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Title: In Pursuit of Happiness
Author: Gladiel
Series: Inuyasha
Genre: Romance, Humor
Pairing: Sesshoumaru x Kagome
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Summary: Drinks and men do not go together.

chapter one
rude awakening

It was a warm morning for the sun glowed with all its glory, its rays greeting the many creatures that were slowly rising from their rest. It was a new day, and new days meant new events, new responsibilities, and new problems.

Lying on a wide bed in what seemed to be a spacious room, a woman groaned as she placed her palm on her forehead and rubbed it. She felt as if something huge and heavy fell on her skull for pain was ripping it apart. Besides that, she was unusually sore. Sunlight met her drowsy eyes, forcing them open. As she turned her body to the right and reached for a pillow, her hands touched something that was somewhat hard and covered with the same quilt that covered her body.

She suddenly became conscious of a foreign masculine smell. The realization that she was sleeping on a bed from which that pleasant odor, but a man's nonetheless, came from snapped her awake. It shook her with mental alarm that her half-drooped eyes widened and she automatically sat up. Upon doing so her gaze shifted downwards, her naked body greeting her a "good morning". Instinctively she tried to cover herself with the comforter by pulling it close to her breasts, as if to hide her state of undress from a stranger. Her attention went to her left and the sight forced an execration from her mouth.

"What the hell…"

A silver-haired god was lying on the bed, chest-down, obviously in a deep slumber. Kagome's eyes stayed glued on his amazingly fair skin, free of any imperfections. He had a Greco-Roman nose and pale-pink lips set slightly apart, a slender back and broad shoulders from which she imagined seraphic wings to sprout any moment. He was breathtakingly beautiful, like an idol in a poster out to seduce countless fans, only he was real - embodied into this perfect man lying down, oblivious to the gears rotating inside Kagome's brain as it assessed the situation she was in.

If he's with his shirt off then…did that mean he's naked down there? What the hell…was she doing there, sitting—no, sleeping beside this stranger? Did they do it?

She peeked under the sheets to check if she was naked all the way down.

"All the way down…" came the whispered shock, her heart pounding both in nervousness and incredulity. "Does this mean I'm no longer a virgin?" she asked no one in particular, her voice still a whisper.

Clutching the comforter close to her chest, she stood up, left the bed, and turned around while momentarily forgetting that a man was sleeping on the same set of mattresses and pillows. The moment she stood up, she became increasingly aware of her body's soreness. She turned around to have a better view of the strange room she was in and her eyes landed on the bed she previously slept on. Upon seeing the full nakedness of the man's body, a sexy butt uncovered by the quilt she was holding, she screamed him awake.

"Gods, what is it woman?" he shouted angrily, grudgingly opening his eyes, displeased by the human alarm-clock who woke him from a much-coveted sleep without permission.

"Who are you?" she shrieked as she stood in one corner like a hunted rabbit, body covered by his comforter.

"What the…what are you doing in my room?" he demanded, before groaning at sharp headache compounded by an unsteady stomach.

"Well, you tell me! This is your room, isn't it?"

He turned around, chest-up, and frowned at his state of undress. He pulled the blanked over himself to get some decency. Where was his comforter anyway?

He glanced at the woman again. How could he forget?

He tried to get a grip on even just one fleeting memory of the night before but none would make itself known to him. So he had a terrible hang-over, a strange woman screaming her lungs out barely covered with a blanket, and no memories to explain the why's and how's to him.

"Oh God, please tell me you're an angel. I don't mind losing my virginity to an angel," she started rambling.

"Pardon?" he asked, looking at her as if she lost her mind. Of all the people he slept with, it was one who was recently released from a mental hospital. Or worse, a woman who had escaped from it.

"And I believed in marriage before sex! I was supposed to be a virgin until then! We did it, didn't we?" she accused him, her gray-blue eyes clouded with confusion.

"You're a virgin?" he asked in disbelief.

"Well, probably not anymore!"

"How old are you anyway?" He looked at her skeptically, one brow raised. She seemed to be in her twenties already, perhaps at twenty-four or five.

"That doesn't matter!"

The woman was clearly about to go into hysterics, if she hadn't already.

"Don't you remember anything?" He hoped she did. At least, if that was the case, then they could have answers to both their questions.

She was taking deep, loud breaths. "I...I don't know," was her broken reply.

"Would you please keep quiet and let us talk things over calmly. It's not as if I know what happened either," he said in frigid tones that effectively stopped her from breaking his glass windows with her voice.

Her attention was suddenly caught by a sheet of paper lying on top of the table beside her. Wordlessly she picked it up, as if she forgot his existence as she did so. He watched her every movement carefully and noticed the sudden widening of her eyes.

"Oh gods…" she muttered, loud enough for him to hear. "I'm married to a stranger."

Continued at chapter two...
(the following chapters are longer, I promise)

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