He turned over, his eyes closed shut as the young woman's voice echoed in his dream.

Yami... My Pharaoh... please... move on... without me...

Yami sat straight up in a cold sweat. The dream, or nightmare in some cases, seemed to go on forever. It was always about the young woman from his past. He couldn't figure out why. She was calling for him one minute and then lying in his arms, struggling for her life. He placed his hand over his eyes and closed them. What was wrong now? He still didn't remember everything, but the fact that he had figured out a few things here and there was actually becoming enough for him. He sat there, trying to go over everything he had done in the past month and a half that related to finding out his past. He had talked to Ischizu about it, figuring out that she was chosen byt Isis herself to guard the Millinuem Necklace until she found her. He had learned a lot from her, but there were many things that were still shrouded with darkness.

He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He turned on the cold water and stood there. He even convinced Kaiba that he had some part in his life... which was quite funny on his part. He then looked at his reflection after splashing cold water on his face. There was too much on his mind that could have caused all the sudden nightmares and dreams about the young woman. He then turned off the water and grabbed the small hand towel from off the rack. He patted his face dry and headed back to the bedroom. Why was this happening? Was it out of stress?

Yeah... that's what it was. He tossed the towel in the chair in the corner of the room, finally getting back to bed. He knew that once he closed his eyes again, he would enter the dream or nightmare again. He laid back, trying to figure out what relation he had to the young woman with dark gray eyes. He turned over and decided to see his doctor about it in the morning. He couldn't go on like this each night...

That morning, Yami made his way to see his doctor. He wasn't really thrilled about it, but he felt that it was best to do so. He placed his hands in his dark blue jacket and looked up at the sky. Spring was beautiful... Joey wasn't lying about it when he visited last year. Yami had decided to move, due to the fact that he thought he needed it. Anzu wasn't too thrilled about it, but she knew that it was best for him. He thanked her for being so honest and up front about it, but he was glad that she was okay with it. Joey had told him to leave in the being, considering that it was his idea. Yugi, who was his own person now, knew that it was best because of the time he had spent there. Moving to Tokyo, Japan was great and all, but... as soon as he was settled in, the nightmares and dreams of the young woman with dark gray eyes began. He turned the corner and paused. Surprisingly, there were new exhibits at the musem, in which intrigued him. He thought it was best to check it out after he came for the doctor... just to have a look around at the new things.

After walking for a few more minutes, Yami finally came upon the hospital. He took in a deep breath and headed in. He had always been scared of the doctors, even in his younger years. He stood at the check-in desk, waiting for someone. He looked around, trying his best to stay calm.

"May I help you?"

Yami looked at the nurse who was about in her mid fifties. "Umm... I have a doctor's appt. It's with Dr. Matsuki." he stated, still edgy. The old nurse smiled softy and replied, "Don't like the doctor's much, eh?" Yami showed her an amused smile and waited for her to get his chart. "Well, it looks like you're early, Mr. Yami." she stated, looking at the time. "Just have a seat and I'll tell her that you're here." Yami nodded and headed over to the waiting room. He hated waiting... he never liked it as a child, always fearing for the worst news. He looked around at the white walls, which didn't ease his pain. He then looked down at the magazines and realized that he had read them all. He took in a deep breath again, trying to calm his nerves.

"Mr. Yami,"

Yami looked up quickly, his heart pounding in his chest. The female doctor smiled at him and replied, "Still can't get over your fear, eh? You know you can get over it... it's all in the mind." She stated as he walked towards her. Yami knew it was, but the fact that as a boy he was left alone with the doctor... well, he didn't like the idea of it happening again.

The doctor looked over at the notes and sat down in her chair. "So, you called this morning, telling me that you've been having some nightmares and dreams about a young woman?" she asked. Yami looked at her, trying to find the right words to explain his situation. "Mr. Yami, I've heard worst..." she stated, trying to make him feel comfortable.

" It always starts off the same... I hear her voice and then I turn around to see her. She smiles at me with this look in her eyes like she never wants to be separated from me... then everything changes... there's nothing but darkness and I'm holding her in my arms. There's blood everywhere and she struggling to breath... she tells me to move on as if-"

"As if you two are in love?"

Yami nodded, looking at her. Dr. Matsuki wrote down a few things. "Can you describe her to me?" she asked, looking at him. Yami looked out the window his eyes becoming distant. "In the dream, she's wearing this nice summer dress, her long black hair flowing freely about her face. Her eyes are filled with this expression that can't be describe or can, just beyond words. She's just breath taking." He then looked at her with a sadden look. "You don't have to describe the nightmare part. Now, can you tell me how you feel during the dream?" she stated. Yami blinked a few times and replied, "It happens so fast that I really don't feel anything." She nodded, making it a note on his chart. "Well, Mr. Yami... it looks like this young woman may mean something to you. One way or another, Past or Present, she means everything to you without really knowing it. I want you to take it easy for the next few days. If you have to go to work, only go for an hour or two. This dream slash nightmare is trying to tell you something, and I have a feeling you know what it is, but you're not letting yourself know."she explained, handing him the paper. Yami looked at her. "Could that really be the case?" he asked, still trying to figure it out. "Yes, it could. You did tell me there was a time you couldn't remember everything. Maybe she is part of that?" she stated, looking at him. Yami looked down, unsure to believe that the young woman was apart of his past. "Well, go on home. Rest up for today. I know that is beautiful outside... maybe take a walk later." she stated. She showed him a smile and opened the door. "If they get worst, please come and see me."

Making the detour that he had noted earlier, Yami walked into the musem. He looked around, noticing the signs that led to the new exhibits. He headed for the back, saying hello to a few people he knew in his apartment complex.

"Hey Yami!"

Yami turned around and smiled at the young woman with short silver hair and dark blue eyes. "Hazuki... how are you?" he asked, stopping. Hazuki lived upstairs from him. They had ran into each other a few times now and again, but it was always strange that she popped up in the places he was in. "I'm fine. I just came by to see what the musem had new. Everything seems to look the same." she said. Yami smiled at her. "I know what you mean. I wanted to see what they had new as well. I just came from the doctor. They told me I was a bit stressed out from work. Gave me a few days off too." he told her. Hazuki smiled at him and they walked towards the back. "Well, how's the family?" he asked. Hazuki shrugged and sighed. "Same old. My parents still won't let my brother move in. They told him to get a job and maybe they would let him live there for a three months." Yami chuckled. Her brother, in which he hadn't met, sounded like a free loader.

The two stopped and looked around. All the new things were Ancient Egyptain. Yami began to look around at the artifacts. Hazuki wondered about the same way, but paused when she stood in front of a painting. "Hey, Yami! Look at this!" she yelled. Yami walked over to her and looked up. His eyes widen in shock as he looked at the young woman in the painting. "It's her..."