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Warning: Male/Male. Yes, it's a YAOI people. Ye have been warned.

Pairing: Jack/Raimundo

Information: This was written for a friend of mine, as a gift.

Jack Spicer, evil genius, was beginning to hate Winter. Simply because it was cold. Now, the redhead himself had no problem with the temperature; turn the heating up a little, and it's fine as far as he's concerned. His boyfriend however, coming from the temperatures of Brazil… That was a different matter. Raimundo would go around in so many layers it was getting harder to see the boy underneath. Not to mention the trouble he had at night trying to convince him to shed his clothes for other activities then curling in a ball and sleeping. Jack needed a plan.

"What're you doing?" Jack turned at the sound of his lover's voice, seeing him in the doorway. The redhead gave a scowl and turned back to struggling with putting something over the mattress of the bed.
"Plugging the electric blanket in. Why?" He said, growling as the string slipped and he had to lift the mattress again to loop it back round. Raimundo nodded, coming round and helping him attach it. After a few moments of struggle, it was done and Jack nodded to himself, tossing the blanket neatly to cover it. Now all he had to do was wait.

Raimundo groaned slightly, nuzzling at Jacks pale neck as he squirmed in the bed, heat seeping through the sheet from the blanket below. Wonderful device, he thought fuzzily to himself, hissing a bit as teeth closed over his pulse, a hand pushing his hips back down onto the bed, making a warm glow spread on his lower back. Jack had set the heater on the highest setting an hour before they went to bed, and when he had been pushed roughly down onto it, hands working quickly on his clothes, he had laughed and told Jack he was a sap.

Oo A Seme Jack. Short drabbles, but he's still seme... I have a longer one with Jack on top in the works.