The Masked Phoenix

The Masked Phoenix

Part II: From the Ashes

I do not own Sailor Moon or Ronin Warriors. Vincent and Rowena, however, I made them up!

They looked around their surroundings. It was cold and it looked so weird. The smell of some kind of chemical stung their nose.

"Where are we?" Sailor Moon demanded.

They heard some scrapping noises followed by a low growl. A four-legged translucent, pale green beast walked on past them. It looked a bit like an alligator except that its legs were longer. On its tail were red spots.

"Don't move," Sekhmet warned, "you'll upset it."

Sekhmet's warning however, did upset the beast and it growled as it scurried to the group. It opened its mouth to reveal fangs, dripping with some kind of poison. Everyone froze. Everyone made uneasy groans.

"Hold," a voice said and the best stopped and turned around to the voice. "Ixater, you bad little Madak." The master scolded its pet. "That is now how we welcome our guests." A woman with long silvery hair petted the beast. "I'm sorry if my watch dog scared you."

Sailor Moon was surprised that the alien being was being friendly after what they were doing to their solar system. "You're from the planet Soahc?" she asked.

"That I am," she was wearing some strange black suit that somewhat looked like the Madak's skin. On her ear was a transmitter to understand what the others were saying and they could understand their words. She had a strange symbol, something like an 'S' lying on its side with a vertical line going through it. (No, not the money symbol)

"What do you want with us?" Sailor Mars demanded.

"You have a strong planet," she replied, "and an incredible solar system. My planets and solar system are dying and we need to drain others of their power."

"You have no right!" Sailor Jupiter shouted, "this is our planet, our solar system and we're just not going to let you destroy it!" she stepped forward and lunged toward the woman, "Jupiter Lightning Strike!" she threw her spear to the woman's direction and a force field went around her and pushing away the spear. She had pale blue eyes that glowed as she pushed Sailor Jupiter back.

"I was being friendly with you," she hissed, "I brought you to my ship to talk, not to fight! But if you will rather fight then---"

"Stop, Mother!" a young woman with a long skirt showing her legs and a midriff top in a light blue color shouted. "Please don't!"

She turned around, "Igilia, what are you doing?"

"I was scared and I heard you talking to someone in here," she replied. "You told me that you were going to find someone that could help us? Are these the ones?" She had the same symbol on her forehead, the symbol of "Soahc," their planet. (It's pronounced so-hawk if any of you are wondering.)

"Yes, but they do not want to help," she said. "I was going to offer them to stay at our planet if they let us take the energy from all of theirs."

"We can't let you do that," Sailor Mercury said, "We can't just let you steal everything from 9 planets just to save three! What makes your planet so wonderful?!"

"Silence!" the woman growled.

"Wait," Sailor Moon said, "is there another way to save your solar system without putting ours in danger?"

"We've tried to think of that," she said, "but there is no other alternative."

"They won't help us?" Igilia asked with a frown. She had a communicator on her ear also.

"You've already drained life and energy from the planet Pluto," Kale growled, "and it nearly killed the one person I care more about than life itself! You actually expect us to hand over our worlds to you?"

"Just who are you anyway?" Sailor Uranus demanded.

"I am Lulura," she replied, "the Queen of Soahc."

"Look, Lulura," Sailor Moon said, "we can't let you do this to our worlds. There are 7 billion people on Earth and…"

"None on the other eight," Lulura interrupted, "Eight wonderful planets that go to waste because there is nothing living on it."

"Humans cannot live on the other planets," Rowen said, "It's not possible. Mercury is too close to the sun and it has no atmosphere. It's too hot in the day and freezing at night. Venus has too thick of an atmosphere and it is always too hot. Mars is too cold and we couldn't breathe the air. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have no land; just air and water. Pluto is too far away from the sun."

"Hmm," Lulura said, "That's perhaps why it didn't give us much power. It had nothing of value."

"Hey!" Trista shouted, "it was the planet that gave me the power to become Sailor Pluto and you ruined it! Now there is no time or space! It may mean nothing to you, but it's something to me!"

"You'll upset the balance if you drain all these planets," Neptune said "there would be nothing left of them. They wouldn't even be planets anymore."

"I think they're right," Igilia said, "Mother, there must be some other way."

"Soahc, Lotor and Talki are all dying," Lulura said, she lowered her eyes to the floor, "there won't be anything left of them either and as Queen, I have no choice but to take all of what you have, even I will have to destroy to get it!" she raised her eyes and clenched her fist. "Your planets will be all be eliminated when I'm through!" the whole ship began to rumble as a dark purple energy glowed in her hand.

"Mars Heat Seek and Destroy!" Sailor Mars sent an arrow of heat, pluming toward Lulura. Though Lulura moved for something to cover her, the heat-seeking arrow followed her where she tried to hide. It hit her straight in her abdomen. "You can run, but you can't hide from my heat seeking arrows!"

Lulura growled and pulled the arrow out of her abdomen. It burned her hand but the wound in her belly and on her hand healed, "is that the extent of your powers?" she demanded, crushing the arrow.

Sailor Mars gasped, "How did you do that?"

"Foolish earthling," Lulura snarled. "I'm much stronger than you realize. The beings of Soahc are more powerful than earthlings. Our powers exceed yours."

"We're not just ordinary earthlings," Sailor Mars huffed, "we are the sailor scouts!"

"We fight for love and justice!" Sailor Venus snapped.

"We protect our world and everything around it!" Sailor Jupiter shouted.

"We will not let you win!" Sailor Mercury hissed.

"And in the name of the universe," Sailor Moon began.

All the sailor scouts took a deep breath and screamed, "WE WILL PUNISH YOU!"

"And I am Tuxedo Mask!" Tuxedo Mask grunted, "the defender of Earth!"

The Ronin Warriors sighed as they rolled their eyes, "you forgot us." Kento shouted in a whisper.

"We're the Ronin Warriors," Ryo said, "and we…fight!"

The Warlords nearly laughed, "We don't need to introduce ourselves," Kale said, "we'll destroy you in a matter of moments anyway."

Lulura smiled then grinned. She let out a few giggles and her head rose in maniacal laughter. "Did you hear that, Ixater?" she asked her pet Madek, "they think they can destroy me! The Queen of Soahc!"

"Go ahead and laugh!" Sailor Strata Moon shouted, "Moonbeam Shock Wave!" blue waves started to grow up her body and then to her scepter. It shot a giant beam to Lulura. Lulura held up her hand, taking the blast and sent it back at Sailor Strata Moon. "Ghuugh." She fell into the wall of the ship.

Vincent ran to help her up, "you alright?"

"I'm fine," she got up on her own, "I don't need your help."

Vincent stepped back in surprise. "Oh."

Neo Moon looked at her sister as if to say, 'hey, be nice!'

Strata Moon kicked herself for being rude. "Thanks, though."

"That was my sister you just ran down!" Neo Moon snarled, "Moon Rose Thorn Aim!" she pulled her scepter up and sent moonbeams and thorny roses heading straight to Lulura's face. "Take that!"

Lulura caught on of the roses before it scratched her face, "lovely," she muttered, "we do not have these on our planet and we may not have any vegetation at all if you continue this nonsense!" she popped the bud off the rose and dropped it. She crushed it underneath her foot.

"We're not going to stop until you stop!" Lady Kayura hissed, "Star Sword Scream!"

Lulura placed a shield around herself and shot Lady Kayura with a cold energy. She fell back and shivered. "I've had enough of this!" Lulura shouted, "I am going to drain everything from your pathetic solar system now!" she reached her finger to a button. "Say your prayers!"

"Noooo!" Sailor Moon screamed as she ran in toward Lulura, "I won't let you!

"Sailor Moon!" the sailor scouts gasped.

"I am the princess of the Moon Kingdom!" Sailor Moon grunted as she grabbed Lulura's hand to prevent her from touching the button, "and as princess," Sailor Moon and Lulura began to move around the control room and knocked some things over. Lulura's pet growled at them but ran off as they nearly stepped on its tail. "I cannot let you destroy our solar system!" Sailor Moon hissed, "If there is one system that must be destroyed, it is yours! You're just taking up space in the universe! No one's going to take over it, you understand me?" her anger rose up and a growl escaped her throat. "I'M SAILOORRRRRRRRRRRR MOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!" {I don't think you'll ever see a scene like that in Sailor Moon!} She pulled her fingers into a tight fist and rammed her gauntleted fist into Lulura's face. Lulura stumbled back.

"Mother!" Igilia cried out, "Please stop it! You're going to break something!" she turned around and started running down the hall of the ship "Guards!"

Sailor Mars sensed something, "Hey, look out!" she shouted warningly but they were still to busy grappling and they pushed against some airlock level and a gate opened, sucking the person who stood next to it, being Mia, out of the ship. Kayura and Sailor Strata Moon were near it but were able to prevent themselves from being sucked out. Kayura turned to save Mia, but she was already out of the ship.

"Oh no," Kayura whispered.

"Mia!" Tuxedo Mask cried. He took his cane and projected it to her but she was flying out into the darkness of space. Nothing was able to reach her.

Vincent ran past Tuxedo Mask and jumped out. Tuxedo Mask tried to stop him but he was already gone. "Mooootheeeerrrrr!"

"Vincent, you moron, come back here!" Sailor Strata Moon shouted. She tried to go after him and pull him in with her arrow but Rowen jumped and pulled her to the ground. "Daddy, what did you do that for?"

"If you jump out then I'll have to go after you," Rowen replied, "then someone will jump after me and soon before you know it we'll all be floating around outer space."

"Maybe it's better that way!" she growled, "She's going to kill us!"

"Close the gate!" Kento shouted fearfully, as the pressure was coming out. "Shut it, shut it!"

"Venus Chain Whip Encircle!" she sent her whip around Kento and it started to drag her, "oh no!"

Sailor Neptune took her Trident and threw it to the lever to close the airlock gate. Everyone sighed in relief.

"Good work, Neptune," Sekhmet said.

"What about Mia?" Darien cried. "And Vincent?"

Sailor Moon and Lulura stopped struggling with each other. "Now look at what you did!" Sailor Moon snapped.

"Mother do something!" Igilia begged, "we can't just leave them out there!"

"I have offered them to stay at our planet and they have not accepted my proposal," Lulura said, "our planet is in danger, sweetheart and we cannot let them live after they have humiliated me."

"They're protecting their Sailor System too, Mother!" Igilia cried. "I thought you told me you were going to find some people to help us save our solar system, someone that could give something to save it. You lied to me!"

"I did not!"

"Yes you did!" she argued, "Your real intentions were to snatch away the life from this solar system! This system belongs to them!" she pointed to the group of humans, "we have no right to just take it all away!" she walked to the window. "Look, mother."

Lulura did not obey.

"If you love your daughter," Sailor Moon said, "you should look out the window."

Lulura sighed and walked the window, "my child, I—,"

"You see this wonderful space out here?" Igilia questioned, "all these stars and planets and their moons? The comets," she looked at one of them, "oh, there goes one—you see this? —If we take it away from them, it won't exist anymore."

"We'll be able to have those things," Lulura said, "don't you remember seeing shooting stars, my dear? We need to do this."

"Maybe we should just accept our fate," Igilia said, "if Soahc is to be destroyed, then so be it."

"There are other planets that are in danger, Igilia," Lulura said, "Sometimes we have to make sacrifices. You understand."

"No, I do not understand!" Igilia shouted, "And these are not our sacrifices to make! We can't just sacrifice a solar system of 9 planets, 9 beautiful planets and so many moons and stars and a sun, just for our solar system of 3 planets and 2 moons and a sun that is too far away to even see! Our planets are dying but it does not give us the right to take all this away. Look at this beautiful solar system. You have already taken away what you could from one planet and you nearly destroyed a person! A person mother! A being like you and me!"

"They are not like us at all!" Lulura snapped, "How dare you talk to me that way!"

"Of course they're like us," Igilia said close to tears, "They may be from another planet and talk differently, but they are alive and that's makes us the same! They are willing to die for this solar system because this is where they and their loved ones live! Because of you, you probably have just killed two Earthlings!" She stepped back and looked at her mother in disgust. "Now I wonder if you really are my mother." She sniffed and walked away.

"Where are you going?!" Lulura demanded.

"To see if I can save them!" Igilia answered, as she stopped and looked over her shoulder, "I wouldn't be able to stand it if something happened to them because of you! Unlike you and everyone else from Soahc, they have feelings." She turned her face forward and walked through an airlock sliding door.

"Igilia, you are grounded!"

As Mia was floating around space, her whole life flashed before her eyes. She wondered how it ever came to this. It was ending. It was all over. She wanted to scream but what was the point? Who was going to save her all the way out in space? The others couldn't reach her. They were imprisoned still in that beings home.

"Hey!" She heard Vincent falling to her but then some current sent him away from her. Had he jumped out to try to save her? But what could he do? He didn't have any armor, no weapons, nothing to protect himself.

What's going to happen to me? Mia wondered. Then she heard some strange screaming noise; like the sound of an eagle followed by the sizzle of flames. Phoenix, is that you?

The sun was rising for Earth. It was morning. The Phoenix flew through the sun and it caught Mia in its talons. "Thank you, Phoenix," she whispered.

The Phoenix bird of fire flew to Vincent and caught him in its other talon. (I wonder if the phoenix male or female.) Mia climbed up its leg and on its back right behind its head. Vincent followed suit. Mia and Vincent were somehow able to breathe in outer space.

Mia closed her eyes, feeling an immense heat. Flames consumed her and when she opened them, she looked down to see herself wearing the armor of sun once again. It was golden yellow in color and made into plate with wings on her boots and her gauntlets. On her head was a helmet with a band across her forehead attached to winged horns and her red hair was flying all around. (Um, have you played Diablo? You've seen how the rogue looks like in plate armor? It's kind of like that, only in golden yellow and bronze instead of the darker color the rogue wears. The helmet too.) Vincent could not believe it.

Igilia glanced at a window as she walked on to her small ship, "it's the Phoenix!" She stopped as ran up to the window with her face pressed close against it. "I don't believe it!" She ran back to main lobby.

"You will not be able to stop me in my mission. I will have energy for my world." Lulura growled, "and I will continue with the biggest planet! I can tell it must be very strong."

Sailor Jupiter gasped, "That's my planet! I won't let you destroy it!"

"Try and stop me!" Lulura hissed.

"Mother, no!" Igilia cried, "don't do it!"

Lulura did not listen to her daughter and targeted the planet Jupiter.

"Nnnnnoooooo!" Sage cried out though he knew it would do no good.

"Jupiter Lightning and Tree Shield!" she placed it down in front of her and a shield of lightning sparkled around her followed by tight circling trees. It was the only way she could protect herself.

They watched the planet Jupiter be drained away of its power. Sailor Jupiter screamed as if she could feel the planet's pain. Igilia could not stand it anymore and aborted the process by jamming her hand over a button.

"Igilia!" Lulura scowled, "Turn the power back on!"

"No, Mother!" she spat disobediently, "I won't!"

Lita brought down the tree and lightning shield, breathing rapidly, close to hyperventilating.

"Sailor Jupiter!" Sage ran to her and wrapped his arms around her as she began to sink to her knees.

"Are you alright?" Igilia called out to Sailor Jupiter, "would you like to lay down in my quarters?"

"What?" Lulura gasped in surprise.

"No thank you," Sailor Jupiter winced as she forced a smile, "I'll be fine."

"Mother," Igilia pushed a button that brought up a new screen, "look at this."

"It's the Phoenix!" she cried.

"With the humans you just tried to eliminate," Igilia said, "and you know what Mother? I think it's very angry."

"What makes you say that?"

Igilia did not have time to explain for they head the Phoenix begin screeching outside the ship and they felt it ram against it. Everyone braced his or herself.

Lulura looked on the screen and looked at the Phoenix and its riders.

"Free my friends," Mia ordered, an image of the Phoenix's fiery wings in her green eyes.

"No, they are my prisoners!" Lulura shouted.

Mia pulled out her sun swords, "Closer, Phoenix," she told her fiery mount. The Phoenix came closer. Mia narrowed her eyes and the fiery image of wings got wilder. "I'll you again, free my friends."


"Maybe you should do as she says," Igilia suggested, "She doesn't look too happy."

"You'll have to come in after them," Lulura teased.

"So be it," she replied. She looked at Vincent and nodded.

"What?" he asked.

"The mask," she said. "Put it on."


The Phoenix screeched and flapped its wings. As it brought its wings back down, everything to be in slow motion to reveal Vincent as…The Masked Phoenix.

"That's Vincent?" Sailor Strata Moon asked in a small gasp, her heart going ther-ump, ther-ump.

"He really is my brother," Sailor Neo Moon said, "there's no doubt about that." She looked at her sister, giving her a nudge as she raised her eyebrows.

Sailor Strata Moon cleared her throat.

Vincent wore a suit and cape that looked a bit like Tuxedo Mask's except that it was black and yellow in color. It also had plates of gold on his shins and forearms (if this looks dorky, lie to me and say you like it! I'm trying hard to combine both outfits the best I can without making him look like a queer or something). On the back of his cape was an image of the Phoenix. In his hand appeared a golden yellow rose.

"Phoenix Sun Flare!" She twirled both of her swords and threw them up over her head. The sun began to get bigger and the flares nearly touched the ship. It did not harm the phoenix or its riders.

"Holy Cow!" Kento shouted.

"Mother, move the ship!" Igilia begged.

They backed about ten feet.

"You realize your friends are in here?" Lulura demanded, "You'll destroy them too." She looked back at the remaining of the group. They stared her down and she saw the angry looks on their faces. Something different was moving in their eyes.

Ice and water in Mercury's. (Water and Ice—not tears) Fire in Mar's. Lightning in Jupiter's. Hearts in Venus'. Moonbeams from Sailor Moon, Sailor Neo Moon and Sailor Strata Moon in colors of white, pink and dark blue. In Sailor Saturn's, Lulura saw ribbons. The sea in Neptune's. The sky in Uranus' and space in Pluto's. Lulura moaned gruffly and looked away.

"Your turn, Masked Phoenix." Mia of the Sun said to her future son.

"Yeah," he mumbled, what am I supposed to do? He looked at the golden yellow rose in his hand. He held it up and tossed it toward the window, bud first.

"Another rose," Lulura moaned, walking up to the window, "what can a simple little rose do?"

"Hey!" Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Neo Moon snapped.

A flame went up the stem to the top, changing it into gold (I know gold is a soft metal, but let's pretend this a strong kind of gold!) and it crashed through the window, bashing Lulura in the head. She screamed and stepped back as she reached her hand to her face. Blood was dripping from her nose and mouth. (If the rose went stem first, it would have stabbed her in the eye or something! Gross!)

"Does that answer your question?" Sailor Neo Moon demanded.

Igilia pressed a button to put up a screen over the hole in the window.

"Are you going to release my friends now or will I need to burn through the ship to get to them?" Mia demanded.

"Do what she says!" Igilia shouted, "do what she says!"

"If we captured the Phoenix then…" Lulura mumbled.

"You can't capture a bird of fire!" Igilia muttered. She looked to the group, "get together and hold on…I'm going to release you!"

"What about our planet?" Lulura demanded.

"I have an idea," Sailor Strata Moon said. "Armor of Strata Moon, Tao Inochi!" She changed from the pretty suited sailor to the fierce armored warrior. "You need life?" she asked, reaching her hand to her quiver and took out three moon arrows. "Then my moon arrows of life force will bring you all the life you'll need."

"No," Lulura muttered.

"Listen to her," Igilia said, "After all, what do we have to lose?" She looked at Rowena and said, "we'll take you to our solar system and the Phoenix will follow us." She turned to the window. "Can you have the Phoenix follow us?" she asked Mia, "we'll lead you to our home to prove the disaster it is in."

Mia nodded.

Igilia pulled up a screen showing some men, "Commander Eiliek, we are returning home."

"Yes, Princess Igilia." He replied.

The ship took off full speed with the Phoenix right behind it. Sailor Moon could not believe the solar system they approached.

"This our solar system," Igilia said, "We call it, Haquder. We envy you. Your solar system has 9 planets and we only have 3. You have shooting stars and moons and things that make space exciting. It does not seem like that to us. Our skies are green as yours is blue and it has been nearly destroyed by many meteorites." {I'm sorry that all these alien names sound stupid} Igilia sighed and turned to Rowena, "you say those three little things can save our planets?"

"There's only one way to find out," Rowena responded.

"Everyone stand aside," Igilia said and she pressed a button. A beam went over Rowena and took her away to outer space. The dark blue sphere went over and around her.

"Can she do it?" Sailor Saturn asked.

"If not," Igilia said, "Then I ask you to destroy all three quickly so my people will no longer have to suffer."

"How did you know I could do that?" Saturn asked in surprise.

"Because," Igilia said, "you're Sailor Saturn, the scout of destruction." She smiled faintly, "I've heard legends about the sailor scouts, soldiers of different planets. I've also heard legends about the armored warriors and warlords."

"The legend even exist outside our world," Anubis murmured. "Hmm. I never knew that."

"What is Rowena doing?" Masked Phoenix asked.

"I think she's going to save the solar system by her arrows of life force," Mia replied.

"She can do that?" he asked in surprised.

"Let's hope so."

"Well, here goes nothing," Rowena mumbled. She pulled the three arrows to her bow. She paused. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do. How was she supposed to know this would work and what would happen to her?

"You can do it," Rowen said. "Just say the words and let the arrows do their magic." Arrow…

"Mooooooooon Aaaaaarrrrroooowwww Shoooooccccckkkk Waaaaaaaavvvvvveeeeeee!" she let go of the arrows and a tear escaped from her eye. Go, my arrows of life force, go!

The three arrows steamed to the three planets: Soahc, Lotor and Talki. When they entered the atmosphere of each planet, there was a sudden difference. Rowena's plan worked!

"She did it!" Sailor Neo Moon exclaimed, jumping up and throwing her arms up, "Rowena did it, that's my sister!"

"Way to go, Rowena," Rowen whispered, "way to go."

Rowena smiled and laughed pleasingly (like that cool laugh Rowen gave). "I did it! Yes!"

"Oh no," Masked Phoenix gasped and raised his voice, "Rowena, look out!"

A meteorite was traveling through space like a speeding bullet and Rowena was in its path. Rowena looked up at it and she didn't have time to fire an arrow at it. She said the first thing that came to her mind: "Oooohhh, shiiiiit!"

Igilia placed her hands over her mouth, "No," she mumbled and turned her face away.

It hit her shield and it disappeared, ramming against her. If it weren't for her armor she would have been killed. "I don't need this!" she groaned.

"Phoenix, after her!" Masked Phoenix cried. The giant bird of fire flew to Rowena's direction and Masked Phoenix jumped off. The gold phoenix symbol on his back started glowing, and a pair of gold wings sprouted from his back. His Masked Phoenix outfit was replaced with a royal white suit.

"Whoa," Mia mumbled.

"Grab my hand, Rowena," Prince Vincent urged.

"Vincent," she took his hand and her royal dress appeared on her, followed by white feathery wings.

"She's alright!" Igilia cried, "thank goodness!"

Lulura raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Igilia pressed a button so the three worlds could hear her, "attention, everyone living on Soahc, Talki and Lotor, our worlds are safe. And we have the Sailor Scouts, the ronin warriors and the warlords to thank!"

Everyone on each world began cheering for them. The Phoenix brought Mia, Vincent and Rowena back to the ship and Igilia welcomed them with open arms. She embraced Rowena and knelt in front of her, holding her hands.

"How can I ever repay you?" Igilia asked.

Rowena shrugged, "Well….I…."

"We'll celebrate," Igilia said. "You can come with us to our planet."

"Um, sure."

"Will there be food?" Kento asked.

"Of course," Igilia replied. "Please, come and celebrate with us."

All though the food looked different than what they were all used to, it tasted delicious. The beings of Soahc were playing different musical instruments. Igilia gave everyone a medal. "You are welcome to visit Soahc whenever you wish."

"Thank you," Rowena said, "but we'd best be returning home now."

"Wait," Igilia took a crystal and handed it to Trista, "this holds the power of your planet. It will return Pluto to its full power and time and space will be renewed."

As Trista took it, she changed into Armored Sailor Pluto. "I appreciate it."

"Igilia," Lulura mumbled, "I'm proud of you and I'm sorry for being so careless." She placed her hand on her shoulder and smiled, "and when I die, you will be queen. The best queen this world has ever had."

"Long Live Queen Igilia!" Everybody, including the earnings shouted.

"We can take you back to Earth on our ship," Igilia offered.

The phoenix flew overhead and landed next to Mia. "Thank you," Mia said, "But it looks like we've got a ride already."

They returned home and everything was back to the way it was. The fire was lit again and the light was glowing bright. Water was running freely and the ground was fertile again. The sky was blue and clear.

And Yuli finally asked Rini to the dance!

"What do I wear, what do I wear?" Rini asked, going though the closets.

"You can wear whatever you want," Rowena said, "is this dance casual or formal?"

"Well," she said, "I don't know. "

"You don't know?" Rowena demanded.

"Hey, what's this?" Rini picked up an outfit. "I never new I had this!"

"You're wearing that?" Rowena questioned.

"I think it's pretty cute," Rini said, "and it's both kind of formal and casual. So, what are you wearing?"

"Oh, I'm not going," Rowena muttered.

"What do you mean, you're not going?" Rini demanded. "I see, you don't have a date and you don't want to go with Vincent, don't you? Or maybe you can't—,"

"I can dance!" Rowena shouted, "I've been reading since the day I began to crawl! I read everything, even some 'how to dance' books."

"Yeah, right," Rini said, "if you have skills, prove that at the dance. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to put this on."

"Your mom and dad wont' let you go out in that!" Rowena said.

"I'll put something over it," she said, "I like it. So there!"

They saw Mina walk by, wearing a Dutch girl's outfit.

"Mina, why are you wearing that?" Rini asked.

"Oh, Kento are going Dutch!" she replied, "isn't this cute!"

"Sorry to burst bubble, Mina," Rowen said, close to giggles, "that's not what going Dutch means."

"It's not?" she mumbled, "Are you sure?"

Kento came up and took Mina's hand. He was dressed like a Dutch boy and he was carrying an orange tulip, "come on girl, let's go!" he handed the tulip to her.

"Okay, let me just go get my miniature windmill," she said, clicking her wooden shoes together. {I lived in Holland for 4 years and windmills and tulips are all over the place!}

Rowena and Rini gasped then erupted in giggles as they watched the Dutch couple walk away.

Out in the park, Vincent was sitting on a bench by himself. He saw a light in front of him and saw a man. "Who are you?"

"I'm Luther," he replied, "archbishop for Queen Serenity and King Rowen and Princess Rowena. I'm their most trusted advisor. I saw what you did for Princess Rowena and I've come to thank you."

"Luther?" Vincent mumbled. "I haven't heard of you before."

"Rowena thinks of me as her grandfather," Luther said, "and I think of her as my granddaughter. I've come to bring you a gift."

"A gift?"

"You can have your mother's jeep or your father's convertible," Luther explained as three doors appeared behind him, two unopened to reveal his parent's transportation.

"What is this?" Vincent demanded, "some kind of joke?"

"No joke, young prince Vincent," Luther assured.

"If I wanted to drive my parent's cars, I can ask them," Vincent said, "and they'd say no. So what's behind door number three?"

"I cannot reveal that to you," Luther said.

"I'd like to know what's behind door number three, please," Vincent told Luther.

"I had a feeling you would want what's behind door number three," Luther groaned and the door opened to reveal a hot black, red and gold motorcycle.

"That's it!" Vincent cried, "I want that!"

"Are you sure you don't want your mother's jeep?" Vincent asked, "It has great gas mileage and you can fit 7 people in there…"

Everyone left for the dance except for Vincent and Rowena. Rowena was dressed up though, in a navy colored dress that came down to her knees. She heard the motor of a motorcycle going down the street and didn't think much of it until the doorbell rang. She sighed and let it ring five times. "Yeah, I'm coming. I'm coming! What do you wwwaaaaa---," her voice cut short and moaned, "wow."

"Hi, Rowena," Vincent said, "There's something wrong. Everyone's at the dance except for you and me."


"So, why don't you come with me so that we won't be left out?" he asked.

"Yes, absolutely," she said, "I mean, no, absolutely not! You ignored me and you're my sister's brother and I'm the daughter of Rowen of the Strata and I kicked your ass once, I can do it again!"

Vincent took her hand and kissed her on the cheek.

"Okay, let's go."

"Where's Rowena?" Rowen asked. "Why didn't she come with us?"

"I know," Raye said with a grin, "she's got…."

"A new best friend!" Lita finished.

Raye moaned, "She doesn't have a new best friend!"

"You don't know that!" Lita snapped.

"Whoever it is," Mina said, "let's hope he's not a horse!"

"Mina," Ami whispered, "It's not nice to call people names!"

"Can I get you anything?" the waiter asked.

"No, that's alright!" Lita, Raye and Mina cried, disturbed and surprised.

"I'll have a slice of cheese cake," Serena said, sounding like a rich person, "anything for you, Rowen?"

"Mmm, that sounds good," Rowen said.

"Two cheese cakes," Serena went on, "one with chocolate syrup and one with blueberries."

"I'm impressed," Rowen told Serena, "you were able to order something in less than five minutes. And you ordered blueberries for me!"

"Under five minutes, that's a new record!" Serena laughed. "I thought you'd like blueberries."

"I'll take an apple juice with two cherries, please!" Ami chirped with a smile, "can I get an umbrella too?"

"Your usual, huh, Miss Mizuno?" the waiter asked, returning her smile and giving her a wink.

She blushed and Sai moaned, as he turned red and hid his face with a menu.

"Yes, Bobby," she replied coyly.

"I'll have the special!" Sai erupted, scaring everyone.

"Oh, order me the same too, will ya, pal?" Kento asked.

The waiter cleared his throat, "okay, 2 cheesecakes, one with chocolate and one with blue berries, one apple juice and 2 specials. I'll be right back." He left the table.

Ami felt Sai's uneasiness, "Sai, are you all right?" she asked.

"I didn't know you liked apple juice with," he gulped, "cherries….and an umbrella."

"Check it out, Sai's jealous!" Kento teased.

"There's no need to be jealous," Ami said. "All I did was--,"

"You were flirting with the waiter, Ami!" Sai cried, "don't deny it! He even remembered it!"

"I was not!" she yelled, standing up and putting her hands on her hips, "I was ordering not flirting! There's a difference! And besides, how hard is it to remember an apple juice with two cherries and an umbrella?"

"Ooh, this is good!" Serena said, "I never saw Ami like this before!"

"If I had known that was your favorite drink," Sai argued, "I'd make you the best bloody apple juice with cherries with not one but," he made the number two with his fingers, "two umbrellas!" {Isn't it English people that say bloody a lot?)

"I don't think she wants blood in her apple juice, Sai," Kento muttered.

"It's just a matter of speech!" Ami and Sai shouted, "and butt out!"

The two water soldiers continue to argue when Rini came out of the rest room, wearing her outfit. It was a black and red Broadway dancer's costume and she wore black tap shoes and a black top hat.

"What do you think of my costume?" she asked, "isn't' it cute?"

"Your legs are showing!" Darien gasped, "Put some pants on!"

"It's not that much different than my sailor scout costume," Rini mumbled, "and look at this jacket, it's so cool!"

"Rini, where's Rowena?" Rowen asked.

"She was still home when we left," she said. "Sorry, Rowen."

"Oh," Yuli said, "I know where Rowena is, she's with Vincent."

"Whaaaaaat?" Both Rowen and Darien yelled.

Rowen turned to Darien, "this is all your fault!"

"My fault?" Darien said, "I didn't' do anything!"

"That son of yours is going to break my daughter's countenance!"

"He won't be able to, Rowen!" Darien said, "Because that daughter of yours will break his bones first!"

"What are you worried about?" Lita questioned, "Vincent did save her."

Darien and Rowen ran for the door, ignoring the commotion in the hall. They nearly ran the warlords down, who were dressed in tuxedos.

"Oh, sorry," Rowen apologized.

"No problem," Anubis mumbled.

Hotaru was wearing a long purple sleeveless dress, "I wonder if Amara's alright in there."

"Let's go inside and help," Trista said. "You boys stay right here!"

The girls walked in to find Micelle leaning against a stall, "come on, Amara," Michelle groaned, "Dais is waiting for you! And Sekhmet's waiting for me!"

"Tell Dais I'm very sick!" Amara shouted.

"I'm not going to lie to him for you!" Michelle snapped.

"Please, Amara," Hotaru walked up to the door and knocked. "If you're not sick, then what's the problem?"

"I'm wearing a dress!" she cried.

"That's it?" Trista wrinkled her nose, "you won't come out because you're wearing a dress?"

"I hate dresses!" Amara shouted. "I hate 'em!"

"It's just a dress," Michelle said. "Come on, Amara. It's a pretty blue dress and you like blue, right?"

"I can't believe there weren't any pantsuits at that store," Amara grumbled.

"Amara, listen," Trista said, "you can just ask Dais to make it look like a suit for you, would that work?"

"I will see that's a suit," Amara said, "but everyone will see it's a dress and everyone will be staring at me!"

"No one will be staring at you!" Hotaru cried. "And he can make it look like a suit toe everyone else if he wanted to!"

"That's it!" Michelle muttered, pushing up the sleeves of her dark green velvet dress, "Amara, I paid good money for this dress just so Sekhmet can see it, and if he's going to see me in it, then Dais is going to see you in yours!"

"Michelle, what are you doing?" Amara demanded.

"Naaaaah!" Michelle ran into the door and tried to push it down, "hey, don't just stand there, you two, help me!"

Hotaru and Trista exchanged glances, sighed and tried to push the door down.

Amara jumped back, "whoa!"

The warlords could hear the echoes of screaming and hits coming from the bathroom, "I guess it's going pretty well in there," Sekhmet said.

Dais groaned, "this waiting is getting on my nerves," he rubbed the bridge of his nose, "I got up at 6:00 am for this-this party just so I can look nice for Amara! I hate getting up early!" he clenched his fists, "I'm not going to put all that extra time to waste!" he pushed the door open and walked into the restroom. "I could have been sleeping in today!"

"Dais, no!" Kale cried. The three went after him and tried to drag him out of the restroom, just as the other three girls were dragging Amara out.

"I'm not going out!" Both Amara and Dais screamed, "I'm just staying right here until…." They looked at each other, "Whoaa!"



"You look great!" they shouted in unison.

The girls let go of Amara and the guys let go of Dais.

Amara blushed as she slowly walked to Dais, "you like my dress?" she asked, "you don't think it's showing too much, do you?" she wore a long silky dark blue sleeveless dress that went up to a collar.

"Actually, I don't think it's showing enough," Dais grinned.

Amara gasped, "don't you dare!"

"Alright," he sighed. "You really think I look nice?"

"Oh great, there he goes," Kale covered his eyes.

They almost started kissing in the bathroom when a girl walked in, "oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know they were changing the women's room into an unisex bathroom!" she shouted.

"Can we go to the ballroom now?" Anubis groaned, "Please?"

"We were just leaving," Michelle mumbled. She looked at Amara like, this is the last time you embarrass me!

The eight walked out, arm in arm. "By the way, Michelle," Sekhmet said, "you look nice!"

She grinned and blushed, "oh, you snake!"

"Was that a compliment or an insult?" he asked. "I get called that a lot!"

Kale stopped and looked out at the window, "wow, look at how dark it is! Good thing I can see in the dark!"

"Kale," Trista groaned and grabbed his arm, "come on, you, you, jackal!"

He whimpered like a hurt wolf as Trista pulled him into the ballroom.

They sat at a table close to the inners and ronins table. "Sorry, we had to drag Amara out of the bathroom!" Michelle said.

"Don't' forget Dais!" Sekhmet teased.

"Can I get you anything?" the waiter asked.

"Maybe an apple juice with cherries?" Sai cracked.

Ami groaned. By now she had her apple juice and she was slurping it with an angry expression on her face. "Mmmm. Yummy." She muttered, smacking her lips. It made Sai only more jealous.

"Ami, it's not nice to slurp your juice," Mina said.

"Can it, Mina!" she hissed.

She gasped in surprise.

"I'll have a glass of milk," Hotaru said.

"Milk?" Anubis mumbled. "I thought you hated milk."

"I do," she said with a smile, "but for some reason I have some weird hankering for milk! Hey, can I have a bowl of ice cream too? Or cottage cheese? Anything with milk in it!"

"I'll have a steak. Make it well done. It looks darker," Kale said, "and for desert I'll have a piece of devils food cake! Devil's food cake, is that really dark?"
Sage almost started cracking up, well, at least he's not trying to kill me.

"And dark milk too, please." Kale added. "I've got a hankering for milk also but I want the one that's not white."

"Chocolate milk," Trista whispered.

"Yeah, chocolate milk."

"Anyone else?" the waiter asked.

"I'll just have a cup of tea," Trista said.

"Nothing for me," Dais said and the rest said they were fine.

"Okay, I'll be back with your orders in a few minutes," the waiter went to the other table, "I'll be right back with your orders." He told Kento and Sai.

"Can't wait," Sai grumbled.

"Yeah, me neither!" Kento added.

Rowena and Vincent passed Rowen and Darien.

"Hi Dad!" Vincent said.

"Hi Dad!" Rowena said. They entered the building holding hands as Rowen and Darien exchanged glances.

Darien sighed, followed by Rowen. "Thank God!" they exclaimed in unison.

The waiter returned with Kento and Sai's specials, Hotaru's glass of milk, Kale's chocolate milk and Trista's tea.

"Thank you," Sai said and looked at his plate, "OH MY GOD!"

"Sai, why did you order that when you---," Kento began.

"I didn't know that was the special!" Sai shouted, "um excuse me, this is the special?" he pointed at his plate of---a fish with the head still attached with shrimp around it.

"Yes, salmon and shrimp," the waiter said, "Enjoy your dinner, gentlemen." He began to leave.

Sai almost jumped over the table and tackled the waiter but didn't when Ami looked at his plate while she was drinking, she laughed, then she choked on a cherry.

"Ami!" Sai shouted.

The waiter turned back around, "oh no!" He was going to help Ami but Sai got right behind her and flashed him the she's my girl! Look and gave her the Heimlich maneuver. The cherry flew out of her mouth and hit the waiter in the face.

He wiped his face free of the wetness, "you alright?"

"Y-yes," she mumbled and turned around to wrap her arms around Sai. "Thank you, Sai!"

Sai smiled and patted her head, "anytime, love, you would have done the same for me, right?"

"Of course!"

The waiter frowned and walked away. Sekhmet stood up and asked Sai if he wanted him to poison the waiter's stupid bowtie so it will give him a very bad itch. Sai replied, "will you?!"

Ami slapped her date playfully on the shoulder. Michelle nudged hers in the ribs.

Hotaru chugged down her milk and stood up, "I'm going to dance for a while." There was a fast song playing. She had a milk mustache.

"Hotaru," Anubis stood up and grabbed her arm, "this is a fast song!" he whispered in her ear.

"That's okay, Anubis," she smiled, "if you can't dance, you don't have to come with me." She walked away.

"Hotaru, wait!" Anubis ran after her, "You can't go! You've got a heart condition!"

"Really, Anubis, I'm fine!" she threw her arms up in the air, "I'm ready for a dancing marathon, and I never did like marathons! Milk does a body good! I feel wonderful!" She started dancing like a pro.

"But Hotaru," he protested then watched her dance, "Say, you're pretty good!"

"Hey, Sage come dance with me!" Lita cried, "I love this song!"

"Um, Lita," Sage mumbled, "I…"

"What is it?" she asked.

He leaned forward and whispered, "I can't dance!"

Lita giggled, "Oh be serious…Oh, you are serious."

He nodded.

"It's okay," she said, "I won't make fun of you."

They started dancing and he started looking like a goof. "Not much of a Prince Charming, am I?"

She smiled, "of course you are. I didn't have to wait all night for you. Relax, Sage, just look at me."

Sage squeezed her hand, looking her in the eyes, "This isn't very easy."

"Sure it is," she said, "just let the music move you."

Everyone soon joined in the dance, except Kale, who was finishing his steak. He had one half to finish.

"Hurry up, Kale," Trista whined.

"The dance won't end for another two hours," he told her, "we have plenty of time! You can stop time now if you wanted to. Want a piece of my steak?" He cut a portion and handed it to her.

"Yeah, give me a piece," she ignored the piece he handed to her and cut a fourth of half of steak on his plate and ate it like there was no tomorrow.

"Quite an appetite you got there, Trista," Kale said, "do you ever eat while you're guarding that gate?" He finished the rest of his steak and began to reach for his chocolate milk just as Trista took it.

"Give me your milk," she muttered. Trista took a swig of his chocolate milk. Any other man would have been angered, but Kale was actually turned on by this. She placed it down and looked around the room, with a chocolate milk mustache over her dark red upper lip.

Kale grinned and propped his head with his fist. His desert arrived and Kale pushed it in Trista's direction.

Trista raised an eyebrow. "For me?"

Kale nodded as he picked up a fork and placed in the cake. "For you," he placed the fork in her mouth. "Oooh, isn't that good?" he asked in his sinister, dark voice.

He took another piece and placed it before her mouth. She opened it and tried to eat it off, but he pulled the fork back teasingly.

"Gimmie!" she muttered.

"Na ah-ah-ah," Kale said, "eat it slooooowwwwwwllllyyyy,"

"Kale," she groaned.

"I'll give it to you if you eat it sssllloooowwwlllllyyyyy," he repeated.

She sighed and closed her eyes, opened her mouth and moved her face, very, very, very, slowly to the fork. She nibbled on the first part of the cake, pulled her face back to chew on it, "Mmmmm," she murmured as she chewed on it pulled the rest of the cake, chewed as her eyes rolled around in a sexy manner. She put her mouth around the fork and pulled it back, wiping it clean.

Kale's mouth nearly fell. He suddenly lost his appetite. "Whoa."

Trista licked her teeth and her mouth. "More."

Kale never had this much fun in his whole life.

Everyone was to a slow song. "See, I told you I felt alright!" Hotaru teased Anubis.

"One problem though," Anubis said.


"You've," he burst into laughter as he brought his finger to his lip, "got a milk mustache!"

She gasped and wiped her mouth clean with the back of her hand, smearing her lipstick, "gone?"
Anubis continued to laugh.

"Now I remember why I don't like milk!" She turned around and ran to the bathroom.

Rini and Rowena were dancing with their dates together. Rini winked to Rowena and Rowena smiled. Yuli and Vincent took their hand away from their date's waist to give a manly knuckle press.

Lita and Mina left to order a drink at the bar for themselves and their dates. "Four Italian sodas one chocolate, one orange and two strawberry kiwis, please," Mina said.

"Nice dress," the counter girl said as she started the drinks, "you're from Holland?"

"England, actually," she replied with smile, "glad you like it."

Lita wore a black long dress that shimmered green.

"Excuse me," a young man walked to Lita and folded his arms, "would you like to dance?"

"I'm with someone, thank you though," she replied politely.

"Really?" he said, "I don't see anyone."

"Sage, aren't you going to do something?" Kento asked.

"Naw, Lita can handle it," he said, "just watch."

He took her hand, "just one dance."

"Let go of my hand," Lita hissed.

"Frisky, aren't you?" he said, giving her hand a squeeze.

"I said, let go!" she growled as she twisted his arm and then she tossed him into an empty table.

"See, that's why I love her!" Sage exclaimed.

Lita blushed and waved coyly.

Another person walked up to Mina and tried to hit on her.

"You probably wouldn't' do anything," Kento told Sage, "but I am!"

"So," the guy said to Mina, "aren't you a bit uncomfortable in those wooden shoes?"

"Oh, please," Mina groaned.

"Hey!" Kento shouted, removing his wooden shoes. He threw them at the dude's head, making him stumble back. He punched him in the face, knocking him out cold.

The counter girl sighed, "this is the third time this week!" She grabbed a microphone, "SECRUITY!"

Two big guys pulled the two guys who hit on Mina and Lita out of the dance.

"Here we are, four sodas!" the counter girl pushed the tray over like nothing had happened.

Lita and Mina smiled at each other and took their sodas.

"Thank you, Kento," Mina said as she handed him the chocolate Italian soda. "You're my hero!" she kissed him quickly on the lips.

"Here you go," Lita gave Sage his soda.

"Nice job, Lita," he kissed the side of her head.

"Hey, it was nothing," she said and paused. "I really socked it to him, didn't I?"

Serena tsked-tsked, "violence."

"Really," Rowen mumbled, "just what was that when Lulura captured us? A dance or a fight?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," she said.

"Oh, come on, Serena," Darien said, "you punched her in the face, in front of our little girl!"

"And our little girl!" Rowen added.

"Hey, you taught Rowena all that, not me," Serena said, "and besides, all I was doing was trying to save our world!"

"Uh-huh," Rowen and Darien said as they nodded their heads, "sure."

Kale and Trista finally went to the dance floor and joined the group. Everyone continued to dance and have fun and no one wanted the night to end.

"Well, dude," Yuli said, shaking Vincent's hand in a "guy" handshake, "come visit again. We'll go skateboarding or work out at the gym or something. Guy stuff."

"Sure," Vincent said, "just don't drop the bar on me, okay?"

"That was an accident," Yuli groaned.

Vincent hugged Rini, "now you make sure this guy treats you good and if he doesn't you know where to find me."

"Thanks, Vinnie," she smiled.

Vincent paused when he got to Rowena, not sure to kiss her, hug her or what because her father was standing just a few feet away. "It was nice meeting you," he said tactfully. He held on to her hand for a while.

"Same here, Vincent," Rowena said.

He brought out a golden rose and gave it to her. She blushed and thanked him with a kiss on his cheek. He waved at everyone else and walked into the portal.

"Hey," Rowena said, "I want to go back to the future too."

"Why?" Rini asked.

"I want to visit my parents," she said, " mean, parents that are in the future. I want to tell then about all the fun I'm having!"

"I do too," Rini said. She looked at Serena. "Can I?"

"It's your choice, Rini." She replied.

Yuli sighed.

"Don't be like that, Yuli," Rini said, "I'm going to take you with me!"

He smiled.

Two different portals opened up, the three said their goodbyes and disappeared.

Whew, Serena thought, I'd thought she'd never leave! Finally, my future self doesn't have to worry!

Vincent walked through the portal and arrived in the future.

"You're back!" Mia wrapped her arms around him happily, "did you have fun?"

"Yes, how was it?" Darien asked.

"Come with me," Vincent said with a grin, "this time I've got a story to tell!"

The End. Yay, I finished this! I never took this long to write a chapter, sure, my Night Duchess Series took long to write, but….anyway, I hope you liked it. Oh, for those of you who don't know, I'm working on a SM/RW shrine and I need fanart. So those of you with gifted fingers, please, send me some fanart: