Los Angeles

July 1985

4 p.m.

His name is John Miller Constantine, he's sixteen years old, he's believed to be mad and he's lying on the cold wooden floor of his bedroom, bare-chested and teary eyed.

Through early morning fog I see,

Visions of the things to be,

The pains that are withheld for me,

I realize and I can see...

He can't bare stand this, the looks he gets when he crosses the street, people scoffing at what he says he sees, 'Angels and Demons, what a load of crap!' they say, but what's worse is the demons who se him, and who know he sees them back, with their mutilated flesh and hoofed feet.

That suicide is painless,

It brings on many changes,

And I can take or leave it if I please.

He's taking matters into his own hands, this morning; he'll be id of all of this, for good. Whether he was mad or if he really could see, this was the night he would be forever released.

The game of life is hard to play,

I'm gonna lose it anyway,

The losing card I'll someday lay,

So this is all I have to say.

He pts his head up a bit and pours the sleeping pills into his gaping mouth, all six of them. He then chasses the pills with a glass of vodka he stole from his father's liquor cabinet and swallowed, his head then slumped as he felt the dizziness settle.

The sword of time will pierce our skins,

It doesn't hurt when it begins,

But as it works its way on in,

The pain grows stronger...watch it grin...

With the last power of sight in him, John could see the form of a girl of nineteen or twenty materialize in the middle of the room, pale skinned, black clothed and haired, Charcoal Majestic Wings spread behind her.

'Cause suicide is painless,

it brings on many changes,

And I can take or leave it if I please.

...and you can do the same thing if you please.

"Hello John."

Song: Suicide is Painless
Lyrics by Mike Altman (1969)

I'm planing to do around four or five more, iwht songs by the Doors and the Rolling StonesRed and Review. Hope you liked it.

Note: The Angel appearing is Azrael, an Angel from Islamic lore, also featured in my Hellblazer series.