Heart Shaped Necklace

Based on the Manga Princess AI and set after volume one.

Chapter One

After the show Princess AI was swiftly taken away to Takeshi's office…..

"You HAVE wings……they wont sell."

"Wont sell what?"

"You're sacked from club cupid……you're sacked from the future record deal and your sacked from my life" said Takeshi looking down.

Princess AI ran outside……she had no home……no job ………and had lost the one thing that meant everything to her……..KENT.

She ran to Kent's apartment, he was the only person she could trust. She ran through Tokyo city and stopped at his front door. A sense of horror shot through her as she knocked on the door.

Hikari answered.

"I thought you'd come back witch well Kent doesn't want you. He is happy with me so GET LOST" just as he said that a pain shacking groan came from his bedroom.

Princess AI ran through the front door and into Kent's room to find him on his bed with cuts all over his body. The sheets were stained red.

"They left a note" Hikari said.

Princess AI snatched the note from him and read….

Princess AI, we need you…..

If you don't give yourself up

We will kill the one you love…..

Will Princess AI give herself up, or will she risk being with the one in the sake that they might be killed…………