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Chapter 36


Grace opened her eyes and found her vision blurred and her head throbbing painfully where she'd been struck. She tried to move, but found her hands bound behind her back. It was dark and cold, and she had no clue where she was or who had taken her. She attempted to blast the bindings from her wrists, but couldn't angle her hands right and the powerful exertion only served to make her head hurt more. She also couldn't find her wand as she groped around in an ungainly manner.

Great, she thought. 11 galleons down the drain.

As she tried to get herself up onto her knees, she heard a metal door open and several figures come rushing in. She had little time to react as one threw a spell at her, immobilising her and lifting her up into the air. Her mind screamed to be released, but found she couldn't even utter a word as well as move a muscle. She was turned so that all she could see was the floor, and black shoes of the men who were walking with her floating body.

When she shoes stopped walking, she was dumped unceremoniously onto the hard floor. She still couldn't move, but she saw a large snake slither past her peripheral vision.

"My, hasn't the little Witch grown," a high-pitched voice hissed, the words dripping with distain.

She felt a sharp tingle when the spell holding her was released. She scrambled backwards as best she could, rolling onto her knees so she could stand up. When she felt coldness under one foot, she realised a shoe was missing, but couldn't recall it coming off. She knew it was stupid to worry about it. Didn't stop the annoyance.

"Not the smartest," the voice hissed again.

Grace looked up into the red eyes of Voldemort, unconsciously stepping backwards as he smiled at her. She could see others in the room, most she didn't recognise. Then her gaze landed on the cold sneer of Lucius. He blood boiled at the sight of him, particularly since the last time she'd seen him, he was practically dry-humping her during the New Year's Ball. Clearly, it was in an effort to soften her up.

"What do you want from me?" Grace rushed, gritting her teeth.

"What I always want from the finest Pure-blooded families. Allegiance," Voldemort said, stepping closer.

"Never!" Grace hissed back.

"Such words are predictable to say the least. What is it about us, about our ideals, that you find so… distasteful?"

"Because you're crazy! And your ideals are disgusting! People are people, magical or not! You're not a God! It's not for you to decide who deserves to live!"

Voldemort's face contorted with rage at her brave words, angered by her lack of fear. "CRUCIO!"

Grace screamed as his curse caused her to tumble in pain onto the floor, her body contracting and arching as the pain laced through her. It could have been minutes or hours. Grace had no idea. Eventually, the curse was released and she lay panting on the floor, tremors wracking her body in the aftermath. Her wrists ached where they were still bound.

Voldemort flicked his wand and sent Grace tumbling through the air and onto the edge of the large dining table dominating the room. He used silent charms to pin her upper body to the table whilst keeping her feet pinned to the floor.

"Lucius, show our… guest, what happens to those not loyal to the cause," Voldemort ordered.

"My Lord?" Lucius stuttered.

"I trust I do not need to repeat myself!"

"No, My Lord, but surely… another would be more persuasive in this task," Lucius begged.

"There are those who would be more than willing in this task, but considering that you failed to bed the Witch all those months ago, I require proof of your continued allegiance."

"My Lord, please…"

"IMPERIO!" Voldemort yelled.

Lucius went rigid for a moment, his mind going fuzzy as he dropped his cane. He was barely aware of Voldemort moving him forward to stand behind Grace, his mind distantly watching as though he was dreaming. His hands shoved up Grace's skirt and ripped her underwear away before opening his own trousers and pulling himself out. It was a hazy mystery how and when he had become aroused, but he was, and from somewhere in the forefront of his mind, he wanted to push into the body in front of him.

Amelia sat in Dumbledore's office, clutching the pale wand she had found. He had already summoned two of the teachers after she told him what she had seen, or rather, what she thought she'd seen. She had only really seen a flash of red hair disappearing into the alley. Then she'd picked up the dropped wand and a shoe lying just inside the alley. She'd had no idea who could have dropped it and had no clue as to how she would find out, except to see if the person it belonged to had gotten it from Ollivander's. It was from there that she was directed to Hogwarts and how she came to sit in the Headmaster's office.

She watched nervously as the office door swung open and in walked Professor Snape, followed by a red-haired woman who was glaring daggers at his back. Amelia recognised the Potions Professor instantly. She remembered him from her time at Hogwarts over a decade earlier, and he had barely changed. Still the same black suit and cloak, the same imposing posture and stern face. He narrowed his eyes as they fell on her, and she felt herself shrink slightly into the chair.

"Severus, Evelyn, this is Amelia. Severus, you might remember her from your early days as a Professor here. One of the brightest students in Hufflepuff, as memory serves," Dumbledore said, smiling at Amelia.

"Headmaster, what exactly have you summoned us for?" Snape asked, folding his arms.

"It would seem Amelia has some unfortunate informa…"

"That's her shoe!" Evelyn exclaimed, rushing towards Amelia and yanking the shoe out of her hand.

"What?" Severus said, frowning.

"Where is she?" Evelyn demanded, frightening Amelia.

"It would seem she has been taken," Dumbledore announced loudly, taking the wand from Amelia. "Tell them what you saw, Amelia."

"Um… Well, not much… I just saw her hair in a flash as she disappeared into an alley. When I looked, she was gone, and all that was left was her wand, and her shoe," she explained, her voice shaking slightly.

"Are you sure it was her?" Evelyn asked.

"Not at first. I took the wand to Ollivander's, and he told me she'd just bought it and sent me here."

"It's him, isn't it? He took her," Evelyn stated, looking at the others.

"It would seem so, yes," Dumbledore said gravely.

"What do we do?"

"There is little we can do. We do not know where he is hiding."

"I wasn't summoned," Snape said, scratching his left arm absently.

"Perhaps it was an opportunist abduction. Grace hadn't exactly had her trip planned ahead of time, so her abduction cannot have been planned to coincide with it."

"If it was planned, I was not privy to the information," Snape surmised, thinking hard.

"If she dies…" Evelyn said, shaking her head.

"I doubt he would take her only to kill her. He wants what he always wants. Power. Perhaps he still believes he can forcibly take Grace's powers from her, or persuade her to give them up to him,"

"She'd never do it," Evelyn replied.

As he paced, Snape wasn't sure whether to wish her to give Voldemort what he wanted and risk him killing her afterwards, or hope that she would fight him and live a while longer. Either way, he knew neither option would be pleasant.

Grace was back in the cold room, curled up in a ball and still bound by the wrists behind her back. Voldemort had laughed with his Death Eaters as he forced Lucius to rape her. She'd been able to astral project herself for most of the horrid ordeal, but the pain and humiliation still remained as she lay shivering, trying to cover herself with the ripped skirt. She had no idea how long he would keep her until he grew too angry with her lack of cooperation and killed her. She doubted she would see Evelyn again. Or Severus…

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