Lost Novelist

Summary: Eiri and Shuichi are invited to the 5th wedding day party of the Seguchis. Unwanted guests arrive. Kidnap. Chaos. Blackmail. (Sorry, I suck at writing summaries)
Pairings + characters: Eiri x Shuichi, Tohma x Mika, Hiro x Suguru, Tatsuha x Ryuichi, K, Sakano, Maiko, Ayaka... and some others who I wont let you know until the later chapters!
Rating: T (for now, it will rise to M)
Warnings: shounen ai/yaoi (duh, it's Gravitation), strong language, violence
Disclaimer: I'm not Maki Murakami, so I don't own Gravitation, which I'm very sad about, and this isn't for money or any of the sort, just for fun.

A/N: English is not my mother tongue, so I apologise for any stupid grammar or spelling mistakes. And for not having a beta-reader. I read it through myself, but I'm not very sharp-eyed... Gomen nasai.

- Chapter one -
About better mornings

"Eiri! Wake up!"

Yuki Eiri opened his golden eyes with difficulty. He blinked at the bright sunlight beaming from the window. Someone had pulled the curtains aside. Eiri groaned and slapped his hand on his eyes. He really didn't want to wake up yet.

"Eiri! It's already 10 am! We're gonna be late!"

Eiri moved his hand and opened his eyes again. Bright violet eyes shone in front of him, winning the sun in radiance. When Shindou Shuichi realised his lover was finally awake, a wide smile appeared on his face. A sweet laugh escaped his mouth and he placed a soft kiss on Eiri's lips.

Though Eiri despised mornings, he had to admit, that since Shuichi had fought his way into his life mornings weren't so terrible as they had been.

Despite feeling this way, he grunted in an irritated manner: "Good morning to you too brat." Eiri pushed Shuichi away from his face and sat up. He looked outside. The sky was clear and it looked warm. He sighed mentally. He really didn't want to spend a day like this with his sister and brother-in-law. It was finally Saturday, his favourite day of the week, the day he had decided never to work, except in extreme conditions. And of course, Touma's and Mika's 5th wedding-day party would take place on Saturday. Today.

The invitation the Seguchis had sent had come already two weeks ago. It had been addressed not only to Eiri, but to Shuichi also. Eiri had thanked his sixth-sense that day since he had gone to pick up the mail. If Shuichi would've found the invitation before Eiri had ripped it into unreadable pieces, Eiri would've been forced to go. But he had felt victorious too soon. The next day Shuichi had come home from work hovering a few feet off the ground. Touma had asked Shuichi about them attending the party, and Eiri had felt his good luck vanish into thin air. Shuichi had wanted to see the invitation, and Eiri had had to tell him he had ripped it and that he had had no intention of going to the party. Shuichi had burst into tears and shouted something about "not meaning anything to Eiri" and that "did Eiri think that little about their relationship". The only way Eiri had made Shuichi stop crying and apologising himself at the same time was to promise that they would go to that stupid party. Eiri knew he'd be bored to death and Mika being pregnant he couldn't even smoke without going outside, but maybe seeing Shuichi happy would make up for it. Just maybe.

Eiri yawned and glanced at the clock on his bedside table. It was indeed 10 am. The party started at 11 am. Eiri didn't understand who in the world kept so called parties that early in the day. They were bound to be late, but Eiri didn't care. At least he was going, which he knew nobody expected. He hadn't attended Touma's and Mika's wedding day parties ever, and sending him an invitation was rather a tradition. But this year was different. It was different because of Shuichi in his life. Eiri frowned when he realised that Touma had probably known he had not planned to come and intentionally asked Shuichi about the party.

"Eiri, get up, I don't want to be late!" Shuichi jumped off the bed and went to his wardrobe. He was back towards Eiri, who couldn't help to secretly admire his lover's backside. Shuichi didn't have a shirt on, so he had probably been in middle of dressing up. Shuichi hummed silently as he went through his garments. Eiri stared intensely at his hair, his back, his arms, his ass… when Shuichi lifted up his arm to grab a shirt from the hanger, Eiri could see his small muscles move in a way which made Eiri's skin feel hot and his fingers wanted to touch that back so badly. Shuichi suddenly bent down to look for shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe. Eiri stared at his round ass, and he felt himself harden. Oh shit, he thought. How can something so innocent make me almost come? He rubbed his face roughly and got up to take a shower. Before closing the bathroom door, he cleared his throat and said with a voice he knew Shuichi would immediately recognise: "You know, since you're not fully dressed yet, you might want to take another shower."

Shuichi looked up and grinned. He threw the red collar shirt he had been holding in his hand onto the bed and obediently followed Eiri to the bathroom, and shut the door with a smile.


After forty-five minutes and a very brief breakfast, both lovers were fully dressed and ready to go. Shuichi still felt a little hot from their "activities" in the shower. Eiri had been surprisingly gentle, and Shuichi wondered was it just because it was morning, and his blonde lover was still a bit drowsy. He didn't know, but he didn't really care. He loved Eiri, but he loved his gentle side the most. Just the memory of Eiri's soft fingertips on his skin, lightly touching every spot on his body and his lips brushing over his neck, temples, cheeks, nose and lips made a warm shiver go down Shuichi's backbone. He looked at Eiri, who was putting on his jacket. The blonde had straight black pants and a dark green shirt, and he had left the first few buttons open. His hair looked like silk. Shuichi often forgot where he was when he started studying Eiri. How can someone be so beautiful? he though in awe.

"What're you staring at?" Eiri stated bluntly without looking at Shuichi, who snapped out of his thoughts.

"At you," he confessed, knowing that deep down Eiri loved it when he was under Shuichi's eyes.

Eiri smirked. "Oh… And what's there to look at in me exactly?" He went through his pockets for his lighter and cigarettes. He found them in his breast pocket. He grabbed the car keys, and opened the door for Shuichi.

Shuichi slipped outside into the corridor and headed towards the car. "Everything," he answered simply. Though he couldn't see Eiri's face, he knew there was a small smile on his lips.

They hopped into the black Mercedes and Eiri drove them to the streets of Tokyo. It was already quarter to eleven, and it was an almost half an hour drive to the Seguchis. Shuichi hated being late, especially when it was the very first party he and Eiri had been invited to together. As a couple. The word couple sounded good in Shuichi's ears. He glanced quickly at Eiri, who was smoking in harmony. Shuichi turned his head to look out of the window while they drove on a bridge. He sighed at the wonderful view of the sea. This is how it should always be, he decided in his mind. He hadn't felt so content in a long time. Work had been fairly easy, since Bad Luck had just had a two week tour in Japan, and their newest album had just been put into sales, so there was no real hurry with new songs. Shuichi sighed again. Eiri had also finished his latest novel in time, and his new deadline was in one month. A smile crept on Shuichi's face and he closed his eyes. There's so much time for us to be together, Eiri. Suddenly a familiar song popped into his mind and he started humming it quietly.

During the whole drive neither of them said anything, and they let silence take over. But it wasn't an awkward silence; this was how they both liked it the most. No words, just each other's presence.


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