Beyond the Veil of Time

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"..." - dialogue

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Chapter One: Prologue

"What is the matter, aniki?"

The elder one turned to look at his younger sibling. For him to be so concerned about his brother's well being, it was so his style. But sometimes, he wonders why he was given a double which was the complete contrast of who he is. Kind, laid back, and always cheerful, unlike him who was rash, serious, and at given times, dangerous.

Nonetheless, he smiled at the younger, letting his long auburn locks cast by the wind on his face conceal the inner yearnings of his blackened heart.

"Why do you ask? Do I look troubled?" he inquired back, all the while observing his rather bizarre twin. He, unlike all the other men of the court, had trimmed his long hair into a ridiculously short length. It was not all that bad though, since after that, he earned himself a new reputation, and an extraordinarily alluring visage.

He himself refused to wear that repulsive court hat, so he couldn't blame him. Besides, it made him look like a peanut. Who in his right mind would wear such an abomination?

The younger smiled. "I am basically your half. For some reason, I just feel that you have something grave in mind. Surely you are not planning to damage our premises again with your-"

"That is what they say about twins," the older sighed, intentionally cutting off the speaker. As much as possible, he did not want to recall the events on that wretched day. "But remember, Yoh. I still am older."

"Pointing out the obvious, as always," he replied in a sarcastic voice, making his double scoff. "Let us get back to my quest-"

"Yoh-sama! Please, come-"

The maidservant who had just barged into the room stared in horror at the sight of the older one's lustrous hair. The woman gathered her composure and gave a low, respectful bow to him. If there was one thing the older one detested, it was the irrational behavior of anyone in a lower ranking than his.

"I am terribly sorry for the intrusion, Hao-sama," she apologized, fingering her robes in fright. The prince frowned. Normally, he would have arranged the immediate resignation of the said servant, but, feeling that he was just not in the mood, shrugged it off and turned around to once again stare at the boresome sights beyond his bedroom window.

The maidservant heaved a discreet sigh of relief as she turned to the younger.

"Yoh-sama, please go see Anna-sama. She has been calling for you as soon as she woke up."

"Has her fever subsided?" Yoh asked, a concerned look on his face. Hao unbecoming of you, Yoh, Hao said to himself as he observed the dramatic scene unfold through the corner of his eye.

"Unfortunately, her illness remains," the maidservant sighed. Her face expressed utmost pain, giving the idea that she highly favors this so called Anna.

"Tell her that I am coming after I finish with something," he ordered. The maidservant gave another low bow and excused herself, gently closing the door behind her.

"Why do you not go to her imeediately?" Hao asked, facing his twin with a sly smirk on his face. This went unnoticed as Yoh returned a warm smile at his older brother.

"If there is anything at all that has been bothering you, please inform me. Perhaps I may be of some assistance."

"You value me more than your fiance?" Hao jeered.

The younger did not answer, but instead gave his twin his usual carefree grin, and left.

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