Yuki no Hana
Written by: Tranne Uchiha

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Chapter Two: Blooming Through the Snow
The sun shone brightly unto the Hyuuga household, and the birds were chirping throughout the whole compound. The flowers in the garden are showing their wonderful, beautiful faces while swaying with the gust of wind that blew against them. Leaves were scattering everywhere, coloring everything in their paths with green and brown.

In the far end of the mansion lay the room of the Head's daughter, Hyuuga Hinata. The girls were all still sleeping soundly, each one curled up in a different position. Regardless of the busy morning and the bright rays of the sun hitting their room, all of them were still dwelling in their own paradise, in their dreamland.

Sakura, being the medic nin of the group was the first to wake up. She was used to waking up early since her work requires her to be awake earlier than the roosters' cocking. It was a real tough life, a very rough one, and added up with the disappearance of the only survivor of the Uchiha clan… unimaginable.

Sitting up on her futon, she adjusted her eyes to the scenery, the bright rays of the sun hitting her face. Her hair was loosely flowing through her back; cheeks still reddish from the incident that night. Her eyes were dried up from crying, crying for Sasuke. After a while, a small chuckle escaped her lips when she saw Ten Ten rolling on the floor, closed eyes and still asleep, she was mumbling some words which were unclear and she got back to her deep slumber, it seems she is the only one who got up very early.

Gazing upon the ceiling, she noticed the decorations inside the room. It was fantastic. There are decorations all around, and it looks like they had so much fun, judging from all the food and drinks scattered on the floor, how sad it was that she missed all of this yesterday. Smiling to herself, she abruptly realized what happened that night.

Hyuuga Neji.

The thought lingered in her for about a second, and then, she looked down and stared at her feet, remembering what happened to both of them.


"You shouldn't tell this to Hinata and the others..." Neji said while stroking the hair of the apprentice of the Hokage.

"Why?" Sakura asked, looking into the dark eyes of the Hyuuga prodigy.

"You are not yet ready right? And I assume they would be all shock to know this."

"I know… alright, I won't tell them."

Sakura snuggled closer to the Hyuuga, and they stood there for so long until the rain got on their nerves, soaking them wet. Looking for the signal of the Hyuuga to enter the house, they walked in, Neji still holding Sakura, and Sakura clinging to him.

Walking towards their own rooms, they realized their awkward positions, and they separated immediately and looked both left and right, front and back. Finally assured that no one saw them, they started walking again.

Upon reaching the door of Hinata's room, they bid each other goodnight.

Sakura smiled weakly, and gave the Hyuuga a peck on the cheek.

:..End of Flashback..:

Sakura darted her eyes again.

'Still sleeping, I wonder if Neji is already awake…'

Standing up, she felt the urge to waking up her friends.

'Might as well wake them up, I am sure they don't want to miss breakfast.'

The Hyuuga prodigy smiled to himself as he reminisce his memories of yesterday. He was already out on the grounds, training. He shot a few targets with his kunai and shurikens. He also sparred with one of his relatives, which he won easily.

Satisfaction was the word to describe the feeling of Neji. Quickly he sat up into his favorite position, ready for his most favorite routine.


Neji closed his eyes and let his body relaxed for so long, he winced in annoyance as his body was doing the exact opposite of his intentions.

'Tsk! What's happening to me? Yesterday I was not like this… why now'

He snapped open his eyes, and let himself appreciate the beauty around him.

Looking around he noticed something pink blossoming in the tree. It was a cherry blossom.


Accepting defeat against his thoughts, he stood up and walked inside the household.

'I better take a bath, Hiashi will not be pleased if I present myself as a ragged branch family member. Damn, I feel so filthy!'

Walking towards the shower, he was greeted by some of the maids and servants. He quickly took his clothes from a servant girl, then went straight to the shower, closed the door, and locked.

Sakura was waking her friends up, when she heard Neji's door open.

'He is here'

She gently crept through the walls to eavesdrop on Neji. Apparently, she did not see the can of coke under her feet, and she slipped her big butt hitting hardly on the floor, creating a loud thud unto the floor.

Upon the impact, she screamed, which startled all the other people in the room.

Hinata was the first to wake up, and she immediately ran to her friend who is in pain. Gently, she held Sakura's back and asked her if she was ok.

Sakura looked up seeing Hinata holding her, but she could not speak a word since she bit her tongue.

"Daijoubou Sakura-chan?"


"What happened here?" Ten Ten rubbed her eyes as she too was awoken by the loud thud.

Ten Ten was looking so childish with her pajama sticking through her body. Her hair was messy and disheveled.

On the other hand, Hinata was looking like a witch, with her hair looking so messy added that it was so long, so long that Naruto even complains about it. Still, she looked as all right as ever in the morning. It was no doubt that she was already that dobe's girlfriend, since she was wearing his favorite color, orange.

Ino was somewhat out of this world when she woke up; she was mumbling some words, which made the other three sweat drop. She was telling them about things that were really funny, she said out loud that she likes Shikamaru, and she was having heart shapes in her eyes.

Finally, Sakura stood up, and told everybody that she was all right.

Dressing up in their usual outfits, they were greeted by one of the servants and told them that breakfast was ready.

One by one, they stepped out of the room, the first one to got out was the jolly and a hopping Ino, the second was the weapons master, still yawning from last night's activity. The third one was Hinata, who was smiling. The last was Sakura, as she went out; she glanced at the room of Neji and stared over the door wishing that he would come out soon. But no one came out; instead she was pulled by Ino who was now very hungry that she could eat a whole pig, as she describes it.

Reaching the dining area, they were greeted by Hinata's father who shot a glare over at Sakura. Upon noticing this, Sakura returned it with a smirk that she learned from Sasuke, which made Hiashi to leave the area, leaving the four girls and a Neji sitting at the chair.

Sakura saw Neji and gave him a warm smile. Instead of acknowledging it, the Hyuuga prodigy did not even turn his head, and his eyes were blank and cold staring at the food before him. Realizing the girl's stares, he got up and walked out of the room. Typical Hyuuga Neji actions, once a Hyuuga always a Hyuuga.

The four girls who were left, was now seated at their seats, each one having a different dish on their tables, together with some hot tea, and a bowl of rice. The menu was according to the wish of their Mistress Hinata, of course nothing more can be expected to being the most gallant family and as the richest family in Konoha.

"Tsk! First he was gentle, and then became romantic, like some kind of a knight in shinning armor, and now a cold jerk, what a bastard! He… he reminds me of Sasuke…DARN IT!" Sakura pounded hard on the table, receiving stares from the people inside the quiet room. Realizing her abrupt actions, she gracefully stood up, eyes on her feet, and walked silently into reaching the door. She bid goodbye to her friends, telling them that she will just be outside taking a walk; she'll be back after sometime. And with that, she left the room, not even bothering to take a bite from the food that was served, not even gulping a sip of hot tea to ooze her bad mood.

Outside, Neji was pondering his thoughts as he recalls what had happened earlier. He unknowingly out of the blue wondered why he did such actions; it made him realize that he was now becoming more and more like the Uchiha bastard!


Seeing the rocky road ahead of him, he only felt more frustrated, for he was now having an intellectual battle whether he apologizes or not. Looking at his path, he saw a very round rock; the color was the eyes of the missing Uchiha. Anger overtook him, without further actions, he violently kicked the small rock, pouring all his anger into it. Sending it flying hard and high.

Smirking through his actions, the Hyuuga waited for the rock to land, wishing that it was some bastard who was going to be hit, and unfortunately, he hit something, which was not his target, the only one that he shouldn't have hit, a girl.

"Oh gods, who the hell is this this time" he closed his eyes and examined the scream of the girl, "So annoying! I'm becoming like HIM every minute! Drat!"

Spitting, he continued his task.

Sakura was walking slowly towards the deeper part of the mansion, eyeing everything on her path; she saw the hidden beauty of nature, smelling all the fragrance that reached her nose, she felt contented and happy. The trees are big and tall, and the flowers are in bloom, her hair was swaying now with the wind, making a rhythm of their own, the cold breeze of the morning hitting her face gently as she approaches her destination.

"This is life..."

Sakura's mind continued to drift off, taking her attentions and worries away from two boys. Upon looking at the sky, she felt her stomach grumble, and remembered that she hadn't had any breakfast because of that prat! Clutching through her stomach, she did not realized that something was on her way, ready to hit her.


A flying rock was now nearing her way, and BOOM! Of all the part it could have hit, it was her most precious, and most treasured large forehead.


"My day is getting worst and worst by the minute!" her loud scream sent all the birds flying through the air, going through different directions. If only the trees can run, and the flowers can fly, then they would have not been thrown and blown away by the loud scream, and plus the power punch of the strongest girl in Konoha, not even a little ant could survive such drastic experienced.

Neji, hearing the scream, quickly averted his mind to the source of the most adorable voice in history, a shout that was heard through miles, even nearing to break the eardrums of the Hyuuga. Searching through his mind, he realized that he really hit a bull's eye there and it was one of the most dangerous human being ever lived, it was the voice that belonged to his cherry blossom.


Quickly, he ran through the woods and trees, shocked and in disbelief that one half of the garden was now ripped apart, and in the center of the circle, he saw Sakura was now fuming and cursing, ready to kill any other most unfortunate species that would cross her path. Swallowing an amount of his saliva, he faced his most terrifying experienced, his victim.

"Sakura…" Neji said while approaching the kunoichi.

Sensing a body near her, Sakura formed to her fighting stance and ready to fight her enemy, until as she realized, it was only Neji.

Of all the people, it was the man who ruined her beautiful day, the man named Hyuuga Neji.

"Hey, Ten Ten…." Ino called Ten Ten as she devoured her food into her mouth, savoring each one, tasting all the flavors individually before swallowing.


Turning her head towards Ino, she took hold of her teacup to her face, smelling the fresh aroma of the green forest right under her nose.

"What do you suppose happened between Sakura and Neji? They've been behaving a little weird…"

"Go straight to the point already you pig, can't you see that I am concentrating on smelling my freshly made green tea?"

Upon hearing her voice, Ten Ten burst out laughing, as she knew she teased her best friend the most annoying nickname ever ringed into Ino's ear; being called a pig.

'I wonder why she hates being called a pig? Her name means that anyway… what does she likes… A boar?'

"Hey you! I thought you are my best friend!" Ino stood up ready to charge full fists over at Ten Ten.

Hinata, feeling the sudden red and hot atmosphere of the two, made her heave a heavy sigh and have a sweat drop.

'Oh boy! Here we go again, will they ever stop fighting…'

Readying herself to stop Ino, she realized that Ino was now choking because of eating too much food, acting like a rabbit, she hopped throughout whole the whole room.

Focusing her hands, Ten Ten threw a kunai over Ino's path, stopping her jumping spree, and taking this chance, she Ino's back, letting her cough a couple of times.

"Where was I…" coughing one last time, she regained her usual self. Ino sat back in her seat and started talking about the question bugging her mind.

"About Neji and Sakura?" Hinata asked.

"Oh right, well, as you can see, something is unusual about the two of them, they are like… a couple… who does not want to be discovered…"

"Oh shut up! We all know that Sakura loves that Uchiha, how can she overcome it with just one night? I mean… Get real girl."

"Ten Ten, you are such a slow reader! Can you not see all the staring they gave each other today? Or were you just blind, such a shame to be the most accurate shooter in all of Konoha, if there is a snake beneath you, you would have died already."

"Why you, you are just a boar that can't even chew food properly!"

"Whatever! We'll argue later, but first, can you please recall all the events earlier?" Ino pouted.

Pausing a little, the weapon's master recalled all the events earlier, and she smiled to herself, as she realized the connection of her teammate, to the only girl member of the late team seven.

'I see….'

"You are right after all Ino! I did not know…"

"See I told you!" laughing Ino felt proud, sensing something like that without anybody noticing the two, and being praised by other people.

"…I didn't know… that BOARS have brains!"

Reaching her climax, a vein popped out of Ino's head and was now flaming in anger, fire were now raging at her background.

While the girls were arguing, Hinata just stayed quiet and absorbing and observing everything that the two girls had converse.

'Maybe Neji is the key to Sakura's happiness; after all, we can't predict people's feelings…"

Smiling to herself, Hinata continued listening to her friend's arguments, with hope shining in her eyes.

Neji was now facing Sakura, a very frustrated flower indeed; observing her posture, Neji continued his talk.

"Sakura… What happened?" asked Neji, looking innocently towards Sakura even though he knew well enough what had happened.

The kunoichi turned her head, and listened to the words that Neji spoke. Finally, after regaining her usual self, she replied back to the Hyuuga.

"As you can see…" pointing at her forehead, she continued her talk. "… Some imbecile brat had thrown a rock at me, I do not know if that brat was just blind or just plainly…. a brat! I don't care who that person is, all I know is that I'm going to kick his butt!"

Anger once again took over Sakura, exposing her inner self more freely.

"Look at my precious forehead! Look at what happened to me, of all the things to hit my body!"

Neji stared blankly at Sakura, blinking for about a couple of times, a smile crept his face and he turned out bursting in laughter as to how he was talking to, the real Sakura.

Seeing this herself, and realizing her childish attitude, Sakura joined in the chorus of laughter.

"Sorry about earlier…"

"It's alright Neji…"

"Friends?" Sakura stated.



"More than friends…" Neji teased.

Hearing this, Sakura blushed beating red with a frown pasted on her face.

'Stop this Neji… I… I… I'm….'

Uneasiness overcame Sakura, confusion lingered her mind, but being the good actress she was; her lips formed a smile, a very tempting smile.

Neji stared at the sky, focusing his thoughts onto the new and most important information he had just learned, he sure is going to remember this for the rest of his life.

Never ever hit Sakura's forehead if you want to stay alive and breathing.

At the distance, 3 pairs of eyes were watching intently onto the couple.

Murmuring to her friends, Ino stared at them using her most powerful sets of eyes, she delivered a message to the other two with an I TOLD YOU SO TEN TEN! YOU ARE SO DAMN WRONG.

Noticing this stare, Hinata and Ten Ten looked at each other and said the five words that Ino was wanting to hear ever since at breakfast.

"So… What's the plan girls?"

Giggling, Hinata urged the girls to form a circle, and they shared all their secret tactics.

One for Neji, the proclaimed current Hyuuga clan genius and Byakugan Ultimate Master.

And one Sakura, the broken hearted Haruno, the soon-to-be-best-medic-nin and apprentice of the current Hokage.

After a few minutes, the girls were now having smirks in their faces.

Operation Neji-Sakura coupling in action!

Sakura's stomach grumbled in hunger, as she was really very hungry. Not eating breakfast at a very busy day… that's something.

Neji, being the observant of the two, straightened his body and got hold of Sakura's hands.

"I think you are hungry my cherry blossom, so let me get you some food. I know a place where we can eat peacefully, and the scenery is magnificent."

The two continued to walk silently, as they got deeper and deeper into the forest. Chills went through Sakura making her clutch onto Neji's hakama. Neji in return, gave Sakura his warmest hug.

The trail to the deeper part of the woods continued. Soon enough, noises like water trickling water reached her ears, making her runn straight ahead, like a kid who had just received a new toy. Sakura excitedly entered the most sacred part of the whole estate.

A paradise on earth.

Adjusting to the light of the sun, Sakura gasped in adoration. Looking at the birds of different kinds were flying back and forth, flowers blooming and exposing their colorful skins to the earth radiating it with the light; it's like they had a rhythm of their own. Trees were all tall and big, the leaves were as fresh as the fishes in the river nearby, filled with the colors of green, the color of life. Waterfalls were gushing out loud, sending droplets of water to her face, while deafening her with its silent screams. Fishes were swarming all over the water, popping out and diving back in, like they were one big family.

Slowly, the kunoichi crept through the place silently, afraid of destroying the beauty of nature just like what she had done earlier. Peace and tranquility surrounded the whole area, making her forget all her anger and hatred even for a short period of time.

Not even in her life did Sakura see such magnificence, blinding her with its glory. The soft green grasses were so enticing, making her want to lie down on the ground, on the dewy, fresh grass.

Neji soon arrived at the so-called paradise. Not wanting to disturb his love, he watched her intently, playing with all the flowers in the place, splashing the waters around her, making faces and getting herself wet.

Unknowingly, Sakura was now behind Neji, ready to startle him. But much to her dismay, he sensed her coming and just returned her actions with his most warming smile and hug.

"You are hungry right? Wait here I'll get you something to eat."

Shocked at the actions of Neji, she returned Neji's embrace, and positioned herself in the security of Neji's body.

After a while, the two parted at the same time, realizing all their actions and conversations, they blushed like tomatoes.

"Neji, thank you…"



"I'll be back."

With that, Neji left Sakura as he searched for his princess's food.

Many minutes had passed and Neji had not yet returned and boredom took over Sakura. Situating herself on the biggest rock, her lips opened, and beautiful tones escaped her lips.

Tatoeba ne namida ga koboreru hi ni haEven if there are days when the tears roll down my cheeks
Sono senaka wo hitorijime shitai kedo I want to have your back all for myself, but
Yasashisa ha tokidoki zankoku dakara because kindness is also cruel sometimes
Motomeru hodo kotae wo miushinau I lose sight of the answer the more I search for it
Ameagari no machi niji ga mieru nara If you can see the rainbow in the town after the rain
Ima arukidasou nani ka ga hajimaru let's start walking now, something is about to begin

Kimi ga iru kara asu ga aru kara because I have you, because I have tomorrow
Hitorikiri ja ikite yukenai kara because I can't live on all alone
Konna ni chikaku ni kanjiru sore ga, ai deshou I feel you so close by me, I guess that's love
Namida no kazu no itami wo kimi ha shitteru kara Because you know how much pain tears can bring
Sukitooru sono me no naka ni tashika na imi wo sagashite I want to find a smile in your transparent eyes
Egao mitsuketai as I search for a definite meaning in them

Nani mo iwanai de mo konna kimochi ga Although it'd be good if these feelings found their way into your heart
Kimi no mune ni tsutawareba ii no ni without me needing to speak a word,
Sukoshizutsu machi ha iro wo kaeru kedo The colour of the town changes little by little but
Hora omoide ga mata hitotsu fueta see, our memories have again increased by one

Kimi no kotoba no hitotsu hitotsu wo Because now I can embrace every word that you said
Ima ha dakishimerareru kara kitto I'm sure that we'll come closer to each other
Futari de kasaneatte iku sore ga, ai deshou I guess that's love
Dare mo shiranai ashita ga matte iru to shite mo Even if a tomorrow that nobody knows is waiting for us
Daijoubu mou nakanai de it's all right, don't cry anymore
Kimi to te to te wo tsunaide we'll join hands
Aruiteku zutto and keep walking on forever

Futo shita shunkan tsunoru kimochi ja naku It isn't something that builds up in an instant
Sukoshizutsu sodatete iku mono da ne but a feeling that grows a little at a time,
Aisuru kimochi ha the feeling called love

Kimi ga iru kara asu ga aru kara Because I have you, because I have tomorrow
Hitorikiri ja ikite yukenai kara because I can't live on all alone
Konna ni chikaku ni kanjiru sore ga, ai deshou I feel you so close by me, I guess that's love
Namida no kazu no itami wo kimi ha shitteru kara Because you know how much pain tears can bring
Sukitooru sono me no naka ni I want to find a smile in your transparent eyes
Tashika na imi wo sagashite egao mitsuketai as I search for a definite meaning in them

Finishing her song, Neji clapped his hands at what he heard, absorbing all the words of the music she had sung.

"That is the second time I heard you sing…"

"Yes… I know…"

"Maybe you should join the singing contest at the festival this Saturday…"


"And why is that? I'm sure you'll win, with that angelic voice of yours."

"I'm a judge there you know, and besides, I never sing just for anybody, I sing it to the people important to me."

Sakura smiled and helped herself with the fruits that Neji just picked.

"What the!"

"What is it this time pig?" Ten Ten answered back.

"Such a fast boy ain't he? I admit, he's quite quick on his feet…" Ino said, smirking to her friends.

"You know Ino, I don't think they even need our help..." Hinata butted in.

"No way! I promise, I'll become their matchmaker, and you two shall be the small cupids! Haha!"

Laughing all the way, Hinata and Ten Ten just sweat dropped, no one can stop such person like Ino.


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Song: Sore Ga, Ai Deshou

Singer: Hamasaki Ayumi

Tranne Uchiha