The Dog Prince

By. DemonGirl-Setsuna


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Ch. 17


The Next Day…

InuYasha and Kagome sat upon the thrones, wearing more elaborate crowns a top their heads.

"Your Highnesses. I have no seed to grow my crops with", a villager pleas.

InuYasha nods in understanding, "I see and fully understand your dilemma. Chamberlain, see to that this gentleman receives a small bag of the seed he desires".

"Yes, my King", the Chamberlain replies.

"King InuYasha, you're just as kind as your father; King InuTaisho was", the villager thanks, following the Chamberlain to get his seed.

InuYasha blushes at his complement.

"Well, it is true", Kagome says, putting her hand on his arm, smiling.

InuYasha's blush darkens at her comment.

"Release me! A Prince isn't suppose to be treated like this!", a voice screams out from the hall.

InuYasha's blush quickly vanishes as he sees the guards force his struggling cousin into the throne-room.

"What is the meaning of this, InuYasha?", Sesshomaru spat.

"You need to be present for your punishment", InuYasha coldly replies.

"Why don't you just tell me my punishment now!"

"We'll wait till the person I'm waiting for returns", InuYasha says.

"Who are you waiting for?"

"He is waiting for me!", a voice says from the doorway.

Everyone turns and sees Sakura standing there wearing a sleeve-less pale lavender gown and on top of her head she wore a simple silver crown.

"I'm sure you remember our cousin; Sakura", InuYasha said to Sesshomaru.

"You…!", Sesshomaru growls.

Sakura slowly and gracefully walks towards the thrones; walking past Sesshomaru, not even giving him a passing glance.

"So glad you could join us cousin", InuYasha says to her.

"It is a pleasure, InuYasha", Sakura politely greets, standing beside his throne.

"Why is a commoner wearing a crown!", Sesshomaru shouts.

One of the guards punches Sesshomaru in the gut.

"Show Princess Sakura some respect, you knave!", the guard demanded.

"I think you should give him his punishment now", Sakura whispers to InuYasha.

"I agree", he whispers back, "Sesshomaru, it's time for your punishment".

Sesshomaru angrily glares at InuYasha.

"Your punishment for your betrayal is, you'll be stripped of your right to inherit the throne, meaning your tile as Prince is gone, and you will be exhaled from the kingdom till the day you die", InuYasha sternly states.

Sesshomaru growls.

"Guards, escort Sesshomaru from the kingdom", he orders.

After Sesshomaru is led out, InuYasha winces in pain. He puts a hand to his head, just as he does; he suddenly falls forward and passes out.

"Someone fetch a doctor!", Sakura cries out, kneeling by his side.


A 25 year old woman and four children sit under a giant cherry-blossom tree.

"So what happened?", an 8 year old girl with mid-night black hair and violet eyes asks.

"Well Setsuna, the doctor came and InuYasha was discovered to have caught a rare disease", the 25 year old woman explains.

"But how?", a 5 year old boy with raven black hair and brown eyes asks.

"Well Daichi, the five years he spent deep in the forest and under Kikyo's spell caused it".

"Was he cured?", a 7 year old girl with mid-night black hair and brown eyes asks, holding a 2 year old boy with raven black hair and violet eyes, in her lap.

"Waz he curuled?", the 2 year old repeated.

"Yes, he was Yuki and Kenji", the woman replies.

"So how was he cured?", the three older children asked.

"Okay, okay. Even though the disease was rare, the cure wasn't. After he was cured, he still needed to be bed-ridden for a year, but when he recovered. They lived happily ever after!"

"Here's where you kids vanished to", their mother; the Queen says, closely followed by their father; the King.

"You know it's time for your lessons", their father adds.

"We know father", Setsuna says, "Come on", she states to her younger siblings.

Their mother leads them inside the castle.

Setsuna quickly turns around and bows, saying, "Thank you for the story, Sakura".

"Anytime", Sakura smiles.

The King sits down next to Sakura.

"Don't worry, they think it's only a fairy-tale; something I made up to entertain them with", she says, "They don't know it's real, InuYasha".

"That was 10 years ago", he whispers, his voice deepened from age.

"So, how was your and Kagome's trip?"

"Sota is engaged to a princess from another kingdom", he answers, "They're madly in love with each-other".

"What's her name?"


"Well, at least everything is right in the world", Sakura says.

"Yeah, it is", InuYasha smiles.

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