Isis looked out the window as the monitor beeped in Yami's hospital room. She could feel the energy coming from the building in the distance. She took a hold of her millennium necklace and took in a deep breath. "I have asked Ra and Horus for the outcome of this battle… and yet I still have no answer." She thought, aloud. She then looked at Yami as he still laid unconscious. She looked down and only hoped that he would make it through.

Saturn noticed that Anibus was nowhere to be found. She stood up and looked around, her body aching suddenly. She then felt the wind shift against her and she turned around. Too late to react, she was pushed across the rooftop by Anibus. "You alone have become more of a legend then some of the Gods. How is that? Well, for one, I'm not about to have that happen again!" he snapped. Saturn stood up and fell back when he knocked her down. "Look at you," he stated, standing over her. Saturn looked up at him, her body too weak to react to anything. She then found her katana beside her, but Anibus grabbed her by the throat and picked her up. "Well, what is that I hear?" he asked, smirking. Saturn looked at him, gripping his wrists in a helpless defense. Anibus hung her over the edge and looked down at the city. "This is what I should have done to you so many years ago. I bet you wouldn't have been reborn if your body was scattered across the sands of Egypt." Saturn then looked down at the bright light below her. How was she going to get out of this? Her body was weak, and her blood was running thin. She couldn't believe what was happening. What she was trying to prevent was going to happen anyway. No matter what she tried to do in the beginning, everything in the end was going to be the way Anibus wanted it.

Prophecy is

The fear in knowing things beforehand

Above the sky and matters

We can't help but stay here…

Anibus smirked and dropped Saturn from the building. She looked up at him as she felt the wind pass her. She couldn't understand why the man who loved her mother so much wanted to kill her. Was she a reminder of what he had done, or something else completely? She knew that she couldn't save herself from this situation. No matter what she could do right now, there was nothing in the world she could bring to reality. She closed her eyes and thought, "I'm sorry…"

A bird flies over the border line…

She then could sense something fly over her. She opened her eyes and looked up at the night sky. She saw the red glint of something, something that was flying fast. "what in the world?" she thought, her blood flowing fast then her fall.

Glancing over a thousand earths

Gravity set me free

Tempts me in

And keeps me at a loss

Yami opened his eyes and sat up. He looked around, trying to figure out just where he was and how he got there. He looked down at his bandage arms and waist and then at the opened door. "Saturn…" he thought, moving out of the bed. He placed his feet against the floor and stopped suddenly when he realized just how bad his situation was. He leaned against the wall and headed for the door. He then grabbed the black robe and peeped out. No one was in the hall, giving him a good chance to get out of the hall and to find Saturn. He pulled on the robe slowly as he headed down the hall. He made a determination to find Saturn and tell her that he had a feeling.. a feeling that something… he spotted Isis coming towards him. He leaned against the wall again, thinking just how bad everything may have become. Isis stood in front of him and replied, " Pharaoh! You should in bed, not…"

"Where is she, Isis? Where is Lady Saturn?" he asked, sternly. Isis eyes wondered to the window that was in the hall. "Something is up and…"

Yami headed for the stairs and knew what he had to do. "Please, if she's in trouble, Ra save her."

Saturn's body ached as she laid on the pavement, staring into the vast nothingness that was called the night sky. She didn't understand why no one saved her... why Yami didn't save her. "Have I truly failed? Did he really die?" Tears filled her eyes as her heart began to slow in beat. She then closed them, her breathing becoming hard for her to reach. She then opened them again and saw all the people around her. Strangers... no one she knew... were around her. She then closed her eyes as she heard, "Someone call an ambalance!" The male voice echoed in her ears as she began to go towards the dark light...

"My dearest daughter, what are you doing here?" Saturn turned around and looked at Horus who was looking at her. She then looked around and noticed that she had found herself back in the same white room from before. She stood there in silence as Horus walked over to her. "I thought that you were-"

"I've failed..."

Horus looked at his only child and replied, "No you haven't."

Saturn looked at him and replied, "Yes I have... I died before I could kill Anibus..." She placed her hands over her eyes. "If I could have saved his life, I would have exchanged it for mine." Horus bent down and lifted her head. He looked into her eyes and saw his deceased love. "You have your mother's spirit within you... and her magic. You are not just a Goddess, Saturn, you are a mortal. You have something that other Gods and Goddesses don't have: A soul... you feel pain in more depth then we do... you understand life and love more then we do... your mother taught me that... and it's time that you use that to help you..." He brought her too her feet and kissed her forehead. "Your love is still alive, Saturn. You must survive the vigorous battle between Life and Death for the both of you... if you don't, only Anibus will know what is going to happen to the Pharaoh."

Saturn took in a deep gasp of air as she looked around. She noticed that no one was around her. She sat up and noticed that she was in the shallow part of a lake. "Who? Why?" she looked up at the sky and stared at the crimson moon. She thanked Ra and her father, Horus, for giving her another chance at this. There was now more meaning to this battle between her and Anibus. She stood up and then realized that her clothes were different. Instead of the pants and shirt she wore before, she was now in a black dress with a red cloak... the exact same one her father had given her. She stepped out of the cold water and then looked at her hands. "My biker gloves?" she thought. She shook her head as her father told her about Originality some thousand years ago. She then took off towards the city's limit, her mind still drawn on the fact that Yami was in trouble still.