Yuki no Hana
Written by: Tranne Uchiha

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Chapter 1: Like A Rose


A forlorn sigh escaped from cherry pink lips.

The soft pitter-pattering of the rain on the roof lulled dull emerald eyes into a deep, troubled slumber.

"Please, Sasuke-kun…"

Droplets of water falling from the sky…

"I'm begging you… onegai…"

Sheets of water pouring down…

"I will do anything for you, anything at all! Just name it, onegai, Sasuke-kun… please…"

Chest silently heaving…

"I will help you with your revenge!"

Acting as a façade…

"Onegai, Sasuke-kun…"

Masking the tears…

"I love you with all my heart, Sasuke-kun! I love you! I'd die for you!"

How many times…


Why did…


How long had… been standing… beside…


A single, silent tear escaped her sealed eyes, trickling gently down the side of her face. It was followed by another. Then another. Then another. Her body slowly jackknifed into a fetal position, sobs racking her fragile frame. Loud, violent sobs escaped from her pursed lips, and she broke down once again. She squeezed her eyes close, blocking out the whole world and resigning into the deep darkness of her mind.

How long have I stood beside you, Sasuke-kun? How can you be so blind… how can you be like that… how can you… how can… you…

Haruno Kagura watched silently, wanting to reach out to her broken daughter, yet at the same time wanting to withdraw. As a mother, she felt compelled to cradle her precious jewel in her arms and soothe her pains one by one… but she knew… she knew that it was out of her hands. And it pained her to accept that fact. It was not for her to deal with. She needed someone else, someone who can heal all her pains, all her worries… all of it.

Sakura's sobs grew louder and louder by the minute, once again calling the attention of her father from downstairs. Her breathing hitched and grew ragged from exhaustion, but she kept on crying, pouring out tears. She clenched her fists tightly, her nails biting into the skin painfully and drawing out droplets of fresh, crimson blood. As her tired emerald eyes caught sight of the color, more and more tears gushed like rivers on her face.

Red… blood red… the color of his eyes… are blood red…

Haruno Ichido approached his wife, who, in turn, acknowledged his presence by giving him a sad glance, before averting her gaze and fixing it back on her daughter. She noticed the blood slowly dripping down her clenched hands. She winced slightly. This depression of hers, it was turning more and more harmful for her, not only emotionally, but also physically, and—unfortunately—psychologically.

"It's her seventh breakdown since Uchiha Sasuke left, anata," Ichido muttered, watching his daughter as well. "And that was only the day before yesterday."

"I know… I'm worried, anata, I'm not used to seeing our sunshine like this…" Kagura moaned, as if feeling her daughter's pain as well. "She fell in love. Ino's mother said that Ino cried, but it wasn't like this. The day after Uchiha left, Ino started seeing Shikamaru, you know, Nara's son. Ino even told me that she got over Sasuke a long time ago, and she only maintained it because of her rivalry with our little Sakura. She didn't even know that this could happen… she thought that Sakura wasn't in love…"

"But she was wrong," Ichido sighed, as if he knew about the issue. "It seems, as Kakashi's told me, that sunshine of ours has fallen deeply and madly in love with that boy… and that the boy seemingly returns those feelings, but left anyways. For his revenge against Uchiha Itachi."

Kagura nodded and was about to speak when she was cut off by a scream.

Sakura was screaming hard and long, her voice ragged and broken.

"HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME! HOW CAN YOU JUST TURN YOUR BACK ON ME! HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN HERE BESIDE YOU, DOING EVERYTHING FOR YOU!" she screamed, straining her vocal chords. She sat up and punched the wall repeatedly, her knuckles bleeding. The blood stained the pink wallpaper, standing out. "How, Sasuke-kun, HOW! HOW CAN YOU BE SO BLIND… HOW CAN YOU… DON'T YOU SEE? ALL ALONG… ALL ALONG, IT WAS ME WHO LOVED YOU! IT WAS ME! Me! Me… Only… only me…"

She screamed again, grabbing the nearest thing within the radius of her arms, and threw it at the wall. The small desk lamp's bulb shattered, and the wooden structure was ripped apart by the impact. She grabbed her pillow and lobbed it at her desk, breaking the glass of water and glass-spun vase. She lunged at the walls and scratched it, ripping the wallpapers and scoring the paint with her nails. She continued wreaking havoc in what used to be her little haven. Now it was nothing but a sanctuary for her worst nightmares.

"You left me all alone… you left me… left me… l-left… left…" Sakura moaned, sinking down to the floor and hugging her knees. "I'm left alone again… alone again… forever me… only me… everyone leaves me stranded… forgotten… abandoned… you left me BEHIND!"

She rubbed the blood on her hands and gently painted her surrounding with the color of red, the color of her own, staining the wallpaper and the pink-carpeted floor. She stared, eyes devoid of emotion, at the foot of her bed, where an unscathed photo frame of Team 7 lay, knocked off the bedside table. She crawled over and cradled it to her chest, hugging it like it was the last piece of treasure that she beholds. She continued in this state after so many minutes before placing a kiss on Sasuke's face and placing it back on the table. She placed her head down on the bed, staring up emptily at the photo.


Hyuuga Neji sighed.

How the friggin' hell did I get here again?

He was getting dragged by both Lee and Naruto towards the Haruno girl's house, apparently to check up on her. The rest of the Genins were following behind them, pushing him as well.

What do I care about her, anyways? I don't even KNOW her…

"Oi, dobe, stop this. I gotta get back to the Hyuuga mansion, Hiashi-sama will get mad at me," he growled.

Naruto stopped short. "DON'T call me dobe. Only he has got the right to call me that," Naruto mumbled the last part silently so that only Neji can hear. Neji raised an eyebrow. "And besides, I don't care whether your ass gets whipped by your freaky, white-eyed whatever relative, you're going with us to visit Sakura-chan and that's FINAL!"

Lee nodded exuberantly. It had been a few days after their arrival in Konoha from the failed mission to bring the missing nin Uchiha Sasuke back. And Shikamaru was still gloomy because his first mission as a Chuunin, and his first charge as a leader had failed. He had moped miserably inside his room, until both Ino and Temari came and screamed at his ears instead of cheering him up. But, as Naruto had said, the two females had inadvertently pulled him out of his moping state and back to his old self. God knows what they did.

Good God, these two knuckleheads are as annoying as one can ever be! thought Neji. If they don't shut their traps, I'll nail their heads open with my Jyuuken!

As they approached Sakura's house, however, Naruto stopped talking altogether, gulping nervously and fidgeting. Apparently, he knew that he was in for something when Sakura caught knowledge that they had failed the mission. Naruto had made a promise after all. Neji smirked. That's what you get for bragging too much.

Ino knocked gently on the door, waiting for whosoever to open. There were some shuffling sounds, before the door cracked open to reveal Sakura's mother and father.

"Kagura-oba-san, Ichido-oji-san, konnichiwa…" Ino bowed respectfully, and the rest of the gang followed suit. "Uhm… we just… wondered if we could see Sakura-chan?"

Kagura and Ichido looked at each other uncertainly, before something passed between them and the two sighed. Kagura nodded. "Of course… she's right upstairs, in her room…"

"We must warn you, though," Ichido whispered as they ascended the stairs. "You will not like what you'll see…"

Naruto scratched his head dumbly. "Huh…?"

Hinata giggled slightly, despite the depressing atmosphere inside the house. It seemed as if there was no sunlight inside, even if it was broad daylight. It was gloomy and had a desperate tingle with it.

They stopped short at a pink door, with a pink and red sign hanging in front, reading "Sakura". Ichido pushed open the door slowly. Ino gasped, as well as the others.

The room was a total wreck. The pink wallpaper was ruined, with scratches and blood all over them. The floor was bloodied as well, and the carpet's fluffy exterior was ripped out. The desk was dripping wet, papers torn and scattered on top and below it. The bed sheets were bloody and torn, and the pillows were emptied, the fluffy feathers still fluttering down like snow, as they were only just destroyed. Broken glass shards stuck out of the wooden desk and the floor, reflecting the faint light coming from a single ray of sunlight shining on the only thing intact within the room—the photo of Team 7.

Sakura sat in the middle of the mess she herself had made, hands bleeding freely, tears pouring down from her eyes and staining her porcelain white cheeks. Silent sobs still racked her body as she recovered from her most recent bout of breakdowns. Her pink and white nightgown was stained with fresh blood, her eyes puffed and red from crying. The usually bright and expressive emerald orbs lay impotent and dull, the fire within them extinguished completely. Her hair stuck out at odd places, ruffled and disheveled.

It would take a long, long time before she would be back in her old self. She could even probably remain that way, lifeless, for the rest of her life. The damage Sasuke had done was too immense to have a known remedy. It would not be remedied unless she would wake herself up, or love again.

"S-Sakura-chan… Sakura-chan, it's me, Ino…" Ino said, approaching her old best friend, careful not to tread upon the broken glass. "Sakura-chan, can you—"

"I can hear you just fine, Ino," she said in a flat, hoarse and emotionless voice. Her tears didn't cease from flowing, and her hands didn't stop from bleeding. "I'm not that defective. I'm not that weak."

"Sakura-chan, let me heal your hands," Ino said, reaching out to touch her hair. Sakura suddenly darted out of her reach and moved towards the bed, snatching the photo and holding it close to her chest, as if afraid that somebody would take it away from her.

"Sakura-chan…" Naruto muttered, shocked and sad at the same time for his favorite teammate. He averted his gaze. "I'm so sorry…"

Sakura stared at the photo, ignoring Ino's chiding and Tenten's persuading. They offered her food, offered to heal her hands, offered to give her a good time, but she refused them all. Refused or ignored. Shikamaru sighed, letting out a long stretch of breath in a slow blow. Being the smart one, he knew that there was no way to placate the girl unless she does it herself. Unless Sakura would get up and recover herself, she wouldn't improve, no matter what they'd do. She was physically okay, apart from her bleeding hands, but the damage was done, and it was inside.

"Ino, that is not going to work," Shikamaru finally blurted out. "That is not going to work..."

Ino looked at the boy as if he was raving mad. "What the hell do you think you're saying, you lazy ass?" Ino whispered fiercely, as if not wanting to wake somebody even though there was no one sleeping. "You're discouraging her! Here we are, trying to cheer her up, and then you say that? Well—"

"Will you two stop that?" Tenten snapped sharply, and the glared at the two, shutting them up. "We're not here to argue, ok?"

"Yeah, we're here to help Sakura-chan," Lee said, a determined fire appearing in his eyes once again.

"We're going to take her back to her old self," Naruto nodded enthusiastically, but he was not wearing that goofy grin on his face. He was just plain serious. And Naruto being serious is a serious problem. "We're going to take her out of that shell and help—"

"Shut it, dobe," Neji muttered, very Sasuke-like, that Sakura's head snapped up at the voice.

"Sasuke-kun…" she whispered hoarsely, staring at Neji. Neji stared back. They were silent for a while, the attention entirely on Neji and Sakura. As well as the tension.

For a while, Sakura felt as if Sasuke was there, standing beside that door, staring back at her fervently. Her eyes flared a little hope at the thought.

Neji stared back at the girl, catching a flare of hope in those entrancing yet dull emerald eyes. He wondered why he didn't notice those eyes before. They were… catchy. Uchiha must be a real bummer to have left this girl behind.

"Don't call me that," Neji finally spoke up. "I am not the Uchiha."

Sakura glared at him hard. "And what makes you think I'm calling you that? Sasuke-kun is Sasuke-kun!" she snapped, lying to herself and to everybody else. Neji smirked knowingly, seeing right through the statement. But he chose to ignore it.

Neji turned his attention back to Naruto. "There is no one who can help her, but herself. Well, that is, unless you can get the Uchiha back, which, unfortunately, we have all failed to accomplish. So, now that I've said what we're here to say, can we please go? As in, now?"

"Urusai, hyozan!" growled Naruto. "Watch your words!"

"Why, you going to hurt me?"

"If you don't shut the shut up, then yes, I most certainly will," Naruto hissed aggressively. "…hyozan," he added with a Neji-ish smirk.

"I'd like to see you try, dobe," Neji shot back heatedly.

Tenten groaned. "How many times do I have to tell you, we are not here to argue, we are here to cheer her UP!" she sighed. Pulling Neji and Naruto apart, she glared tightly at the others. "If I hear another word of contempt from any of you, I will make sure you meet the WRONG end of my katana!"

Dense silence followed. No one dared to break the icy, tense silence as they all watched each other. Even nature seemed to coincide with the silence, as the trees suddenly stopped swaying, the leaves ceased their rustling, and the birds stopped chirping. Even the wind piped down.

Sakura snorted silently. She rested her back against the wall. "I'd like it if you will leave…" she said, catching the gang's attention. "Can you do that for me? That'd cheer me up."

Ino looked at the girl hesitantly, eyeing her crumpled and tired form. Then she sighed in resignation. "Fine, Sakura-chan, we'll leave. But you get well soon, okay?"

Sakura merely stared at the photo of Team 7, memorizing Sasuke's face. She cocked her head to the side, smiling slightly as she brushed her fingers against the smooth glass over the photo paper, her fingers stopping just before Sasuke's smirking face. "Sasuke-kun…"

Ino and the others sighed silently, and Kagura started ushering them out. They went through one by one, bidding Sakura goodbye and get-well-soon wishes. Neji left last.

Neji stared hard at the girl, who was smiling naively at the photo, ignoring all their wishes and goodbyes. Apparently, there were times when she'd recede back to her world, where everything was peaceful, and everything was well, where it all went back to normal. Where Uchiha Sasuke stood by her side and cradled her when she slept. Where there were no worries, no problems, and no nothing. Where there was only her and him. Her and him.

Neji sighed. What if that him was me?

He stared for a couple more seconds, before shaking his head, frowning.

What the hell am I thinking? Ugh… that dobe must really be contagious… he's rubbing his idiocy on me…

He gave one last glance at the girl, and was startled when Sakura looked back at him, her eyes seeking an answer, sad and depressed. He sighed and shook his head, before walking out and closing the door.

Sakura walked through the streets of Konoha for the first time in weeks. After much hassle and convincing, Hinata, Ino and Tenten had managed to coax her out of her room and pull her to the Hyuuga household, where they were holding some kind of a girl's night chat. It was late in the afternoon, and she clutched her bag of sleeping clothes and Team 7's photo tightly in her hand as they walked through the streets. They avoided the crowded places for Sakura, but everywhere they went, people seemed to follow them around.

There were disturbing whispers and rumors running around the village regarding Uchiha Sasuke, the missing nin, and Haruno Sakura, the medic nin, soon-to-be apprentice of the Hokage. That is, if she recovered from her fall.

"Ignore them, Sakura-chan," chided Tenten, as some people went as far as pointing at her. "They don't know nothin'."

They approached the less crowded Hyuuga compound, where they were greeted with bows and nods from servants and family members. It was a miracle that Hyuuga Hiashi had allowed them inside the place, but they weren't ones to complain. They just obey and make the best of it.

Sakura snorted.

Hyuuga Hiashi allowed it because he wanted to see me, the girl who had ALMOST managed to pull Uchiha Sasuke from his revenge, the girl who's rumored to have been Mrs. Uchiha Sasuke, had he not left the village…

Covert gazes from darting eyes were thrown at her, the people thinking that she didn't know, that she didn't realize. That she was too caught up to even notice. She scoffed. Tenten is right… Sakura thought, glancing scathingly at several Sasuke fangirls who were sneering and leering at her. They know nothing.

They entered the house and went straight for the great hall, where they were welcomed by the Hyuuga council.

"Whoa…" Ino muttered. "For a girl's night chat, this seems pretty heavy."

"Otou-sama," Hinata bowed respectfully, and the three girls followed suit. "Konbanwa."

Hiashi just nodded at her daughter, before fixating his gaze on the pink-haired kunoichi who looked like she was right out of a comic book about tragedy. Sakura hadn't bothered to put on the slightest make up to cover up the eye bags under her eyes and she hadn't put eye drops to relieve the redness and puffiness of her eyes.

"Um… t-these are m-my friends," Hinata said in that small, timid voice of hers.

"I'd like it if they were to introduce themselves, Hinata," Hiashi said. It wasn't a statement, or a suggestion. It sounded more like a command.

Ino nudged Tenten, who glared at her, before introducing herself. "Konbanwa, I'm Koumi Tenten."

"Uhm… konbanwa, my name's Yamanaka Ino."

Sakura stood silent after Ino introduced herself. She was staring off to space again, unaware of her surroundings. Ino nudged her painfully in the ribs. "Ow!" Sakura snapped. "What do you want!"

"Introduce yourself," Hiashi commanded, slightly amused by Sakura's lack of fear. The other family members were whispering amongst themselves, apparently aware of the rumors about the girl.

Sakura's steely gaze snapped at Hiashi, her temper, which was relatively close to the surface these past few days, rising once again. She faced him squarely. "Haruno Sakura. Genin. Soon-to-be apprentice of Tsunade-sama. Member of Cell 7, or otherwise known as Team Kakashi," Sakura recited, her voice and face devoid of emotion. "What else do you want to know?"

"So you are Haruno Sakura," Hiashi nodded. "I wonder what the Uchiha saw in you."

"Apparently, he saw nothing in me, because he left," Sakura snapped, starting to get hotheaded again. She saw a pair of familiar white eyes among the other white eyes inside the room. Neji was standing behind Hiashi's seat, having passed through the back door of the hall.

"Feisty, are you? I've heard a lot about you lately," Hiashi answered.

"Apparently. Or else you would be interested in a mediocre Genin like me. And you wouldn't allow Hinata to take us here. I'm not that dumb, Hiashi, I can put two and two together. You won't wheedle any information about Sasuke-kun out of me, because I know nothing. And if I did know, I would die before I give it to you," Sakura snapped back heatedly. "Hinata-chan, come on, let's go to your room. I don't want to stay with these people," she said, pulling Hinata back through the door. She stopped short before it. "You need to work on your manners, Hiashi. Learn how to ask properly and say 'please'."

And with that, she walked out and turned her back on the Hyuuga's council.

Neji walked through the halls of the Hyuuga mansion, basking in the silvery moonlight slithering through every crack and opening they could find. He sighed gently as he savored the silence of the night, which was really very rare inside this mansion and this village. There were lots of distractions… Naruto, the loudmouth of Konoha… the gossiping servants always giggling and whispering in corners… Hiashi barking orders at him to train… the council shooting disapproving glances at him while whispering(apparently they find it insulting to have the Branch family represent the Hyuuga clan)… and recently, the troublesome girls squealing and laughing and chatting away in Hinata's room, which was, unfortunately enough, right beside his. He was ordered to sleep right beside Hinata's chamber, as he was supposed to protect the mistress.

He slipped out of his room, ordering several guards to station around Hinata's chambers, before taking his relaxing walk around the compound. It was indeed a spacious place, able to house the whole of the Hyuuga clan. But from what he had heard previously, the Uchiha clan had the same size of compound, if not, larger and grander. After all, they were filthy rich.

He sighed as he approached a bend. He recognized this bend as the music and arts quarter. He silently padded across the corridor and followed the bend to two large doors, one leading towards the art gallery, and the other towards the music room. He heard some rustling and his eyes narrowed, pulling out a kunai from inside his robe. He peeked through the half-open music room door, and was met with a beautiful sight.

Sakura was sitting on the piano bench, brushing her fingers over the keys of the cola piano lightly. She was wearing a yukata, her hair cascading down her back like an angel's. She sighed, her plump lips parting slightly to let the air escape and form a sad smile.

She started playing.

Watashi nara daijoubu I'll be alright
Isogashiku shiteru kara Because I can keep busy

Ganbatte iru yo Always hanging on
Sou, yakusoku shita kara Yes, because of the promise you made
Demo kyuu ni, nakitaku naru keredo But now, I don't want to cry anymore
Kimi to wakarete kara Because we're far apart

Subete ga kawatta mitai de It seems as though everything has changed
Toori sugiru kaze no nioi mo Even the scent of the breeze that passes me by

Chikatetsu no zattou mo And the crowds of people on the subway

Neji watched silently as she played, her fingers, despite the wounds, expertly flowing through the keys and producing a flawless sound. He supposed it was like throwing a kunai; once you get the hang of it, you can't forget how it's done, no matter what the circumstance.

He watched her porcelain white face, bluish under the silvery moonlight slithering through the half-opened windows. He observed her closed eyes, her long eyelashes, that pert little nose, her rosy, smooth cheeks, and those full cherry lips. He wondered how sweet they would taste against his.

Machigai ja, nakatta yo ne? It was a mistake, was it?
Kasaneatte ita setsunasa mo subete All those times we met… everything was suffocating me
Ima wa mada, omoide to yobenai Even now, I just cannot call up those memories
Kuchimiro ni nukumori ga kienai uchi wa… The warmth of your lips just won't disappear…

Kimi wa itsumo muri suru kara Because you always push yourself
Taisetsu na mono wo miushinaun da yo You lose sight of what is dear to you
Kondo mata dareka ai suru toki And now, when there comes a time when you love another
Mou ichido ano koro wo omoidaishete ne Just once more, remember that time…

Itsuki kimi to deaeru hi wa Someday, I want to smile again
Taiyou no you ni hohoendeitai… Like the sun on the day when I met you…

She slowly opened her eyes, a single tear escaping and dripping down on the piano keys. It made an oddly hollow sound that made her smile. She caught sight of faint movement by the door and pulled out a kunai, lobbing it at the person.

Neji caught it between his two fingers, smirking at her mockingly as he moved into the light. She breathed a definite sigh of relief, seeing as it was only Neji.

"You made quite a show back there, smart mouth," Neji smirked, playing with the kunai in his hand.

"So? What's it to you?"

"Oh, not much… I was just pleased that at least someone's got the nerve to stand up to Hiashi," Neji scoffed. "He tends to get a little… off hand… sometimes."

"You mean no one stands up to him? Ridiculous," Sakura muttered, pushing her hair back from her face. "Just because he's the head of the Hyuuga clan, doesn't mean that he can't be crossed. He just won't be crossed."

"Daring, huh?"


"I didn't know you could play."

"There's much you don't know about me, Neji," Sakura snorted. "I mean, Hyuuga-nii-san."

Neji groaned. "I hate it when people call me 'nii-san'. It's not like I'm that old… am I?"

"Yes," smirked Sakura. Neji glared at her. "What? I'm telling the truth… you're older than me."

"Neji's fine."

"Fine. Neji."


They stared at each other for a while, before Sakura broke the gaze and stood up, walked over to the door and passed Neji.

"Where are you going?"

"Out… in the gardens…"

Neji followed her through the silent house, admiring her beauty all the while. Uchiha, you are a total buzz kill to have left her here… I have to thank you, though… he thought, smirking.

A moderate rain kicked up, yet the clouds did not obscure the moon. Sakura stepped out into the rain and walked through the lawn, and stopped right at the middle. She gazed down at the red rose on the grass, crushed and exposed under the rain. She spread out her arms.

"Sasuke-kun… where are you? Can you hear me? Why did you leave me? You left me… under the rain… you left me…" Sakura mumbled, throwing back her head and savoring the cold sensation of the light patter of the rain. "Underneath the waves… I can still feel you, Sasuke-kun… underneath the waves, and the sky… underneath everything…"

Neji watched her as she mumbled gently in the rain, not minding if she got sick. Her yukata, soaked wet, clinging to her body tightly, outlining her developing curves. Her hair stuck to the sides of her face, one stubborn strand splayed across her face.

Neji stepped into the rain, slowly walking towards her. He ignored the rain; it wasn't hard since the water was quite warm and comforting. He ignored the feeling of his hair sticking to his bare neck, and the heavy weight of the long mane on the back of his head. The breeze was warm, and so, even though he was just in a robe, he didn't feel cold.

He stopped right in front of her, smiling slightly as she ignored him and raised her arms to the rain, her bandaged hands clutching at the water and then letting it go. Neji reached out and pushed the rebellious strand of hair across her face, catching her startled attention. She gazed at him questioningly, baffled by his action. Neji grabbed her hands and placed them on his shoulder, before engulfing her in a hug.

"I'll do my best to heal your pain, Sakura," he whispered through the gentle pitter-pattering of the rain. "I promise."

Sakura stared, her head tucked into the crook of his neck. And then, she slowly relaxed and accepted the comforting embrace, feeling light and free for the first time in weeks. Neji smiled and tucked his head into the fragrant hollow of her neck.

Sakura smiled. Smiled and closed her eyes, accepting the blessings of the moonlight.

Like a crushed rose, she was left behind, underneath the rain…

"Thank you, Neji."

…like a blooming rose, she was found and picked, yet again, underneath the rain.


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