After a hard day of training, team seven decided to treat themselves to a nice, quiet dinner in a fancy restaurant nearby. As per usual, Kakashi was late, so the three genins had to try and entertain themselves before their sensei arrived.

Sakura, battering her eyelids toward her love, began, "Sasuke-kun, how was your day today? Did you enjoy training with us?"

She was greeted by a glare, not even worth a 'hn'.

"What are you going to order?" Sakura asked him, but alas, still no reply. "What about to drink? … Who's going to pay? … Shall we split it? … do you like pink?"

But alas, Sakura only received a dark glare.

"Do you want me to get him to talk?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke sent him an alarmed look.

"… Really?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, it's not hard," Naruto replied, before adding, "Once you know how."

This only received him another alarmed look, before Sakura replied, "Really? Well… can you tell me?"

"I'll show you," Naruto grinned at her, as Sasuke looked extremely panicked.

Naruto's hand moved across, still under the table, and Sakura tilted her head slightly to make out what was happening. "Wait, what are you actually doing? I can't see."

Eyes bulging, Sasuke sent a 'please don't' look toward Naruto.

"Oh no, I'm not moving until you answer Sakura's questions," Naruto replied, moving his hand slightly lower. Sasuke's eyes grew slightly wider.

Sakura didn't really know what was going on, but decided that she needed to take full advantage of the situation. "Sasuke-kun, how has today been for you?"

There was another moment of silence, and in it, Naruto tightened his grasp. "Answer the lady's question, Sasuke-kun."

"… It's been fine."

Sakura squealed. "Naruto, how did you figure that out?"

"Well… it's an interesting story, actually… care for me to tell?"

Sasuke shook his head wildly at Naruto, shooting him a thousand 'please, please, PLEASE don't' looks. However, as Sakura had already nodded, Naruto chose to ignore this.

"Well, it was a dark night, after a long day of ruthless training, little did we know that the training would continue at home, with just as much action, sweat and OW! Sasuke! That hurt!"

Sasuke kicked him again.

"Well it looks like the story's going to stay a mystery," Naruto said to Sakura.

"Hmm," Sakura mused. "If Sasuke kicks you when you tell the story, then why doesn't he kick you when you make him talk?"

Placing his hand back into that position, Naruto replied, "Because he likes it really."

"What are you doing anyway?"

Before Naruto could reply, their thoughts were interrupted by a puff of smoke and Kakashi's appearance, smiling at them.

"Naruto… why is your hand on Sasuke's crotch?"

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