By: Kit kat

Repost: This is my life, an untitled piece of angst and sorrow. Lil' Slugger saved me at my rope's end for reasons I don't think even he knows. Slowly and painfully, I fell in love with a murderer. Lil' SluggerxOC R&R. Rewritten, reposted, new rating.

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Rain trickled off the sides of my umbrella as I walked solemnly. The clouds were a fierce gray and I could already hear the thunder echo in the distance. Can't turn back now… I must see him before I go.

My pace quickened as tears salted my cheeks in a bitter attempt to make me feel better. Nothing could ever make me whole again after the accident…

Sloosh! I lost my footing in the flood and fell to the ground, accidentally releasing my umbrella into the cruel wind.

"Damn it." I cursed, running a hand through soaked tresses.

Ding ding ding…

My ears perked at the sound. I frantically looked around, praying I'd see that bent, golden bat scrapping against the gutter. Lil' Slugger!

But my search was in vain. The wind blew harder across the barren street, only occupied with the continuous flow of rain.

"Get a grip!" I cried aloud to myself, "He's never coming back. He's never coming back for you!"

I pounded the hard cement as the old memories returned. Memories of me, memories of him… Everything rushing back too fast.

And there I lay, the rain now beating upon my shaking back, as I bid farewell to reality.


(AN: Everything now is a flashback, in the memory of the main character until the end)

"Mornin', Jordan." Blake said casually as he approached me before school. He was a tall, broad-shouldered boy of 16 and handsome as hell. He was wearing the school uniform, a white collared shirt and tie complete with navy slacks.

"…Mornin'." A huge smile broke across my face. I tried to wrap my arms around him but he pushed me off in alarm.

"Not here!" he motioned for me to follow him behind the school. The area was shaded and secluded from the rest of the students. He shoved me against the wall and roughly began kissing my face.

"Why don't you want the others to see us?" I moaned, half sad half in ecstasy, as his shaking fingers brushed against my neck.

"You know how it is, babe." his hot breath tickled the inside of my ear and sent electric shocks throughout my lean body. "Now be quiet and let me have some fun."

Suddenly, I snapped out of it and tried to push Blake off. He was just using me again, as always.

"No, I won't do this anymore!" I cried, as I struggled under his tight grip. "You choose me or that Yumi bimbo."

It was no use. Blake was 6'3 and incredibly strong compared to my 110 pound, lanky body. He could probably crush my right arm with his pinky. Blake smirked evilly and held on tighter.

"Looks like you don't have a whole lot of options now, does it? You either hold still or I'll beat you to a pulp. Either way, I'm going to get what I want."

His hand clamped over my mouth, leaving me inaudible. Tears ran down my cheeks as I felt hands run over my stomach, slowly crawling lower.

Lil' Slugger please save me!

Lil' Slugger… It was dumb of me to even think the infamous serial killer would come to my rescue, let alone read my mind. Still, it was the only thing I could think to do. Please!

WHACK! I heard the sickening crunch of Blake's head against a blur I presumed was the golden bat. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he released me as he fell to the ground. Blood gushed everywhere, some even on my shirt and face. Slowly, my eyes connected with my liberator.

He stood there, much taller than me, with his slick roller blades clutching to his calves. A red cap was pulled over his face but I could still see his glowing eyes dancing with happiness only a demon could possess. A psychotic grin was planted on his face and the knuckles on his right hand were white from the vice grip he had on the bat.

We stood like that for what seemed like eternity, staring at the other while Blake's blood painted the grass scarlet. Finally, he turned to leave.

"Wait!" I called. His head turned back toward me. "Why did you save me?"

He smirked insanely again. "You asked."

"B-but… I… Stay with me!" I bowed my head. Without warning he rolled up to me, leaving only a few inches between us.

"Why?" my heart began to race. I had never felt this way before about a stranger. Sure, I had many boyfriends in the past but he different. Maybe I was into bad boys…

"B-because… I can help you too." Boldly, I closed the space left by wrapping my arms around his waist and burying my face into his dirty sweatshirt. It felt right.

I felt Slugger's body tense under my touch. He seemed confused as to what to do. He tried to raise his bat, thinking he would kill me, but lowered it again.

"Let go." I flinched at the coldness in his voice. I did as I was told, releasing him from my embrace.

"…" I stared at the blood soaked ground, hurt.

"What do they call you?" Lil' Slugger asked, slightly pitying me.




"…" An awkward silence passed between us and I could see his face strain, trying to think what to say.

"I don't have a name." He said bluntly.

"Hm… Lil' Slugger… you're not so little anymore." I stared into his flashing eyes. "Li for short."

"Li?" he cocked an eyebrow at me. "Didn't your parents ever tell you not to name a stray? If you do, you'll become attached to it."

"Really now…" I smiled. "Maybe this will be the beginning of something good."

"Maybe not." Damn his bluntness!

"What're you into?" I asked seductively, running my fingers down his chest.

He tensed and stepped back. Was Lil' Slugger actually afraid of me? I smirked and stepped toward him again.

"Stop." He commanded but I disobeyed. I was no longer terrified of the mass murderer. I let my lips brush against his neck, not noticing his face become darker by the minute.

"Lie down!" he roared. He grabbed his bat and hit my kneecaps, forcing my legs to buckle. His teeth began attacking my own neck, relentlessly, as I laid perfectly still, now afraid for my life.

However I couldn't remain quiet forever and quickly I cried out in pain at the aching bruise forming on my neck. His eyes grew wide when he saw my red face, full of panic and exasperation.

"Don't look at me that way…" he whispered, "I told you to stop. I warned you…"

He pulled me from the ground and helped me stand straight though I was still violently shaking. My shirt was pretty torn, so he threw off his sweatshirt and helped me slide my arms through the sleeves. Lil' Slugger gathered his bat and turned to me again, his eyes almost "normal."

"I'll see you later." Although his grin was demented he leaned over and kissed my forehead, leaving me stunned and craving the hard love only he could give me.

I stood in Blake's blood, staring after the uncontrollable 16-year-old and feeling the best and worst I could ever possibly feel in my life.