon. What's say we blaze out of here?" he whispered.

Draco quirked a brow. "Easier said than done, don't you think?"

"I set up a bomb in the attic. It's supposed to go off at 10 o'clock."

"Where the hell did you get a bomb from?!"

"My old army buddy taught me how to make them a while back. After I ran the licence plates off the car that hijacked you through the database, I turned up this address."

"You'd make a pretty good buddy yourself, wouldn't you?" Draco leered.

Harry chose to ignore that. "It's a pretty crude bomb but in a house this size? It'll probably take down half of it when it blows. Also, before I came here I rang up the precinct pretending to be a terrorist so the entire city's swarming with cops on the alert. If this place blows up, they'll be right on top of it. We can escape in the confusion." He smiled at Draco and then froze. "Your arm!"

Harry traced the contours of

"Eh? Oh, this thing? Yeah, it sorta went 'crick' when they broke it on me. It's nothing. Don't worry about it." The blond winked and grinned, which did nothing to appease his partner.

"Don't worry about it?! Of course I will! Your arm's broken and you didn't even bother to splint it. That's basic first aid, Draco!" Harry groped for some fabric and remembered his scarf, unwinding it from his neck. He took Draco's hand, careful not to jolt the arm, and began winding the scarf around the area of the break. It was nowhere near ideal, but would add a little bit of support to the injury.

Draco watched Harry with soft grey eyes, noting the concern radiating from his partner. "Guess you were worried about me, huh?"

Harry looked up and was trapped in that gaze. They stayed unmoving, scarf paused mid-wind and Draco staring at Harry in a way that made him gulp. Green eyes looked down. "Of course I was... it's natural to worry about your partner."

Draco smiled happily. "Yeah. Guess so." In the next moment, the smile was a mask of pain because Bikky's protective instincts had reared up and told the boy to kick him.

"Ah, leave the damn thing alone! It'll heal by itself!" Bikky death-glared Draco, who snarled right back.

"Whose fault is it that my arm is broken?! You are so dead once we get out of here, brat." Oh, so dead.

"Did I ask you to jump into the blow?!" Bikky shot right back.

Draco ignored this unwelcome riposte and gathered his thoughts. "Alright then. We move out in half an hour."

Harry nodded. "Okay. Seeing as it's 9:30 now..." He paused. "W-wait, Draco! Half an hour will be too late!" For what, wondered Bikky impatiently. The bravado which had supported him through the kidnapping was wearing thin. The scuffle with Draco, as comfortingly familiar as it was, did nothing to assuage his guilt over Draco's beating and the boy just wanted to get out.

Draco stared. "Too late?"

"It's in the attic above us!"

"What is?!"

"The bomb..." Harry's expression was so sheepish, you could have knitted a jumper with it.

"YOU IDIOT!!" It should not have been possible to scream at someone sotto voce, but Draco nevertheless managed it. "The plan was to rescue us, not kill us!"

Bikky, who had begun fidgeting with agitation, could bear no more. "Look. Let's just get the hell outta here now."

Neither cop could disagree. "What we need to do is move out before the explosion and get as far away from this spot as we can. Then we need to stall them somehow until the bomb goes off."

They faced up to the door, Harry clicking off the safety catch on his gun. The two cops moved back and crouched in readiness. Together, they charged forwards aiming at the weakest point of the door, and broke through. Harry took care of the lone guard outside their storeroom while Draco crouched to hoist Bikky over his shoulder. "Hold on tight, Biks."

"Wait! Draco!" What the hell? Draco felt Bikky squirm in his arms to pick up his rollerskates before allowing Draco to manhandle him out. And then they were running, Harry covering their backs as they turned left and went out through the front door.

"Game over boys."

Arrayed in the front yard before them were Feldman and Lackeys 1, 2, 3 and 4. "Can't have you thinking it's so easy to escape from here, right? Now why don't you throw down your gun and come in quietly?"

Harry's mind was ticking over furiously but running into blank walls wherever it turned. They were outnumbered. It was effectively five against one, with Draco injured and Bikky just a kid. They had to be protected, they had to get away, he had to- Harry's eyes hardened and he stepped forward.

"No way!" That came from Draco, who reached into his coat lapel and shouldered Harry back in the same movement. Harry blinked rapidly, thrown.

"Check it out, assholes!" Draco flourished a small cylindrical item. "We've planted an explosive somewhere in your beloved house. And this is the trigger for it. Listen up good; if you guys don't back off, I'll set it off! Understand, losers?"

Bikky and Harry both regarded Draco silently. As did Feldman, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

"Draco!" hissed Harry, mortified.

"Don't worry!" he whispered back. "It's just an ordinary pen. The scariest thing about it is if I click it, the pointy part comes out, that's all."

"Actually, I was referring to their complete look of suspicion over your little charade!"

Bikky joined in. "Didn't you think they'd figure this out in like, two seconds?!"

Draco continued grinning manically at Feldman as his thumb creaked on the 'trigger'. "Trust me, okay?" he muttered from the side of his mouth. "I just wanted to stall them-"


All eyes went to the pen, which utterly failed to make anything happen.

"YOU LITTLE SHIT, YOU SCARED THE PISS OUTTA ME!!" Feldman, empowered by pumping adrenalin and four henchmen, rushed at the doomed trio.


All attackers were flung back by the unbelievable noise and force of a bomb exploding barely ten metres away. The two cops managed to brace themselves against the impact, Harry reaching out to shield Bikky. He glanced quickly at his watch. 10 o'clock. Well well. I haven't lost my touch.

"Celebrate later, run now! Otherwise we'll get caught by the Chief out here!" Draco tugged Harry along.

"Draco. Harry!" The pair paused and looked back at Bikky. The boy looked very small standing before Feldman's smoking house, but his face was set and determined. "I have to stay."

Confused, Harry started to reach out to coax Bikky along but was halted by a hand on his arm. Draco nodded. "I know." He smiled and tousled Bikky's untidy blond mane. "Good luck, kid."

Draco led a still-questioning but compliant Harry away from the scene and they both jogged off as police cars came into view.

The first patrol car screeched to a halt and Sirius Black stepped out, badge in hand. "We're from the 27th Precinct! We're here to investigate possible terrorist-related activity that occurred at this residence." His sharp eyes took in the huddle of men in front of the house. Police officers were fanning throughout the area and one seemed to have taken charge of a small boy.

Feldman felt his blood pressure soar and murmured a discreet enquiry to his nearest henchman.

"Don't worry, boss. We've moved all the goods to a different location. We're absolutely clean boss." The reassurance eased Feldman and he stepped forward to acknowledge Sirius.

The Chief bared a feral grin which seemed to have far too many teeth in it. "Why, if it isn't Mr. Feldman. How's it hanging tonight?"

"Why, hello there yourself, Chief Black. Working hard I see."

The animosity between the two of them was clear, as were their differences. Where Sirius leaned back gracefully with a cocky tilt to his head, Feldman braced his squat form against the ground like an irate and muzzled bulldog.

"But what a surprise. I never expected to see the Chief out and about for such a minor disturbance as this."

Subtext: Goddamn bastard, get your worthless ass off my property!

"Well, let's just say business was a little slow at the precinct. Now we'll be able to devote time searching your house from corner to corner, rat hole to rat hole."

Subtext: You fat gorilla, I will get you one day!

Feldman looked intolerably smug, secure in the knowledge of his own safety. Not even the officer approaching with Bikky raised any doubts in his mind.

"Chief!" A small white package was handed over. "We found this in the room where the boy was being held."

Feldman felt his heart accelerate and sweat break out all over his body. His body knew what was happening, even if his mind hadn't caught up.

Bikky tensed in anticipation as Sirius took the package and tasted a fingertip touched to the contents. "Why, it's cocaine! What a surprise!" With a darkly triumphant look, the Chief snapped his fingers and Feldman found himself cuffed and forced into the back of a police car. Before they could shut the door on the furious criminal, he began to struggle and swear.

"Don't think I'll ever forget this, brat! I'll get you- I'll get you and everyone who-" The rest of the tirade was cut off by a slamming car door. Bikky watched as Feldman was driven away, a feeling of deep satisfaction welling up from within.

Sirius touched his shoulder gently. "All right, boy. We just have a few questions to ask you."

Bikky smiled up at him. "Okay."

"By the way, kid, what happened to your bodyguards, huh?"

"We got separated along the way."

A vein throbbed in Sirius' temple. "I see. Separated along the way, huh?" Those two are so dead.


Under a large tree in a deserted park several blocks away, Harry felt a shiver of distant murderous intent and for some reason, thought of his boss. "I bet he's mad."

Draco was utterly unconcerned. He was sitting in a park with Harry who looked gorgeous in the moonlight. What more was there to life? "Don't worry about it. He's always mad."

"At you, maybe, but not at me!" That was unfortunately true. Sirius had a soft spot for Harry. Draco knew this from honed personal observation skills. The Chief looked out for Harry from behind the scenes a lot, but the brunet was just as oblivious about that as he was about many many other things. Really, such a clueless person had no business being a cop and Harry had to gall to show the makings of an excellent one. Draco's competitive streak rose to the surface. He would show Harry that he wasn't Perfect Potter!

"Calling in a bomb threat. Having police all over the place. Escaping in the confusion. And last but not least, putting the bomb upstairs." Draco snarkily listed off Harry's most recent accomplishments.

Harry answered earnestly. "I figured if we had a SWAT team show up on Feldman's stoop, there'd be no chance in hell of seeing you guys alive again."

Draco closed his eyes, touched to the centre of his being. This is the kind of person Harry was, he reminded himself, this is why you're here and why you're finding it harder and harder to think of being somewhere else. The flood of feeling was like golden light and syrup and ultimately too much. Draco dimly heard Harry muse; "I wonder why Bikky decided to stay," and concentrated on answering.

With his eyes still shut, he murmured, "His dad was skimming drugs from Feldman. Before he died, he gave everything he had to Bikky for safe keeping. He must have hidden the stash at the bottom of his skates somewhere." Draco looked off into the distance. "Why else would he bother to pick them up in the middle of a firefight?"

Harry looked at his partner, really looked at him, and smiled softly. The blond had so many sides to him.

"Anyhow, he's not the smartest kid… but he must have thought long and hard… about the best way to avenge his father. In the end he decided that the best way to get back at Feldman was to have the cops handle him. You know the rest." Draco rested his chin on his hand and Harry knew that he'd forgotten about his injuries.

"Somewhere along the line, you've learned more about Bikky than I have." Harry's gentle jade gaze never left the battered man.

Glancing up at the cop before him, Draco snorted. "That's not true. I hate kids after all."

Harry snickered. "You sure about that?"

Ignoring the jibe, Draco looked straight into Harry's eyes, piercingly. "But I like you."

Harry gave a rather slow-witted, "Huh?" before what the man had said sunk in.

Draco was still looking at him, and there was no way to read his expression. Harry's eyes widened in shock and a flush suffused his features.

"Aah…o…kay then… Ha ha. You're making me blush, man. Th…thanks. I think." The way he says things like that… I can't help but feel that he means it to some degree and… damn if it doesn't affect me. D'oh. My eyes are totally giving me away.

Standing up and changing the subject before things got more confusing, Harry brushed stray twigs from his trousers and said in a would-be businesslike manner, "A..at any rate, we better get you to the hospital." Damn that stutter.

He knelt beside his partner and was startled when Draco spoke up. "Don't worry about me. You go join the investigation. If you go now, The Chief will let you off the hook with just a cuss or two."


"You can't be stuck writing apologies and doing paperwork on your first case, rookie. Me though, I'm used to it." Draco gestured himself with a thumb and gave a gallant wink.

"It's okay. I don't mind." Harry looked at him, confused.

"It's not okay."

"It is!"

Draco couldn't hope to match Harry in terms of obstinacy.

"I am your partner after all, right?" Harry cocked his head to the side and gave him a sweet smile.

Draco's stormy eyes reflected his hunger. Coupled with his situation, the open and receptive look on Harry's face and the way his cheekbones slanted and the hand held out to him – it was all too much.

Oblivious as always, Harry stretched out his hand. "Come on. Let's go… Here, give me your hand.

Draco's hand shot out and Harry barely had time to register unbalance as he was pulled down, towards…

Oh, gods.

Then Draco's mouth was on his, lips moving sweetly across Harry's shocked and unresponsive ones. The pale blonde had his eyes closed, savouring the sensation and taste of Harry.

After a moment of heightened heat and weightlessness and eternity, the satiny lips drew back slightly and Draco gazed at half-lidded green eyes.

Harry was still in a state of shock.

Draco smirked. Figures.

Deciding to take pity on the raven-haired man, Draco pulled him into a manly, one-armed hug, clapping him on the back vigorously. "Welcome aboard, partner!"

Harry couldn't see the gleeful expression on his partner's face from there, which was all very well for Draco.

"Alrighty, let's head to the hospital now, shall we?" Draco stood and stalked off, grinning like a maniac and leaving Harry on the grass… still in shock. Looking at the exultant spring in the blonde's step made one wonder if he needed medical attention at all.

Hmm… better beat it before he comes out of his stupor. Fufufufufuu…

"Urrg…" Harry looked at the grass he knelt upon without actually seeing it. Finally coming to terms with what had just happened, he turned beet red and clutched the doomed blades of grass, growling deep in his throat.

"Draco…" he managed to grind out, fitting more promises of retribution into that one word than one would think possible. It's not like it's my first kiss or anything…but… but… in a public place… with a guy… Noooooo…


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