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Gundam Seed: Mythical Legends

Final Phase: The Chosen Future

Athrun Zala never thought he would get involved with the Norse Mythology Gods. He had always been interested in Norse and other myths since he was a little boy. His usual habit was reading books about myths and research about them as much as he can. He enjoyed that kind of habit. It was very interesting. His life was full of studying, sports, and school. It was so average and he liked it that way. He was popular in school, especially to the girls. He considered it to be flattering yet a nuisance somehow. He had the looks and the coolness, but he was not interested in girls. In all his life, he never had a girlfriend. But his average life changed when he met Cagalli Yula Athha.

To him, Cagalli was different and unique than the other girls. She was a tomboy and a hothead. Sure, she disliked dresses, girly things, and makeup, and preferred sports over shopping. Even though she was unruly, she was still cute and beautiful. In fact, she was one of the most popular girls in school. She was well-admired by many boys. However, Cagalli was not interested in boys, much like Athrun.

Cagalli changed his life. She was the first girl to ever capture his heart. She made him determined to win her love, which led Athrun to pose as the mysterious suitor, known as A. Because of this, Cagalli constantly wondered who this A was. She even asked Athrun about this, but he kept it a secret. Soon Athrun told Cagalli that he was 'A' and finally confessed his love to her. He was so thrilled when Cagalli said that she loved him back.

A lot of things happened between them even before and after his confession of love. He discovered that Cagalli was actually Freya, the goddess of Fertility. He also met a lot of immortals, such as Shinn, Stellar, and the Norn Goddesses. He got engaged into a battle with Gilbert, Rey and Auel. He even became friends with Freya's brother, Freyr who was the god of Fertility. It was one surprise after another for Athrun. Later, he discovered that he was actually the reincarnation of Alexander, Freya's previous lover who had been killed by Freya herself due to an outburst of power. Athrun had a hard time remembering what caused his death. He was able to remember it after Cagalli sacrificed herself for the three worlds.


Odin, Heimdall, and Tyr arrived at fields and they seemed to be in the mood for fighting.

Loki had the confidence to say, "What took you so long?"

"Arrogant as usual," Odin stated, narrowing his gaze at him. "I will go straight to the point. Return the Brisingamen to me."

"So sorry, old man, but the Brisingamen is not with me."

Tyr shrugged. "You scum!" He wielded his sword and pointed it at Loki. "You have no right to speak to our Lord like that. If you do not want trouble, I suggest you give back the necklace you have stolen."

"You guys are the ones who let me steal it so easily. Well, I did not really expect to come across the necklace after arriving in Asgard." He was speaking sarcastically and he was showing no fear.

"You stole it and made a fool out of us!" Tyr retorted.

Odin stepped up and told Tyr to calm down. He then turned to Loki and smirked. "If you are not going to tell me where the necklace is, then tell me where Freya is."

Loki crossed his arms and snubbed. "No way."

Odin's face turned seriously angry. "You are such a fool, Loki! Since you refuse to tell me, then I have no choice but to eliminate you!" He turned to his minions, Tyr and Heimdall, and ordered them to destroy Loki.

Loki kept his guard up. Seeing Odin losing his cool like that would have been a treat for Loki. However, there was no time for fun. Tyr charged first. He wielded his sword and tried to slash Loki. "Too slow," Loki said, jumping sideward.

Heimdall lashed out a medium-sized sphere and threw it at Loki. The sphere crashed down beside Loki, engulfing him in a flash of fire. The blonde let out a malicious laugh and flashed his wicked grin.

Loki was expecting the worst, but he was not expecting this. He quickly cast a protective spell, tuning down the flames and healing him a little. "That was pretty harsh, Heimdall," he stated.

"You want more?" Heimdall charged two spheres on his palms and threw it at Loki right away.

"Not again!" Loki evaded the two spheres in the nick of time. "This is getting frustrating!" He launched multiple spheres at Heimdall.

Heimdall formed a powerful barrier to shield himself from the attacks. "Is that all you have got?"

"Damn it!" Loki spotted a flash of light from the corner of his eye. Upon turning to his side, he saw Tyr charging towards him. "Oh no!" He concentrated some power on his palms, making it as hard as steel. When Tyr attacked him, Loki easily blocked the sword with his two hands like it was nothing.

"You are strong, Loki. It is too bad that you do not use your strength for good." Tyr forcefully freed his sword from Loki's grasps and swung it again.This time, Loki dodged it and back flipped backwards two times to get some distance from Tyr. He concentrated power on his right hand and unleashed a beam at Tyr.

Tyr held his sword in front of him, blocking the beam and reducing it to nothing. "That is not enough to take me down."

"Not good," grumbled Loki. He knew that battling the two was impossible, but he had to keep going in order to protect Freya.

Heimdall joined Tyr and together they launched a series of attacks at Loki, giving him enough wounds and injuries to almost knock him out. But no matter what Heimdall and Tyr did, Loki refused to give up. His determination was stronger than ever, and it pissed Tyr and Heimdall so much.

As the battle waged on, Alexander and Freya hid behind the Yggdrassil tree. Freya was using the power of the tree to create a barrier around them. With the barrier, no god can ever get in or harm them. "I hope Loki is doing fine," Freya muttered, clasping her hands.

"I may not know him so much," Alexander said, "but I can see that your friend is strong and reliable. I am sure he is doing his best to win the fight."

"Yes, I agree," she replied. "But I am still worried about him." She swiftly ran off and went around the tree to witness the ongoing battle of her friend.

"Freya, wait!" Alexander followed her, trying to stop her, but he was not able to.

As she saw Loki getting beat up by Heimdall and Tyr, she shivered and let out a small shriek. "LOKI!" she yelled, catching everyone's attention.

Odin smirked as he heard her voice. Slowly, he turned his head to see the goddess. "Freya, you were there all along," he said, noticing the barrier around the tree.

Heimdall punched Loki right on the face, sending him flying over to the barrier. When Loki hit the barrier, surges of electricity shocked him and paralyzed his whole body. "Serves you right, traitor," he muttered.

"LOKI, NO!" Freya dropped to her knees, clamping her mouth to avoid from screaming more.

Alexander knelt down to her level and held her tightly. "Freya…" He held her securely, letting her know that he was there for her.

Seeing them together made Odin's blood boil. To him, it was despicable to see a mortal and a goddess together. "Mortal, get away from Freya!" he uttered with a swift gesture.

"I will not!" Alexander retorted, as he let Freya buried her face in his chest. He looked up at Odin seriously. "I love Freya and I will always protect her."

Odin was beginning to lose him temper. "What can a foolish mortal do? You have no power to protect her! You are a mere weakling!"

"I may be just a mortal. I may have no powers." Alexander's face darkened. "But I have the strength and the determination to protect her. I will protect her at the cost of my own life!"

"Such words from a mortal," Odin said, walking towards the barrier. He gradually put his hand on the barrier and gave Alexander an intense glare. "Nevertheless, those words are empty." He unleashed a powerful force through the palm of his hand. He engulfed the whole barrier with his energy, weakening the power of the tree.

Alexander looked around, noticing that the barrier was disappearing. Without the barrier, he had to face Odin's wrath and his minions. This was such a predicament. He tried to think of a way to get out it. He gazed down at the blonde goddess who was still frightened by what happened to Loki. "Freya, I need your help. Odin is breaking through the barrier," he said, shaking her.

"The barrier?" she muttered before snapping back to reality. "That is bad." She stood up, summoned her powers, and strengthened the barrier once again.

"Freya, stop this! You must not help that mortal," Odin told her.

"This mortal is important to me. I will not let you harm him." She increased her power by five percent, which was enough to put the barrier back again.

The barrier charged up and sent electrical charges around. Odin instantly backed away to avoid getting shock. "Freya, you are completely blinded by that mortal." Gritting his teeth, he eyed the Alexander and said, "I swear in Asgard's name that I will kill you."

Freya blocked Alexander from Odin's view and spread her arms. "Odin, do not dare!"

No matter what Odin said to Freya, she would not leave the mortal's side. She was too in love with him. However, Odin was not going to give up on her. He needed her in his conquest for Ragnarok. Speaking of Ragnarok, the Yggdrassil Tree gave him a big idea.

Loki got back to his feet, but he was wounded all over. He had a difficulty of standing up and even breathing. He forced himself to walk and show himself to Odin and his minions. "You cannot kill me that easily," he boasted, smiling inwardly.

"LOKI!" Heimdall and Tyr uttered in surprise.

"Loki, you are alive…" Freya wanted to cry tears of joy.

"I am going to finish you off permanently!" Heimdall was about to charge when Odin stopped him.

"I am sorry, Heimdall," Odin said, "but may you let me finish him off?" He stepped forward and grinned maliciously at Heimdall.

"As you wish," Heimdall replied. "I will not complain as long as Loki will be wiped out."

"Thank you." Odin glanced at Loki for a while before he turned to look at Freya. He plastered a wide smile on his smile, giving Freya a bad feeling. "Freya, I think it is time to say good-bye to your loving friend." He raised his arm and pointed it at Loki.

Freya's gasped. "No, please do not kill him!" she begged, letting out more tears.

Odin concentrated his energy in his arm. "This is it," he said, as Loki gritted his teeth. He pushed his arm forward and unleashed a dark beam towards Loki.

"LOKI!!" Freya screamed.

Unexpectedly, Freyr popped out of nowhere, went in front of Loki and got hit on the back instead. Everyone was surprised to see Freyr taking the blow for Loki. Not only that, Freya became devastated when she saw blood flowing down from her brother's head and arms. Loki, too, stared in horror at the brunette as he dropped like wood on the ground.

Freya shook her head in disbelief and trembled in fear. "FREYR!!" she shouted her brother's name. She banged her fist against the barrier. She wanted to get out, to be with her brother. "Freyr, no! You cannot die! You cannot!"

"Freya, calm down," Alexander said, grabbing her arms. He was also surprised at what happened to Freyr. It was all too sudden.

"F-Freyr…" Loki murmured, lowering his head. Feeling guilty, he raised the brunette's head and tried to wake him up. "Wake up!"

Freyr slowly opened his eyes. His vision was a little blurry, but when it cleared up he saw Loki's concerned eyes. "It looks like I made it in time, huh?" he said, smiling.

"You are such an idiot!" Loki reprimanded. "Why did you go and do that? I should have been the one who got hit!"

"I…am… sorry…" Freyr coughed out blood as his breathing pattern changed heavily. "I-I…just did…not want… F-Freya to… lose an important friend…" He coughed out more.

"Stop talking!"

"Loki…" Freyr's vision was becoming a blur. He tried to sit up, but a stinging pain in his chest prevented him from moving. "P-please take care of Freya…" he managed to say before he lost consciousness.

"Brother!" Freya yelled, as she continued to pound her fist on the barrier.

"No way!" Loki quickly felt Freyr's pulse on his neck. His eyes brightened up as he felt the pulse. He was going to tell Freya and Alexander until Tyr appeared from behind him and slashed his back with his sword. "W-when…?"

Tyr showed eyes of seriousness with a hint of regret. "I am sorry. This is just business."

"LOKI!" Freya trembled as she placed her hands on her head.

Before losing his consciousness, Loki showed Freya a warm smile. He fell on the ground right beside Freyr.

"This is not happening," Alexander muttered.

It was all too much for Freya to handle. Loki and Freyr were both very important to her and to lose them was extremely painful. She was beginning to lose sight of things and an overwhelming emotion grew inside her in an instant. She froze their in silence, not muttering any word nor making any movements. Her eyes became blank and empty, and her grieving expression was replaced by sheer coldness.

Alexander was worried. "Freya, are you all right?" He attempted to touch her, but Freya unleashed a slight spark which shocked Alexander a little. "What was that? Freya, what is going on with you?" he asked her.

She was silent. It was like she did not hear a word he said. She was not the only one changing. The whole fields of Yggdrassil were undergoing drastic changes. The blue skies were filling up with grey clouds, bringing thunder, lighting, and strong winds. The Yggdrassil Tree was emitting a strange aura, making all the plants and flowers wither, and the color of tree changed to black. The barrier disappeared and all power around the field got transferred to the tree.

"What is going on, my lord?" Tyr questioned Odin. He had never seen the Yggdrassil Tree this way before.

"It is finally starting. This is the marking of Ragnarok!" Odin said mightily. His dream of conquest was going to come true. Everything was going according to plan and he had one goddess to thank. "Freya, release those emotions, release the rage inside of you. With your power, Ragnarok will be unstoppable."

"Ragnarok?" Alexander could not believe was he just heard. He forced Freya to turn around and face him. "Freya, are you the one doing this?" he asked.

Freya lifted her head, revealing her emotionless eyes. She placed her hand on his chest and used telekinesis to blow him away.

"AHHH!!" Alexander hit his back hard against the black Yggdrassil Tree. He slid down to the ground, feeling the pain of his body. "Freya…" He stood up, holding his right arm, and took a few steps forward.

Freya used telekinesis again to pin him against the tree. She raised her hand, clawing it slowly to strangle him by his neck.

"F-Freya, s-stop this…" Alexander was cut off from his breathing, as he struggled hard to break from her power.

Odin watched Alexander's torment with delight. Seeing mortals suffer always brought happiness to Odin since he loathed mortals so much. "Keep going, Freya. Do not show him any mercy."

Upon hearing his, Freya released Alexander and spun on her heels to face Odin and his minions. Her eyes fumed with rage as she unleashed her vast aura. Without uttering a spell, she used binding magic to disable Odin, Heimdall, and Tyr from their movements and power. At the same time, she was also using deteriorating spell to suck up the powers and life-force from them. It was a painful ordeal for them.

"Freya, why are you doing this to me?" Odin asked, showing a face of concern.

But Freya was not affected by his words or his face. She was different now. She was a goddess with no feelings and emotions.

"It is possible that Freya has lost control over herself," Heimdall explained solemnly, despite the fact that he was in a difficult situation.

"What do you mean?" Tyr said.

"After seeing what happened to Loki and Freyr, Freya has gone berserk. The power that was dormant in her has finally awakened. This power is too strong to control—even for her."

"This means I have made a mistake…" Odin felt so disgraced. A high god like him should have anticipated this, but he failed to acknowledge Freya's true power.

Freya increased her power, bringing more pain to the three gods. She balled her hands into a fist and opened them quickly, sending out small blades to wound them.

"If this keeps up, we are going to die." Heimdall muttered, wincing in pain.

Freya stopped her assault with the blades. She thought that it was time to kill them. She gestured her arms in a fashionable manner while her telekinetic powers kept the gods floating. She formed a circle with her hands as her aura turned black. She pointed one hand towards them while the other faced the ground. As she narrowed her gaze, a surge of green light came from the ground, giving her immense power. The green light was coming from the Yggdrassil Tree. The green light was then converted into black light as it came out from the other hand. She was ready to attack them, to turn them to ashes, and to get rid of them once and for all. After them, she will get rid of the world.

"Die, scums…" she muttered.

"NO!!" Alexander leaped in and wrapped his arms around her. "Stop it, Freya! Do not kill them!"

Freya struggled in his arms, demanding him to let go of her. She threatened to kill him, but her threats did not concern Alexander. He was more afraid of what was going on with her.

"Listen to me, Freya!" Alexander embraced her tightly. "You are a goddess of purity and kindness. You of all gods should know that killing is a great sin."

"Let me go!" she kept on saying.

"Remember, you do not hurt others. You care for others."

She would not stop squirming—even though Alexander was putting great effort in his words.

"You always think of others before yourself. You are always kind, generous, and friendly. I cannot imagine you would kill. It is not right."

This time, Freya slightly turned her head at Alexander, showing him her enraged eyes. With telekinesis, she pushed him away from him. "How dare you!" She charged up her energy on her palms, ready to kill him.

Alexander showed no fear or nervousness. "Freya, do you remember how you used to make the people in town happy? Do you remember how you always helped my mother?" he said, approaching her slowly.

Her hands began to tremble. His words were getting through to her.

"Freya, you always enjoyed picking flowers in the meadow. You also enjoyed playing with the children at the Orphanage. The children really like you, especially Meer and Lacus." He giggled at the memory of Freya playing the two pink-haired twins.

Tears formed in her eyes as her face started to show some guilt.

"You love being with mortals. You love being with your friends and your brother." Alexander closed in on her and spread his arms. "And I always love being with you." He presented her a genuine smile from his heart. It was a smile that she had adored in him.

Because of that, Freya's heart pounded hard as if it was screaming for his name. She felt her heart and it felt so warm. Her eyes gained back its color and her mind calmed down. She was almost back to normal.

Alexander gazed into her amber orbs. "And please remember that I love you…" he said it with full significance and love.

"Alexander…" she muttered, tears dripping from her eyes. She returned back to normal. "I-I am so sorry."

He let out a sigh of relief. "It is all right. Everything is going to be fine now, Freya." He had the urge to hug her and he planned on doing so.

But something happened to the Yggdrassil Tree. Its power was going out of control. Three portals opened up the three worlds and they were causing tremendous damage and chaos. The worlds were crumbling and it was all because Ragnarok had arrived.

"At this rate, we are going to be killed," Heimdall stated, as he tried freeing himself from the binding spell of Freya.

"I did not expect this to happen." Odin lowered his head in shame. "I did not know that Ragnarok will be like this."

"My lord, stop blaming yourself," Tyr said.

The tree sent out psychokinetic waves that were powerful enough to break three of them from the spell. But, as a result, the three was gravely injured due to the waves. They were powerless to stand up and use their spells.

One of the waves hit Freya, but it did not harm her. It was doing the opposite. It was filling her up with power. "No, I-I… AHHHH!!" She could not control the power that was oozing out of her body. It was giving her pain and difficulty. She did not know what to do. She feared that she might hurt Alexander again because of the power.

"Freya!" He tried to touch her, but she backed away. "Let me help you!" he pleaded.

"No, stay away from me!" she replied, shaking her head. "I do not want to hurt you. I will not be able to forgive myself."

Alexander understood how she felt and he would have done the same thing if he was in her position. Still, she needed help and he could not possibly stand around and do nothing. In addition, he had Ragnarok to worry about. If nobody will stop it, then the three worlds will be wiped out forever. He spun on his heels to face the tree. He was looking determined. He wielded his sword and charged. With one swing, he slashed through the tree and scarred it deeply. The tree had somehow weakened and some parts were turning back to its original color. He slashed again and the leaves were returning. "If I keep this up, then I can probably save Freya."

What he does not know was that the tree was connected to Freya. Whenever he hurts the tree, he also hurts Freya. The two scars that Alexander marked on the tree were also marked on Freya's arms.

He attacked the tree again and heard a scream from Freya afterwards. He promptly turned around only to see Freya bleeding. "What is happening to you?" He noticed the scars on her arms and realized that it was the same ones he marked on the tree. "You mean to say that this tree and you are connected? Why did you not tell me?"

Freya lowered her head in grief, letting her tears fell from her eyes. She was in a lot pain.

"I am sorry," he said, walking back to her. "I am really sorry. I did not know."

She was silent. As she raised her head, she revealed her emotionless eyes once again.

"No, Freya! Wake up!"

She fumed in rage and unleashed a red and deadly aura. As her eyes turned red, the portal in Asgard, Midgard, and Nifleheim grew bigger and wider. The winds in Asgard grew stronger and colder.

"Freya, wake up!" Alexander ran towards her, reaching out to her.

However, Freya could not see his true and pure intentions. She saw him as a mere mortal who does not deserve to live any longer. Her mind was completely corrupted and she had become heartless. She charged her powers again like last time and fired a beam towards Alexander. The beam hit his chest, breaking about half of his ribcage and damaging his internal organs. Blood dripped out from his mouth and from his head. Strangely, with all the damages he got, he was still able to stand and approach Freya. Even with the extreme pain, he pulled her into his hug.

"Freya…" he whispered her name. "Forgive me…"

His gentle voice reached her heart, bringing her back to her sense once more. She saw Alexander's current state and cried. "Did I do this? Alexander, I am so sorry."

"You…" He coughed several times before he continued. "Do not blame yourself. You are not at fault."

"Alexander…" She hugged him tenderly and cried on his shoulder.

"Freya, it is sad to say that I can no longer stay with you," he said softly, caressing her golden locks. "But please remember that you will always be in my heart."

"Alexander, you will always be in my heart as well," she replied, tears streaming down from her eyes in heavy amount. "So please, do not go away. Do not leave me!"

The Yggdrassil Tree sent out waves of black light and spread them out through the three worlds. At the same time, the tree was turning Alexander into ashes.

"It is time for me to go," he said, pulling himself away from her.

Freya saw his body disappearing and she felt like her heart was going to burst with pain. "Please do not go!" She reached out for his hand, and Alexander entwined his hand with hers.

Her tearful eyes, her lonely expression were heartbreaking for him. He did not want to go, but it was his time. He could no longer stay with her. He could no longer protect her. As he placed his hand on her cheek, he showed her a gentle smile. "Freya, I am so glad I met you." After saying that, his whole body completely turned into ashes.

Freya's eyes widened with disbelief. "Alexander…" She dropped to her kneels and stared blankly at the tree. "Alexander!!" She buried her face in her hands and cried her heart out.

Just then, a huge earthquake occurred in Asgard, making the ground crumble and change its formation. The gods who were still present there were in grave danger. The portal was starting to suck up living life in Asgard and the storms were basically destroying every structure there.

The Goddesses of Destiny have foreseen this event and they were already prepared for escape. Upon teleporting themselves in the field of Yggdrassil, they landed beside their superior gods, Odin, Tyr, and Heimdall. When Urd and Verdandi opened a small portal to another dimension, Skuld used her telekinesis to carry the three gods and put them into the portal.

"Where is Loki-sama?" Skuld then asked.

"I am sure Loki-sama is somewhere around here," Verdandi said, motioning herself in front of the portal. "I am going ahead to see if Odin-sama and the others have safely reached the other dimension." Verdandi entered the portal and disappeared from sight.

"I am going as well." Urd grabbed hold of Skuld's wrist and pulled her to her side. "Let us go. I will not let you take the risk of searching Loki-sama in this place." She sounded stern.

"Onee-sama, please let me go. I want to save Loki-sama," Skuld pleaded, thinking how hurt Loki was.

"No!!" Urd retorted. Forcefully, she pushed Skuld into the portal. "Please forgive me, Skuld." Before she entered the portal, she took one good look around the fields. The once beautiful fields had turned hideous and fearful. She was sorry for the fact that it was all fated to happen. With a heavy heart, she stepped into the portal and disappeared.

Lying distantly from the Yggdrassil tree were gods, Loki and Freyr. Both of them were seriously injured and they were still unconscious and unaware of what was happening around them. The ground they were lying on was starting to crumble. If they were not going to move, then they could fall into oblivion.

Lucky for them, Hel, the goddess of death and daughter of Loki, appeared to save them. She was extremely shocked to see her father injured. "Oto-sama, who did this to you," she said, brushing some strands of hair from his face.

The ground beneath her was cracking, alerting her that she needed to do something fast. She touched Loki's hand and Freyr's hand. She held them tightly as she chanted a teleportation spell. In an instant, a dark light engulfed them, preparing them to be teleported to Niflheim. She glanced around the field and felt pity. "My world was also collapsing. Since I managed to unleash some power from the Brisingamen, my world was protected from the portal." She closed her eyes, completing her concentration. Without a moment to spare, all of them were teleported from sight.

Flashback ended

"The whole world met its end due to the force of Ragnaork," Athrun thought, staring into the sky.

Shinn picked up the cherry from his ice cream and ate it in a second. "Only a few gods and mortals survived after that." He scooped some ice cream with the spoon and placed it in his mouth.

Stellar nodded in agreement as she played around with her ice cream. "Since Nifleheim wasn't destroyed, everyone's souls were saved."

"Through a long and hard process, the two worlds were brought back by the Goddesses of Destiny." Rey turned to look Fllay and gave her a small peck on the cheek.

Fllay leaned her head on Rey's shoulder, feeling so comfortable, as she entwined her fingers with his. "With my agreement, I resurrected all of the innocent mortals and erased their memories of Ragnarok."

Urd leaned on the railings of the terrace, sipping her tea while admiring the view of the garden. "Unfortunately, the goddess of death refused to revive any of the gods and goddesses who perished."

"Odin-sama returned to Asgard and restored all of the structures, including his precious palace." Verdandi poured tea into her cup and sat down.

"Since Odin was still the ruler of Asgard, his punishment for Loki went unchanged. Therefore, Loki was forbidden to go back to Asgard." Auel stood beside Meyrin as he watched her play Time Crisis, which was a shooting game in an arcade. He was happy to see the pigtailed girl enjoying herself with the game.

Kira was standing outside the Clyne Mansion, bidding goodbye to Lacus. "Thanks to Hel, I survived Ragnarok. But my sister didn't. She vanished along with Asgard and she was never to be seen again." He spun on his heels and walked away from the mansion. "I wasn't able to accept her death right away. I mean, she was my sister. She was my most important one."

The brunette turned left at one corner where he saw the ice cream parlor. He planned to eat ice cream before hitting the streets again until he saw Athrun on the other side of the street. "The only mortal soul that wasn't saved was his soul. Hel couldn't even explain the reason why she couldn't find his soul. It was like it vanished."

Shinn turned to look at Athrun again. "Later, we realized that his ashes merged with the tree." He shrugged. "His ashes stayed there for years."

"You're right," Stellar replied, licking off the ice cream from her spoon. "Then his ashes were released and Alexander got reincarnated. Not only that, you and Freya-sama got reincarnated as well. We were so surprised when we found out."

"It was no treat for Gilbert I'm sure," Shinn sarcastically said.

She giggled at his reaction and said, "He was so upset!"

"Gee, that geezer really hates me." Shinn sighed deeply. "He even planned to repeat the past because of his hatred for me and his obsession for Cagalli."

"He was trying to bring Ragnarok once more," added Stellar.

"But Ragnarok was stopped because of my sister's sacrifice." Kira leaned his back against a pole as he watched Athrun tinkering with his watch. "Cagalli's pure act of love saved the three worlds."

"Or so we thought…" Shinn said, finishing up his ice cream. He laid back and placed his hands behind his head. "Cagalli did manage to stop Ragnarok from expanding. Heck, she had enough power to close all the portals."

"It was unexpected—I mean, really unexpected. Who would have thought that Gilbert willingly merged his ashes with the tree?" Stellar placed the spoon down and wondered if she could have seconds.

Shinn's face fell smugly. "I can't believe that geezer saved the world," he grumbled. He folded his arms and gritted his teeth. "That is just plain wrong."

Stellar understood how he felt about Gilbert. But she was extremely grateful to her lord for sacrificing himself in the place of Cagalli. "Since his ashes were taken, Cagalli-san is…"

At that moment, Shinn and Stellar saw someone running from a distance. Kira also noticed this as well. This person was girl wearing a light-green tube with white sash, a white pleated mini-skirt, and white sandals. Her blonde hair tied with beautiful green ribbons and her amber eyes were glimmering with glamour.

"There she is," Kira muttered under his breath as he smiled.

Shinn's eyes were as wide as saucers when he saw the blonde wearing such girly clothes. "This is so not like her. She must be sick or something."

"Quit it, Shinn," Stellar scolded. "I think she wore that outfit to impress Athrun-san." She giggled so sweetly.

The blonde finally reached Athrun. She panted hard, knowing that she was terribly late. "I'm sorry. I woke up late and I kinda…" She blushed in embarrassment as she tried to come up with a good excuse.

Athrun's lips curved into a smile. He spun on his heels to face the blonde handsomely. "It's all right. The important thing is you're here, Cagalli…" He held her hand and squeezed it gently.

Cagalli blushed at the sight of his smile. Not only that, she also noticed people staring at them and hearing them compliment them as a cute couple. "Umm… Eh… What are we waiting for?!" she uttered, feeling nervous. "Let's get this over with!" She dragged Athrun with her.

"Okay, okay… Slow down, Cagalli."

"If you're taking me to the movies, I'll kill you," Cagalli said strictly, as Athrun nodded his head. "I just can't stand fluffy romance and stuff. If you say Karaoke, I'll throw you off the bridge. I don't want you to hear my singing." She kept dragging him with force, and Athrun had no choice but to give in.

Kira, Shinn, and Stellar all sighed at the same time. The Freya they knew back in the past was way different from Cagalli in terms of attitude. Nevertheless, they were all glad to see Cagalli alive and well after all she has been through.

And Athrun thought of the same thing. Cagalli was all he needed to keep him going throughout life.

He breathed a heavy sigh and realized that he needed to make the date more interesting for Cagalli. He was initially planning to take her to the movies, but she just said that she will kill him if he does that. Going on a date with a stubborn and hot-tempered blonde was more difficult than acing the midterms. Speaking of midterms, he promised to help Cagalli with her Math subject. It was going to be handful with her, but he didn't mind it.

Cagalli and Athrun reminded Kira of Lacus and himself. He couldn't help thinking back to the time when he first met Lacus and to the time he confessed his love to her. He also thought about her sister, Meer, and her mischievous ways. He had always enjoyed her company and he was thankful that she was his friend. "Speaking of Meer, she said that Cagalli called and wanted to talk to me. I wonder what she wanted to talk about…"

He pulled out a picture of his sister, which he got from Shinn. It was a cute picture of Cagalli when she was still in middle school. She looked absolutely adorable. The picture became one of Kira's priced possessions.

Shinn stood from his chair and placed the tip on the table. "Wanna watch a movie, Stellar?" he asked.

"Are you sure? I thought you didn't want to see that romantic flick," Stellar reminded him.

"Yeah, I know. Maybe I'll enjoy it if I watch it with you," he said, scratching his head awkwardly, as he blushed.

Her face brightened with a smile. "Thanks, Shinn!" She stood and clung to his arm firmly. "Let's go!"

The couple walked out of the ice cream shop, excited to spend the day together. Kira went into the said shop after they left and he sat on the same table where the couple sat. When he placed his order, he waited in silence and wondered what the future had for him and his sister.

In every place at any time, legends are born and made. Some people may not recognize them and some may just ignore them, but these legends will keep on living till the end of time.


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