JC: I came up with another fic, which was inspired by Demon Detective Loki, an anime concerning about Norse Mythology Gods. The characters are still the GSD characters, but their names may differ every now and then.

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During the time, when gods and demons rule the land, the world raged into a conflict. The time of Ragnarok vastly approaches, meaning the end is near. All the gods exchanged swords in battle, overpowering monsters and creatures alike, destroying half the land, and making people suffer. The Goddess Freya could no longer bear this tragedy, so in the midst of danger she left the realm of gods and disappeared into the world of humans.

20,000 years later, unexpected news reached the gods, informing them that the beautiful Freya has been reincarnated in a form of a human. This brought exhilaration to the immortal world, for the goddess was an important being to them. To their disappointment, they do not have knowledge of the location of Freya, not even an image of what her human form looks like.

Alarmed by this, Odin, the mightiest of all gods, commanded a group of elite gods to journey to Earth in search for the goddess. At the same time, he received word of Loki's appearance in the realm of humans. Loki, the trickster god, the god he loathed the most, he banished him from Asgard, taking away his immortality, leaving him to rot as a human. But from what he learned, Loki has also been reincarnated like Freya. Odin later notified his trustworthy gods and goddesses to destroy Loki from existence.

Gundam Seed: Mythical Legends

Phase 01: Loki, right?

It was a fine sunny day at Archangel University. Tons of students were roaming around the campus, some were going to their classes, studying their lessons, and some were just gossiping. The students were divided into different groups, the popular, the nerds, the student council members, the athletes, and the bullies. Specifically, the bullies were feared by all. They ran the school as if they own the place. They break rules, plagiarize, and even wreak havoc around unsuspected victims, explicitly the nerds.

One of the known bullies in the university was Shinn Asuka, a sophomore high school student of class 2-B. No matter how tough his opponents were, he always managed to beat the guts out of them. He was really strong, but his stubborn attitude irritated the teachers rottenly. He was a candidate for expulsion, but because of his good grades, he was still safe. It was very odd, though, to find a bully of the worst kind to be a diligent student.

One day, Shinn was walking through the hallways in a rather unpleasant mood. He got a detention slip again for arriving to school late. He often complains about it. "I totally hate school," he grumbled.

"Shinn, Hi!" a blonde girl with golden-brown eyes came up to him and greeted him cheerfully.

Despite his mood, he was still able to face the girl with a smile. "Hey! Cagalli, how's your day?"

"Boring…" she replied disappointedly. "I almost died trying to solve a stupid Math Equation!"

"I don't think Math is hard."

"Easy for you to say, you're an expert on the subject."

"I'm just good, that's all."

"You're humble as usual." She snorted, crossing her arms at the same time.

For a while they looked at each other seriously and then, they burst into laughter. Seemingly, the two of them were good friends. Shinn, feared by the other students, has Cagalli as his only true friend. Cagalli was his childhood friend, who was always sticking up for him whenever things get hectic. As a popular girl, she sure was athletic, talented, and very outgoing. She was a perfect match for Shinn's temperamental personality.

In Cagalli's case, she always treated herself like an older sister for Shinn. She was the only one who could control him. It was a lot of work to maintain Shinn, but it was necessary.

Class 2-B

As the bell rang, the students rushed to their respective classrooms. For the sophomores in section B, they were having a new student who was currently introducing herself.

"I'm Stellar Loussier. I just moved here last week from America." A blonde girl with magenta-colored eyes spoke to the whole class with a smile on her face. She was fairly cute and attractive, making the boys restless, except for Shinn who was looking at her suspiciously.

Stellar looked at Shinn and waved a hand. "Hi there! It's nice to see you again!" Alarmed by this, Shinn immediately bolted out of his chair and approached her. He glanced at the teacher and told him to excuse him and Stellar for a while. Before the teacher protested, Shinn ran off with Stellar. Once outside, Shinn pinned Stellar against the wall and glared at her with his red eyes. "What the hell are you doing here?" he questioned her seriously.

"I was sent by him to find her," she answered right away.

"You mean that geezer? He sent you to find who?"

"If you must know, she has return."

After a brief talk, they entered the classroom, and Stellar apologized to the teacher on Shinn's behalf for his rude actions a while ago.

"It's okay. But tell me something Miss Loussier... How do you know Asuka?" the teacher asked curiously.

"It's a long story." She stuck out her tongue playfully. "You don't want to know it." She smiled sweetly at the teacher. With her expression, she looked like an innocent little girl.

"Hmph... Well, please take your seat."

Upon reaching her seat, she eyed back at Shinn and gave him one cheerful look, making Shinn blush a little. Shinn rolled his eyes away from her, thinking how annoying she was. Stellar lightly laughed at his grumpy attitude. "He hasn't change a bit," she said softly.


Hurrying to her next class, Cagalli managed to bump into Athrun Zala, one of the hottest guys in school. Almost all the girls admired his cunning looks and his calm personality. There was even a fan club for him.

She almost fell when Athrun caught her in his arms. When her eyes met his luscious emerald eyes, she blushed. "Um... I'm sorry about that, Zala," she apologized, realizing it was her fault for bumping into him.

Athrun chuckled. "I was about to say the same thing." He leaned his head forward without taking his eyes off of her. "You know, you're very cute, Miss Cagalli," he complimented.

She was caught up in the moment. It was like time has stopped for her. She felt like it was a dream.

"Athrun!" a shrieking voice called him.

He carefully placed Cagalli back on her feet and turned around to face the person. "What do you want, Campbell?" He sounded and looked rather annoyed.

Meer Campbell, the star actress of the drama club and a popular girl, shot a glare at Cagalli for a second before she looked up at her dashing prince, Athrun. She pointed at the blonde and said, "Why are you with her? Is she your girlfriend? Don't you know that I'm the only girl for you?!"

"You have got to be kidding me?" he replied ironically. "I'm sorry, but I don't have feelings for you, so you might as well give up. You've been going after me for 3 years now. I admire your determination, but it's really pointless."

"How can you say that? It's because of this bitch, right?" Once again she shot Cagalli a glare. She was pretty possessive when it comes to Athrun.

For that, Cagalli got angry so she decided to speak up. "Who are you calling a bitch, you witch?!"

Meer clenched her fists. She absolutely detested insults. "What did you say?! I'm not going to let you get away with that!"

"Shut up, Campbell! I don't want to hear another word from you." He moseyed on to Cagalli's side and placed his arm around her waist. He pulled her towards him, forcing her to lean her head on his shoulder. "For your information, Cagalli here is my girlfriend."

Meer was astonished. She had never seen Athrun being like that to her before. Further more, he had just crushed her heart. Tears formed in her dark-blue eyes. Instantly, she ran off, leaving a trail of tears behind her.

Athrun sighed in relief. "I'm glad she's gone." He released Cagalli and faced her meekly. "I'm sorry about that. I just had to get rid of her and that was the only idea I can come up with." He forced himself to laugh.

Cagalli, on the other hand, was shocked to be held by a guy she barely knew. Yes, she knew the name Athrun Zala, but she doesn't actually know him in person. As she came back to her senses, she looked up at Athrun angrily. "I can't believe you!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. She stomped on his foot, making him hop on his other foot. It was hilarious. "Serves you right!" After that, she walked away.

Athrun, after setting his foot down, merely smiled. He thought about her again and found her interesting. "Cagalli Yula Athha... I should keep an eye on her."


Shinn was told by Stellar to meet her at the rooftop after class. When he got there, he spotted Stellar standing on top of the fence, staring at the sky. Swiftly, he jumped up the fence and landed beside Stellar with complete balance.

"I was surprised to hear that she was reincarnated. Since she's a mortal now, I don't even know what or how she looks like. Odin-sama informed me that she's someone from this school. Who could it be?" she explained.

Shinn glanced at her and saw her sad face. "I can see you're not giving up until you'll find her."

Stellar nodded. "Yes. Why don't you help me, Loki-sama?" She called him by his real name with respect.

"Hmph..." He snorted. "I will find her for you and not for that geezer, understand?"

She hugged him in his arms in her excitement. "Oh, thank you very much Loki-sama!"

"Ah... Okay... Okay... Skuld... You are very welcome. Just let go of me right now!" He demanded for he was blushing in deeper shades of red.


Shinn was walking back home when he suddenly got the feeling that he was being followed. He stopped at one corner and turned around to get a glimpse of the stalker, but he found no one.

He must be hiding. "Reveal yourself or would you like me to do it for you?"

A guy with strands of hair covering his right eye stepped out from the shadows, revealing his face to Shinn. "It's been a while, Loki," he said.

At once, Shinn recognized him. "Heimdall?!" uttered Shinn. "What are you doing here?" He made a defensive position, preparing himself for any tricks from his greatest enemy, the watchman of the gods, Heimdall.

His clear blue eye narrowed. He clenched his fists, as he felt hatred towards Loki. "I'm here for revenge. Prepare yourself, Loki!"

To be continued...

JC: That's the end of the first fic. Try to guess which GSD character is Heimdall. As you know, Shinn is Loki, and Stellar is Skuld. There will be a slight battle between Shinn and Heimdall in the next chapter. Be sure to read it. Please leave a review. No flaming, okay? Flames are best left ignored. Constructive criticism would be nice.